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Motorcycle in the musium

The exhibition "Half century of the motorcycle Design" is held in the Hamamatsu City museum in the central portion of Hamamatsu City.
My family like motorcycle,so we went to there.

The exhibition "History of the motorcycle industry of Hamamatsu" has been actually held at the same time also in the museum in the Hamamatsu city now (Both of the admission fee are seen and adult 1300 yen).
Many motorcycle fans who had aimed at the sacred ground and Hamamatsu of the motorcycle from the distance all the way on this occasion because of this had gathered. 

Hamamatsu is certainly a place where the history of the motorcycle of Japan has been created so that's why I told you "Sacred ground of the motorcycle" in Hamamatsu city.
Hamamatsu City that undertakes air raid in World War II, and became burnt ruins.
It was motorcycle industry to have backed up the revival.
Improving a small engine for which Mr, Soichiro Honda is used in the army and having installed it in the bicycle are the starts of the motorcycle manufacturing of Hamamatsu. 
Mr. Honda manufacturing hung to the barracks hut in the Hamamatsu city out the signboard "Technical Research Institute Honda", and sold the bicycle with the engine. (present HONDA)

the several years later a small motorcycle manufacturer of 30 companies or more was made in Hamamatsu.
Suzuki that stops having made weaving machine in that and began to make motorcycle. 
And, YAMAHA that advanced from the musical instrument manufacturing to a new field was included. 
There were moderately a slope and a curve, and a lot of manufacturers were using at the Rokken street that passed the Hamamatsu city as a test track of the prototype at that time. 
The history of the motorcycle of Japan has been left in various places if you are walking in the town in Hamamatsu though a big factory moved to suburbs only now. 

Well, the transition of the design of the motorcycle is chiefly paid to attention in the museum this time.
There were a lot of design pictures and sketches, too. However, they are saying ''Not Picture'' of them.
Therefore, only the motorcycle that I especially liked.↓↓↓

How was it?
I think, motorcycle and car is so beautiful.
However, this exhibition is not satisfactory for a moment,I thought ''just only these??''
Maybe, the person who had come all the way also think so.
Because it is a motorcycle that runs usually in the public road.
Hamamatsu works hard terribly in the field of the one-making. 
However, I think that I considerably take the delay in cultural respect.
When the one-making of Hamamatsu can be sublimed even to the culture and the art, it becomes a better town.

It's time for beer!

Mmmmm, Its summersun summer is for beer, beer is for summerbeer Don't you think so?
We have a Shochu and Japanese Sake in the long history in Japan but beer is more popular than them in the summer season especially in Japan.
at my home, beer is gone quickly everyday..
Today, I went to a shop which is discount liqueur shop.

Do you know Japanese beer major company?,yes its Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo and Suntory.flair
This is the most famous and popular beer ''Asahi Super Dry'' in Japan↓↓↓
I found ''Asahi'' beer at Paris in France when I went to there!
This beer taste is dry and bitter,most young men likes it in Japan.

Recently, "Local brand beer" that makes the best use of not only the beer that the major manufacturer makes but also a local trait is also popular, and it exists a lot in various places.
These are ''Echigo beer'' from Niigata prefecture.

Beer of chocolate taste to which famous chocolate company of Hokkaido and Sapporo that established it similarly in Hokkaido did collaboration.
By the way, this chocolatier "ROYCE' " makes potato chips coated with the chocolate by using the special product potato in Hokkaido.
That is so delicious, when you go to Hokkaido,should buy it:)

Look at this beer!! it's so small isn't it?
It is 135ml.
Do you have any small beer like this size at your country?
This beer is for women who want to drink a little bit and sometimes these are used for giveaway and sample.

There is a custom "OCHUGENt" that presents the present to the person indebted in summer in Japan
Beer makers have generally put to the beer on the advertisement as goods of "OCHUGEN".
It is an actor and a sports player that is appointed to the advertisement remarkable by today's book. 
She is Japanese actress, she is advertisement for SUNTORY.

This is KIRIN maker, yes he is baseball player Ichiro Major leaguer.

This time I bought SUNTORY's premium beer.
This beer is very famous and delicious!
I think, everybody like it.

I love KIRIN beer, this beer is more flavor taste.
This beer is the most popular in Japan.

last one is from YEBISU,Kohaku beer. this beer comes out at limited time.
This beer's taste is like local brand beer of Belgium.

I will let's you know useful Japanese word when you come to Japan then want to order beer at the restaurant.
The beer not heat-treated is called, "Nama BEERU".→Japanese pronunciation;Beer→BEERU. 
you can say to order ''NAMA KUDASAI'' then you can get a draft beer!!beer

''To a day of atomic bombing''

My hometown is Hiroshima city, that is already known by everyone who is regularly readers this blog.
Hiroshima city is the most famous city in the world. do you know why? 65years ago, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima city on 6th August for the first time historically in the world.

41 years ago my mother moved to Hiroshima city from Kobe city after she married, she has been felt that the town in Hiroshima was brutal when she compared it with lively, colorful Kobe.
There was still lot of shacks at everywhere and many people who was plundered their family and houses by the World War Ⅱ(atomic bomb).she was very sad when she knew it.

Today and 30 years ago when I was child,traces of atomic bomb can't be seen much.
On the contrary, it is difficult to pass on the thing of the atomic bomb to future because the radiation victims ageing and the generation which has not experienced war to increasing.
I usually forget about atomic bomb even I'm from Hiroshima, however I feel that it is necessary for a lot of people to inform reality still even a little when coming back to Hiroshima in every summer.

This is an elementary school which is from my parent's house in 5 minutes by car.
Many radiation victims carried to this elementary school away about 5miles from the ground zero after the atomic bomb dropped.
Neighbors remember the scene of  the people, whole body was burnt and it was sore,nakedness, and a stream of people were walking with stick their hands out in front.
It was too late to do anything for them, and they died.
And, the person who died one after another was burnt at this elementary school.
A similar thing was done in not only this elementary school but also various places. 
It is said that the river near the ground zero was thirsty by the whole body burn, and had been thickly buried by the corpse of the person who came for water. 

When the atomic bomb dropped, my friend's grandfather was repairing the roof with his son. 
They were exposed to radiation then skin of the body to melt instantly,and the calf of the legs and the thigh stick and not parted in the state of posture in which it squats down.
He cut peel of the foot that melted by the wire and he did the son the same thing then they got off on the ground from roof.

and next story from another woman.
When the atomic bomb dropped, she was 16 years old.
The indoor glass scattered with the explosion, the splinter pierced in her face, and it stuck.
Her parents desperately look for the doctor, and shards of glass are pulled out one by one and it applied an ointment so as not to suppurate, and gauze was pasted to her face but tear off gauze everyday, that was like a torture.
It was obvious that it was a radiation victim according to the facial scar then she was bullied by everyone,she couldn't spent wonderful time in her young days.

The atomic bomb is very cruel.There are a lot of cruel stories however I think it is insufficient in telling only it. Discrimination and prejudice after atomic bomb,these are ignorant.
In foreign countries, some people who thought end of the war because the atomic bomb dropped,but here is my opinion, that is human's arrogance.

A sad happening of the war is not only Hiroshima.
Today, the tragedy has occurred still all over the world.
I can't forget words from radiation victim,
''Once the war begins, unstoppable so do not it ever''
Generations of us who doesn't know the war try to know a past fact positively, and should aim at the peaceful world in any situation.

I have came back to Hiroshima where is my parent's place for summer vacation with my husband will take his summer vacation for one week, so he will come here later. We arrived here by Shinkansen,and my husband will head down to here by his car then we will go home together by his driving.

Next morning after I arrived in Hiroshima, I woke up with music which is a nostalgic sound.
I heard music from radio but it was not from inside of house, this music sound and some children's voice came from the park where is in front of my house.

in Japan, people gather in the park or public square at 6.30am then take exercise to piano accompaniment music broadcast on public NHK radio every morning for 20 minutes during summer vacation.
Everybody know this exercise because Japanese people learn this ''Radio Taiso'' at the school,so the body moves naturally when that piano accompaniment flows.
The Radio Taiso beginning 80 years ago as the national health exercise to built up their physical strength and help raise morale and form group unity,it's kind of meaning included the military training at that time.
the passage of years, but people still like the Radio Taiso, 
Today, children take Radio Taiso at the summer vacation every year and at the some factory,workers does Radio Taiso for safety and the prevention of accidents every morning

Only a favorite person gathers in the radio gymnastics during summer vacation. However, most elementary students have coming because it is one of education principles from school.and old people who wake up earlier.

I joined the Radio Taiso every moring in the summer vacation when I was elementary school student. It was fun because I could meet my friends at there every day.
When I was child, lots of children was at this park but now it is a declining number of children in Japan,old people is more than children at this city too. It is not livelier than old times now.
and most children and people hate to be restricted by early morning Radio Taiso every day then now it has been doing on a nationwide scale recently only for 1 or 2 weeks during summer vacation. 

Children has a paper card and stamp it after finish the Radio Taiso everyday.
They sidle up to the bench little by little because they want stamp their paper card earlier than anyone when end of music is drawing near.
It is same!! 30 years ago when I was child, I did it. they have inherited that small habit.

Japanese businesses become sponsors and the stamp card is distributed to children before summer vacation. 
I know!! this stamp of cherry blossom's mark.It is the same as 30 years ago. Does time stop at here???

And next morning, my children couldn't wake up at the 6.30am then didn't join the Radio Taiso,it is also the same as me 30 years ago.coldsweats01

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