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unmanned Marche

This is my favorite street shop, it's Marche!!
In Japan, there is a hut which is carrying out vegetable sale in this way,mostly in local area.


These were very fresh vegetables which were took in the morning.
Japanese radish, spinach,sweet potato and lettuce etc.

a turnip, Chinese cabbage, a mandarin orange

The hut of vegetable sale is uninhabited mostly.
Can you believe it??
The owner of a hut puts in order the fresh vegetables which were able to be taken at their fields in the morning.
The person who bought it puts money into a coin box.

Japanese people don't think that stole vegetables and money at like this unmanned marche.

I come to buy some vegetables twice a week.

It is 100 yen.
cheap, fresh and soooo delicious is at here!!!

That is coin box↑↑

I went to another unmanned marche but there were nothing.

This is other coin box..so defenseless.

next is egg vending machine.
The fresh eggs in there.
put in coin then can open the door and get eggs.
I hard a news on TV long time ago, that was a woman stolen eggs every time from like this easy style egg vending machine then she was arrested....I couldn't believe it..

Tomika toy exhibition

We went to the exhibition of Japanese toy which is called Tomika last week.
My 4 years old son was very excited to go there.
Although it was open in the big event hall near Hamamatsu Station, there were so many family like us.
Tomika is the very standard toy and loved by little boys in Japan from 40 years ago.

We have to pay entrance fee!!  adult 900 yen, child 700 yen......
When coming in, one article-not-for-sale minicar per admission ticket is given but in the hall, the product of Tomika is sold like the toyshop, and many persons buy it. should we really need to pay entrance fee??

Almost all Tomika sold to chronological order are exhibited in this hall. 
Tomika born 40 years ago.
It is able to continue making a polite toy by President Tomiyama's desire to send the minicar of a domestic car to children.

This is the first Tomika's minicar. ↓↓
My brother had same minicar I think.

The latest Tomika's design.↓↓
you can buy for 300 or less yen per piece at the toy shop.
That is not big price but it looks very nice!! don't you think so that?
I also have sense of reliability and a favorable impression in Tomika.

Tomika enters the auto show held from ten years ago in Tokyo as smallest vehicle company in the world.
Although it is a toy car, the design and concept which gazed at the future are sent.


A car with a solar panel ↑↑ very coooool !!!
My son devoured Tomika one by one with his eyes.
I want to give toys my son like Tomika that has good quality and nice color.





The big vehicles of a rescue or rescue crew are also popular with children.

It is realistic and hard to break,that is why Tomika is very popular.
I think Tomika is good souvenir for foreigner too!!

from Hamamatsu to Hiroshima by Shinkansen

(This blog's topic was written on December 26th)

Japanese school has winter holiday from December 23rd to January 6th. and most Japanese company is from December 30 to January 4th.
My family, children and I went to Hiroshima by Shinkansen then my husband headed to Hiroshima by his car later and we will go back to Hamamatsu together by car.

A New Year is the most important and big event in Japan, so many people go back to their hometown during winter holiday, there is always crowded at plat home of the Shinkansen and highway.

The first photo is at the Hamamatsu station.↑↑
There were many mother accompanied by small kids like me.
Everybody same think and way!! catch the Shinkansen before crowded.

a crew gave my children some cards when we got seats.
Japanese children love Shinkansen!! we can buy some Shinkansen goods at the stations.

This is Hamanaka lake!! after 10 minutes leaving from Hamamatsu station.
It was a nice weather in Hamamatsu that day.

After an hour, changed the view!
It was snowing view!! there is Shiga prefecture.

When snowstorm is severe, the Shinkansen run at a low speed. 
Probably, Japan is interesting that a scene changes like this only by moving with the Shinkansen for 1 hour, although it is a very small country.

A crew gave that band-aids for my children when I bought lunch boxes.↑↑

Kids love the Shinkansen but the ticket is expansive.
For example, my ticket was 15,800 yen and my daughter(elementary student)'s ticket was 7,900 yen, my son was free. 
Since the reserved seat was taken this time, it became comparatively high-priced. 
It is about 600-km migration length that has ridden on the Shinkansen for 3 hours. 
How is it compared with a foreign rapid transit railway? Isn't it high? 
If buy round trip tickets all my family, it will be cost about 100,000 yen for returning my parents's house... too much...

Here is Hiroshima station↑↑
This stations is big and many shops at there.

I found a very interesting one!
That is the Kumano cosmetic brushes!! its specialty product of Hiroshima prefecture.
2011 World cup of women football, Nadeshiko Japan became a champion!! and Japanese government gave them this Kumano cosmetic brushes.

The wonderful brush for calligraphy was made in Kumano in Hiroshima Prefecture for many years.
of course, Hiroshima people know that!! Nationally, it was seldom known.
but now, many Japanese people know that!!
This Kumano brushes will be part in the good souvenir from Hiroshima.

Hiroshima station for Shinkansen↑↑

a year's worth of Ponzu

We have a special event at the my husband's parents house every New Year as an annual event.
It is the Yuzu(citron) picking and make Ponzu sauce.

There is a small orchard in the their house's back yard, they plants some trees its Yuzu,Kabosu(type of citrus fruit) and Kumquat etc.
They don't spray the fruit trees and fertilize land but these trees bear well.

also they don't trim trees, so my husband do it and picking fruits every year.
It is not a true orchard and the trees are not prepared low, it is really to take the fruit attached to the upper one. 
It cuts with scissors with a long handle.

This is Yuzu↑↑
The Yuzu is too sour to eat.
Yuzu's skin is thick and very nice smell, so people use it for cooking or float in the bath.
Each citrus of the various kinds which be taken in this yard can use "juice" as a seasoning.

It was my work which a branch and a leaf are taken and removed and is carried out only to a fruit. 
That day, my husband asked me ''help for picking these citrus'' but I said ''No'' because I was wearing a nice coat and boots!! 

We picked about 1,000 citruses in a day, there were only four trees, it has grown in large numbers really.

It extracted all together and made it only fruit juice.↑↑
We don't have a special juicer,so it was very hard work that.
Therefore, when everybody gathers in a parents' house do that together.
All citrus fruits mixed then made 10 liters.

It blended soy sauce,vinegar and mirin(sweet Sake) to this citrus juice, it's homemade Ponzu!!
A retention period becomes long by seasonings, such as soy sauce, being added, and quantity also increases.
Even if it divides and brings back to each home, the Ponzu for one year.

Then, the completed Ponzu is a seasoning indispensable to one-pot dishes.
I love this Ponzu,so I use it not only Japanese foods. mix with olive oil then make carpaccio and add to Chinese chili oil then make dipper for Gyoza.
I hard that some traditional Japanese restaurants uses their homemade Pozu which has been aged 1 year.
Japanese people like Ponzu as well as soy sauce.

This is a sea cucumber.↓↓ I ate after a long time. 

Although a sea cucumber is a strange living thing which lives in the sea of a shoal, we often eats in Hiroshima the sea cucumber which was able to be taken in Setonaikai.
After moved to Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka prefecture, I couldn't have it.

This time, I had very delicious foods in Hiroshima!!
soooo delicious sea foods and mountain vegetables!!!!

Potatoes and Oysters at Akitsu city

Here is Akitsu city in Hiroshima.
I lived in Hiroshima until I got married,but I know the name this town and had not dropped in once.
My mother said, ''these days,  the potato from this Akitsu is delicious, in the food floor of the department store, it is sold at reputation at "the splendid good price."''

There is a warehouse which stocks the just-harvested potatoes and they sell various potatoes on the opposite side street.



This potato's name is ''Maruaka'', a specialty of Akitsu.
I bought a lots of this potato, and cooked at the home, it was very very delicious!!!

The view from coastal.↑↑↑
There is the small islands and small bay in Setonaikai (Seto Inland Sea) that are visible to the other side. 
Another local specialty of Akitsu is an oyster.
According to my mother again, also in Hiroshima, the oyster of this Akitsu is delicious and became famous now.

Hiroshima is a producing district of an oyster famous in Japan. 
I was growing up with oyster in winter season when I was kid!
By the earthquake disaster on March 11, when the aquafarm of a northeastern oyster was destroyed, I heard the news that the aquaculture company of the oyster of Hiroshima offered various support.
Surely, also when the oyster bed in Brittany in France suffered damage, didn't the backer carry out from Hiroshima?

Also in the oyster place of production in such Hiroshima, here Akitsu is a place which can take a delicious oyster especially.
at the house of oyster trader,they are selling at retail oysters,we visited there.


Actually, here is not shop the contractor who cultivates an oyster and ships it. 
Therefore, when buy it directly here, it turned out that it is extremely cheap. 
Although the oyster was current price, the price of the big oyster with husks at this time was 90 yen(US$120) per piece. 
This price is the cheapest in the local, I think.because If I buy an oyster at the Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka prefecture, probably it costs 300 yen per piece.

I bought 30 pieces!!!! It brought from the back beach and put into the box.
I wanted buy more but the oyster with husks should eat early,so 30 pieces are enough for our family.

In Japan, except the producing district of an oyster,is circulating shelled oysters.
Therefore, they seems to be busy with remove the husks of an oyster.


The oyster which turned and was used as the shelled is divided and sold for each size.
Japanese style cook with oyster, for example make it into deep-fried dishes, stir-fry it with vegetables,cook with pasta or it makes it into one-pot dishes. 

I could feel having came back to Hiroshima when I ate delicious oysters soooo many!!!

Trip #2 lokal Sake in Takehara

Please enjoy more Takehara trip!!

The Sake-brewing industry prosperous from long ago in Takehara.
Some brewing companies still remain in the aesthetic area. 
That I got interested especially in it is Taketsuru brewing company which is continuing traditional brewing. ↑↑

When it passes through the gate of an old store, it is a gloomy and long earthen floor. 
Mr. Masataka Taketsuru (1894~1979) is also a founder of Nikka whiskey. 
When all Japanese had just Sake,he studied the technology in Scotland then began to make whiskey in Japan.
The present Nikka whiskey is a separate company and Taketsuru brewing is a small-scale maker but I could feel that there is the tradition and prideful space when passed through the gate.

A tool, a label, etc. which were being used a long time ago are exhibited at the attic room of Taketsuru brewing.

at the ground floor, people have tasting Sake.
I couldn't taste because I had to drive a car....looks very good taste Sake and everyone seems enjoy it!!

Sake is made from rice. 
They make the best Sake which is rice-flavored.
It is the method of traditional brewing which cultivates the yeast fungus used as the basis of alcohol by the power of a nature.
but this requires the most time and effort and time,so various additives are added, a time crunch is carried out, and it is built with the present age when technology progressed. 
There are also many Taketsuru's fans who ask for traditional Sake.
''so, such visitors sympathize with our policy''
owner's wife told me that.

This Sake is yellow a little bit although sake has a water-white image.

I bought this a bottle of Sake,it is ''Hiden''.
I don't drink Sake,actually I can't....however this Hiden is very very tasty!!!!
this is very rich flavor and clear taste!!!
If the sake which met first is such tastes, I think that I had become a sake lover. 
My husband who usually have beer, Shochu(distilled spirit) and sometimes wine,said ''I can drink this Sake without limit'' !! then he did it....

The town in Takehara is many bamboos and, as for the roadside tree, the bamboo is planted.↑↑↑

We enjoy very much in Takehara, it is time to go back to Hiroshima!!
heading to the west, we drive along the coast.
However, my mother told us ''it goes more we can reach to Akitsu-city, we can have very nice oyster and potato at there...''
So, we decided to go Akitsu now!!!! why not!!!

I will tell you next time how was Akitsu!!!


Trip #1, historic small town Takehara

A Happy New Yearshine
It is still very cold in Hiroshima but I really wanted to have enjoyable winter holiday, so I planed the short trip.

The destination of a trip is an old town "Takehara" which is in Hiroshima. 
The Heian period (about 1000 years ago) to Kyoto and the relation of Takehara are deep, and it is the emotional town which made salt and Sake and prospered also after that.

There is very small town, it is possible to do sightseeing at half a day.
Not so many people visit here from outside the prefecture and foreign country,so here is little-known hot spots in Hiroshima prefecture.

This is the aesthetic area which leaves old rows of houses↑↑

a big house!!! and so beautiful walls covered with coat of greenish brown color plaster.

It is the feature that there is a lattice not only in this house but in the old houses of Takehara↓↓
All of art, since carpenters of those days vied in making a lattice more delicate.
It is interesting, if an one-house one-house design is different and sees and walks.


The building which is an important cultural property, you pay about 200yen admission fee, and can go into inside of the house.
There are the cafe and gallery which reformed the old private house, and there are also the grocery and liquor store which a local person uses ordinarily.

A Zen temple is located in end of an aesthetic area. 
It basked in the setting sun at this time, and was very beautiful.↓↓
I didn't go up to there because I am not interesting the temple.

Instead, it was an immediately near temple I went there for Hatsumode,(the first visit in the year to a shrine.)
It is said that this temple is called "Kodo" and is the oldest temple in Takehara. 

well, Did you know that Hermes is the god of business in Frence!? I didn't know it but my French friend told me!! then I was very surprised!!  so do you know how to call the god of business in Japanese? it calls ''Ebisu''  !!


Japanese Products
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Japan Brand
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New shirt accesories
It's made of frexible
bent material.
It has soft and smoothly touch.

Japanese split curtain.
Please hang inside of the door.



Traditional wrap cloth.
Bring something in the wrap cloth.


The cotton hand towel.
It is cute to put down on a table or display on the wall.


Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
It has beautiful colors, and pattern.
Its cordinate is interesting!!



Post it note contains 50 pieces.
The designs are "cafe" ,and "Japanese style".
The shape of "cafe" is square, and "Japanese style" is oblong.



Rare!! Japanese old abacus "soroban" check it out!!


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