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This is Sanaruko park in Hamamatsu city.
There are a lot of cherry trees planted for about 40 years ago in this park, many people enjoy at the cherry blossoms season every year. cherryblossom

We were bringing lunch box then eating and chatting with my family under the cherry tree, deliciousriceball
and it was the sky of the pink color when looking upcherryblossom, those makes me can feel ''Spring is here''happy01


There are various kinds of cherries but in Japan, most is the kinds of Somei-Yoshino cherry tree.flair
This is ''Shidarezakura'' which is in the right side of photograph below↓↓↓ it is beautiful,like Maiko's(Japanese dancing girl of Kyoto) long ornamental hairpinshine
When I visited in Kyoto, there is many kinds of cherry trees at the Nijo castle and I knew the profundity of the cherry blossoms.

We have the proverb ''Hana Yori Dango'' (Cake before flowers),as the proverb says we ejoy foods and drink when the Hanami.( it is Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the cherry blossoms). yes, it is a picnichappy01
This time, I found some group of people who enjoyed the Hanami with cheese, raw ham and quiche etc, its like the european style under the row of cherry blossoms!!! That is new style of Hamamiwink because most people bring the lucn box of Japanese foodsriceball, I will try new style Hanami next timehappy01

The garden of my home is also full-blown nowcute
The bulb and the flowering plant that had been planted last autumn grew up, and all bloomed splendidly. good
Here is another spot of the Hamami in my gardenwink


Japanese Goods eBay Auction

Here is new item from the Apis corporation which is my blog's sponsor.
This is new virsion of collar stiffeners from them.shine
They developed the collar stiffeners who was able to do the figuration freely.
This is made from the concept of wanting you to enjoy the neck more.note
I have been writing about details before, please check it out here ↓↓↓

They use  the thin flexible metal carefully processed and it is coated by silicon rubber under the enabled at a molecular level.
This is the one that you can figure out wonderful technology of Japan.flair
My husband use them and these are his favorite item now.happy01

This collar stiffeners are very neat, here is some reasons;
1. The shape of various collars can be made whatever you like
2. It doesn't move in the collar because it is coated by silicon rubber.
3. It is able to do laundry and ironing with it is in.(Heatproof temperature 300℃)
4. Anyone can become fashionable easily with this.good

If the hole that lets the collar stiffeners pass on the back side of the collar is open, not only the man but also the woman can use it.wink
It is more useful when you are casual style without a tie.

The collar stiffener's package is a small test tube this time. shine
soooo cutehappy01
It is recommended in a small present though it is a package only of Japan at present because the test tube might be damaged in case of sending out to foreign countries.

The collar stiffeners of the cherry blossoms printed also is selling it as limited time until the end of May.

Now you can get more details about these collar stiffeners at the their website.
This collar stiffeners may will be able to change your fashionsmile

Japanese Products
are HERE!


Japan Brand
Auction Store





New shirt accesories
It's made of frexible
bent material.
It has soft and smoothly touch.

Japanese split curtain.
Please hang inside of the door.



Traditional wrap cloth.
Bring something in the wrap cloth.


The cotton hand towel.
It is cute to put down on a table or display on the wall.


Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
It has beautiful colors, and pattern.
Its cordinate is interesting!!



Post it note contains 50 pieces.
The designs are "cafe" ,and "Japanese style".
The shape of "cafe" is square, and "Japanese style" is oblong.



Rare!! Japanese old abacus "soroban" check it out!!


Let's learn many foreign languages on the Miko Blog!
You can check two languages at the same time is HERE!


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