I'm a homemaker of 30's who lives in Hamamatsu
right in the middle(DOMANNAKA) of the Japanese Island.
I live with my husband, one girl, and one boy.
I enjoy washing, Sunday carpentry, gardening, and photography.

I studied French for school days and I have taken a trip to the
Europe sometimes.
The dream from my childhood is to "maji-talk" with the people in
the world freely.

My daily life is like this. I take kids to pre-school and pick them up
after school and do stand talking with a neighbors.
But I recently found out that my daily life is filled with lots of small
happiness episodes.

This blog sends it in my poor French, English and Japanese(NIHONGO).

I increase more languages and want to be connected to a lot of people in
the world in the future.

Why don't you ISSHONI join us?