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Please watch also Miko Dico!!

A new page;"Miko Dico" is opened as the first anniversary of my blog.

There are a lot of member using my blog for learning foreign languages from long before.

"Miko Dico" is more useful for such people.

You can choose 2 languages from 5 languages, and see these languages at the same time on one screen. 



Cooperators have increased because they agree with my challenge of comunicating with people all over the world.

I think that each language might be a little wrong and different from the native expression, despite they translate hard.

Though it is not perfect, it might be useful for learning languages.

Please have a good time in your usage to feel close foreign languages.

The link banner is on the top right of the screen.



And Miko Dico is scheduled to be enhanced more in the future.

Though I am preparing for every languages, it will take much more time.

I am also making a plan for funny contents.

Coming soon! 

An eel (UNAGI)


20091026-01.jpgDo you know the eel?

It is the long and slender fish lives in downriver and the lake, and tastes nice.happy01

But I think the region where people eat the eel is limited.



Japanese love(DAISUKI) the eel.heart04

Though there is no doubt that we occasionally eat it.

We have a custom of eating it as a specially nourishing food when we are tired from sweltering heat at the ending of summer or we want to be in good condition.up 


And Hamamatsu, if it is said the eel.

If you ask Japanese what place is Hamamatsu, most Japanese would answer Hamamatsu is famous(YU-MEI) for the eel.



The natural(TENNEN NO) eel was captured and it had cooked in old times.

But the number of eels decreases, and it imported(YUNYU SARETA) from foreign countries (KAIGAI)circulates now in Japan.

However aquaculture(YO- SHOKU) is active in Hamamatsu and these eels is shipping outside the prefecture.

In addition, there are a lot of eel restaurants as city that is famous for eating good eels.restaurant 





The eel from which was cooked to such a state is sold when we go to the supermarket. 

Though imported one is bigger, made in Hamamatsu is tightened, not oily but delicious.shine 

Everyone surely understands the difference if they eat it and compare.


The first picture is a bowl of broiled eel and boiled rice.

I boiled such packed eel after sprinkle Sake over it and put it on boiled rice with pouring its sauce. 





This is eel broiled without any sauce.(SHIRAYAKI)wave

I think it is only sold around Hamamatsu in Japan.

Eel is ordinary broiled with pouring its sauce like soy sauce.

But it broiled with salt only.

So I understand original taste of the eel.


Besides, I like eating it with soy sauce and ginger.







This is the liver(KIMO) of an eel.

Only a lot of livers of the eel is collected and sold.

I don't like this.

But my husband likes this bitter taste.

It is perhaps high nutrition food.

Is it similar to the herbal medicine?

Maybe there is usually sold at the supermarket is only in Hamamatsu.








Altogether speaking of Hamamatsu is the eelnotes.

Japanese sightseers in Hamamatsu are usually go to the Hamana Lake, and eat an eel.


Though I wrote the first blog, the city of office(SHIYAKUSHO) made an ell the sub-mayor.

I think this joke is probably something you won't see anywhere but in Japan.dash 




This is the character of the eel-dog.

It is a comic character mixed an eel and a dog.

The comic is popular in Japan; TENSAI BAKABON, and written by Fujio Akatsuka.


Though I knew the character since early times, I didn't understand it was a dog.

Does it seem like a cat?




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Golden color Rice field.(TAMBO WA KOGANEIRO)

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20091019-01.jpgI saw the golden color(KOGANEIRO) rice field(TAMBO) on the way of the library(TOSHOKAN)happy01.
I save the photo(SHASHIN NI OSAME MASHITA) camerabecause it is so beautifulshine.
Rice field(TAMBO)is for making rice plant(INE),
Rice field change the color to Gold at many place in the beginning of October,
and we are waiting for the harvest(SHUUKAKU) season.
It is shone on in light where autumn is clear.
When i saw the scenery(HUUKEI)heart01,I stopped and gazes quietlyeye for a while(SHIBARAKU NO AIDA
since childwood. virgoThe scenery of rice field that seems that it shines.


20091019-02.jpgThe brown area on the right of the photo has been cut the rice plant(INE WO KARIMASU).
The green area on the left of the photo is not rice field on this yeartyphoon,
may be it is the rest for the rice fieldflair.


20091019-03.jpgThe uncle was harvesting rice in the rice field on the other side of the roadrock.
Though the rice plant is cut taking a big tractor in a vast rice field,
In case of rice farm on a small scale
It often cuts it with a small machine as shown in the photographhappy02dash.

OK!happy01Shall we go down close to him for you?(CHIKAKU MADE ORIMASHOU)
noteI wonder if taking the photo to understand easily.


20091019-04.jpgI go down under the road now.
This shot is zoom up.
Japan has HAIKUheart04(It is a Japanese fixed form of verse that consists of the syllable of 5・7・5, and the shortest poetry in the world. ) is "The ear of rice grows if I grow and lowers the tip
with heaviness and lowers the head"(MINORUHODO KOUBE WO TARERU INAHO KANAnote)
It means that the tip lower an ear of rice which grew,
A human being comes to have high character,
Do it for a partner humbly.
So I remind this sentence when i met like a above.








This is drying time after cutting  the rice plant.
They are piled on the mesh table is united the bamboo(TAKE).

To be honesty(JITSU WA),I grow up not in the country(INAKA)cloverwink.
So I have never seen so zoom this one before.
I introduce it for you,but I also discovered(HAKKEN SHIMASHITA)flair.





20091019-06.jpgAfter that,I pass through work called threshing(DAKKOKU) and the rice cleaning(SEIMAI)
and appear in the marketpaper.
Cutting rice plant is starting before 1month at warm areas,
New rice(SHIMMAI)riceball is harvesting on this year already appears in the super market.





And,There is the rice is kind of KOSHIHIKARI is made in TOCHIGIis located in the area of KANTOU(north tokyo)sun.
I buy the rice is not included pesticide if possible.
We eat the rice everydaylovely.






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Viewing the moon in autumn (AKI NO OTSUKIMI)



Oct 3rd is the mid-autumn full moon (CHU-SHU NO MEIGETSU)

There is the custom to view the moon when the moon is beautiful at night in Japan.night

The first picture was taken at a plain near my house.

The plant in the photograph forward is the Japanese plume grass.(SUSUKI)

When at the mid-autumn full moon, we mow and bring them home to decollate with offerings.pouch  


In evening,(YU-GATA)

I went to mow the Japanese plume grass with my children.









They are so pleased with such things.happy01

Why is the Japanese plume grass in many kinds of the weed?

Why do I decollate the Japanese plume grass viewing the moon?


It seemed to have been interesting for my children that I have been preparing one after another like a secret party.




Why is the Japanese plume grass?


I will teach you.flair 


It is the story heard from an expert on the plant.clover 


Once upon a time, really old times. When the rice farming has not been spread to Japan yet,

Japanese mainly ate some kinds of potatoes; a taro, a Japanese yam.


They found the taro by digging up the ground.

But the land gradually gets wasteland, when having continued for hundreds of years.

People combed ears of the Japanese plume grass down to ground and scattered the seed.

Starting with the Japanese plume grass, various weeds grew, and it returned to the rich land from the wasteland.

It is because the Japanese plume grass is a plant with vigorous vitality.

They hoped the great harvest a few years later.

They shook ears of the Japanese plume grass with hoping so.



And the taro was about to ripen at just the mid-autumn full moon.

Do you understand their feeling to offer to the moon as source of the life?





This is the taro.

Eat after boiled with its skin on.

The skin peeled easily.

The taro's oral sensation is stickily and it smelled the soil.















The offering to the moon has been changed in long history.

The rice farming began, they offered some round dumplings.

But its shape and decollation style resemble the taro.








Besides, today some people prefer the Japanese-style confection than the round dumpling.restaurant

This shape of the Japanese-style confection is a white rabbit.(USAGI)

(Question: Why is a rabbit?)






By the way, we started viewing the moon after the supper(BANGOHAN) at night.

I offered the Japanese plume grass and some round dumplings that the moon can see those.

At the Heian period (a thousand years ago), it was the pleasure for elegance(FU-RYU NA ) adult that they composed the Tanka viewing the moon.





After all, my children asked me to eat round dumplings.coldsweats01

They could not concentrate to do.

Viewing the moon was end at once.


















The answer:

 It is said the surface of the moon seems pattern of a rabbit.

Therefore, it is a rabbit as for the moon.

What does it seem in your country? 



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It was in October(JYU-GATSU) last year that I started this blog.

Just one year passed at this time.shine

I want a lot of foreign people to visit my page to let them know the average life(HEIKIN NA SEIKATSU) in Japan.

That was my dream. And the dream came true soon.happy02

Now, the number of visitor amounts to 700 all over the world.

Sometimes it amounts 1000.

The visitor are from France, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Italy, England, USA, Germany, China, Finland, Singapore, India, Hungary...and more.

I can't say because a lot of people visit from all over the world.

Special thanks to everyone!!heart04 


By the way, Hamamatsu is the really average city in Japan.

It is the perfect stage(PITTARI NO BUTAI) for the blog.

Though the culture of Tokyo tends to be sent to the world as for Japan, sometimes I and people living in Hamamatsu might feel that the event in Tokyo like other country.

Hamamatsu have flourishing agriculture also the industries, and not a big city(TOKAI) but also too countryside(INAKA).

I can go to Tokyo or Osaka by bullet train (SHINKANSEN)bullettrain in an hour and a half; it takes 30 minutes to go to the sea or the mountain by car.car

I would like to introduce such Hamamatsu city.

















The city has a population(JINKOU) of 82,000.

The gross area(SOUMENSEKI) in the city is about 1500 square kilometers.

(It is the second area in Japan.)scissors 


Hamamatsu prospered as a transportation node in the Edo period because of it located

at the center of Tokaido connected Edo and Kyoto.


Also it is located at the center even if it sees in the entire Japan, in Hamamatsu industry has been full of energy.

I introduced the Hamamatsu castle Ieyasu Tokugawa lived, and the place related him, didn't I?



Actually, there are many famous people(YU-MEIJIN) in Hamamatsu.


Yamaha Torakusu・・・Founder of YAMAHA.

Hamamatsu is the town of musical instruments because of the piano production is top of Japan.  

Koichi Kawai・・・Founder of KAWAI musical instruments.

Sakichi Toyota・・・Founder of TOYOTA

He was born in Hamamatsu. He was an inventor.

TOYOTA based on the automatic weaving that he developed. 

Souichirou Honda・・・Founder of HONDA.

He became the president of HONDA from the garage mechanic in a single lifetime.

Michio Suzuki・・・Founder of SUZUKI.

Only SUZUKI has the headquarters in Hamamatsu now.

Kenjirou Takayanagi・・・Father of the TV.tv

He is a scientist (KAGAKUSYA)who succeeds for the first time in the world in experimenting on electronic television.



Do you think it is a little amazing??

Though today there is no pioneer spirit that they were actively at that time, I think we have inherited it from them.

There are industry museum and historical museum as a memorial to them.

So, Hamamatsu may be fun for people like such museum.

I will continue introducing interesting places in Hamamatsu with my ordinary life after another.

Please watch over me fondly.





Today's sunset.(YU-YAKE)

Vast sky is also charm of Hamamatsu.   happy01 








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