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Lunch at the Maisaka city

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I went to Maisaka city for lunch with my family.
Maisaka is a port town where it can go from Hamamatsu by car in 20 minutes. 
I have passed this city several times by car but never been visit because there is a fish market but this is not open to public so we can't but seafoods at there and there is not restaurants too.

I introduce you Maisaka city before why I visited this area this time.

The Hamanako(lake) faces to the Pacific ocean.Maisaka is located in the part of there.
There is about Hamanako on this blog long time ago,if you want to know about Hamanako more,check it this →Hamanako(Hamana lake)

During the Edo period(400years ago), the town prospered as Maisaka-juku, a post station on the Tōkaidō highway connecting Edo to Kyoto also there is the other famous thing is a fishing port.
The route has been left as the first in national road line now at there.

well, 400years ago people walked to traveling Tokaido spending many days but now it takes few hours by car!
The government of Ed had the 53 stayions in place along railway-tracks in Tokaido.
It is Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido(Tokaido Gojusan-tsugi), and Hiroshige Utagawa was drawing in the Ukiyoe.
In the station of the 53, Maisaka counted from Edo and was the 30th station.
but there is not what it used to be in the old days.↓↓↓

A part of old Japanese style of hotel(Yado) slightly left.↓↓↓
Samurai stayed at there!!
A more splendid building where only the feudal lord (samurai who was high-level) stayed is called the Honjin, and exists in a place left a little more from that Yado(hotel). 

When it became modern and the traffic of the car increased, Tokaido was maintained to a wide and straight road now.

OK, get back to the main talking about the lunch!!
I have heard that there is delicious table d'hote restaurant which only local people know there at Maisaka,so we decided to go find it!
The restaurant is small,so tourist who past there by car can't find it easily.

This restaurant has been opened here after World War Ⅱ.
It seems to be loved for a long time by the local people.
We ordered their recommend menu,
''Osashimi Teishoku''(Sashimi set), and ''Tonkatsu Teishoku''(a fried pork cutlet).
These were sooo good!!!!

and more, ''Ebifurai Teishoku''(fried shrimps),my daughter's favorite one!! ↓↓↓
''Ramen''(nuddles) was good too.
All guests excluding us were local people. 
mmmmm, we were full:))


New collar keeper!!

The DiEGO's collar keeper part 2!! I have introduced about the collar keeper on my blog before and the Apis corporations which is the sponsor of this blog also produce and sell ''DiEGO''.
The collar keeper is a small plastic board, put it in hole back of shirt's collar and it keeps straight your collar.
usually, the collar keeper is shape of straight but this DiEGO's collar keeper is different!! you can change your collar freely whenever you want!!!
Here is details about DiEGO's collar keeper when we introduced last time. →Here

This time we will introduce you newly 2nd version DiEGO's collar keeper.
The new variation colors are light blue, yellow and pink etc,these are more good to be in business scene and they made it with new material which made in stainless steel so hardening a little.
It is possible to wash with the color keeper put in the shirt, also you can ironing it too.

They printed their logo ''DiEGO'' in center of collar keeper,it is special print and it doesn't wear out.

well, my husband became a model for this collar keeper!!


This photo↑↑ the collar keeper is roundly applying the curve. 
The collar can be head up even if it puts on the jacket of thick corduroy, it looks elegant that there is very a stereoscopic.
It is possible to be keep that all day,so it doesn't need straighten up many times.

It is an impression tidy because the collar doesn't have lost shape when the jacket is taken off.
When you are in business scene,you can keep to be tidy style with a tie and when undo a tie after fish work ,you can change your collar to be more stylish too.

make it to such shape↑↑↑

They sell a pair of one set too.↓↓↓
Let's try it new fashionable items for man!!!!  and this is good gift too from girls!!!
check it out DiEGO's website to see more details →DiEGO (sorry this site's English version will be coming soon)


rice cake toss(MOCHI NAGE)

When I moved to Hamatsu city I was surprised by some different customs from Hiroshima city where I born and grew up.
one of them, it is called ''Mochi Nage'' or ''Mochi Maki'' that mean rice cake toss(or throw).

When work of putting up the pillar when the timbered house is built ends, a rice cake throw is done.
It is the most important to combine pillars in the timbered house, and many carpenters will finish it up at a dash in 1-2days then in celebration of the serious work ended safely,the carpenter and the owner of a house go up to the roof then toss rice cake and candy etc to people for the appeal to the neighbors '' a splendid house is built'' .
This event of a rice cake toss is being told beforehand to neighbors so 50~100 people show up to there and the rice cake is picked up.

I have not been heard about this rice cake toss in Hiroshima.
There are people who does and doesn't do also in Hamamatsu city.
When we built the house in Hamamatsu, we didn't do it.
I think that the family who lives in Hamamatsu from generation to generation,they do this.

There is a similar custom in Aichi prefecture where nearby Hamamatsu city.
Especially, the parents tend to put up the cash more than the marrying couple to spend money on the performance to show neighbors "was a very gorgeous wedding done"
for instance, the showy track is loaded furnitures to moving to new house, and the clothes are changed many times in the wedding party etc.
Such a custom might look like Hamamatsu near Aichi Prefecture.

We picked up them on this day.↑↑↑
one-small rice cake of about 5cm(about 2 inch) is in the bag.
some people catch directly falling rice cake from roof and other people pick up them which fallen down on the ground.
The rice cake dropped to my face and it was painful !!
This rice cake is what the specialty store made, and everyone really want to get them a lot because it is very delicious.
It is very interesting and it seems be playing a game.

There are white and pink color of rice cake.Such a case means red though it is a pink color
in Japan, it is said that it is good the combination of red and white.
By the way, these rice cakes are the same taste.

These fall together besides the rice cake, too.↑↑↑
This is ''Ohinery'' that coin is wrapped with Japanese paper.

open the paper, a coin of five yen(Goen) is inside.
in Japanese, ''Goen'' means ''destiny'' (chance to have been nice related) and 5yen the same pronunciation ''Goen'' that why 5 yen is often used for happy things.

After the this rice cake toss event, we went to the supermarket,and my 3years old son was pleading ''Taiyaki''(baked sea bream-shaped,red bean paste inside),it red and white one by chance.
The sea bream is a fish in Japan that brings luck. 
Taiyaki is popular sweet for a long time.

We can buy freshly baked it at a street stall and it is delicious when lightly burning with the toaster when eating at home. 


illumination for Christmas

It is coming Christmas soon.
Does the illumination shine in the your town?

in these years, most houses are illuminated their house and garden for Christmas in Japan.
some of houses will be famous by the exquisite illuminations.

50years ago in Japan, only department shops had illuminate in Christmas season but now it became general that people enjoy light decorate at their house.

I want to decorate the tree in the garden with a golden illumination during long nights in winter season.
It was not possible to put it into practice easily though it had spoken so with the husband for several years. 
because there is some reasons; need the power supply to apply the illumination at the outside and need the tool like the timer is also necessary for on-off electric spectaculars.
mmm these are bothersome task for us...we are lazy? 

so we decorated it with electric spectaculars in the house as shown in the photograph above.
This shines in blue and white by electric spectaculars of starlike shape. 

There is the power supply is inside of the house and pull out the outlet before we go to bed,that is so much easy to do for us.

I think,the LED became a main current for 4 or 5 years though the illumination was a usual light bulb before.

I decided that decorate illumination at the my garden this year then went to home center shop before change my mind.
wow, they have newly stuff for illumination.
It is a solar battery illumination.


Is this already a main current in countries other than Japan?
I was impressed it.

It is really neat!! don't you think so?
a small solar panel attaches the code which has head of LED bulb, stick it at the garden,it is charged by sunshine in daytime then the illumination will be light up automatically when get a dark at evening and going die battery at the midnight then charge battery next day in day time.

That's so ecology things!! and doesn't need timer and a wall outlet, it is possible to use it at the outside even if doesn't have power supply.
This is really nice idea!!

actually, I already have solar type of outdoor light at the my garden.
This emits light by the power of the sun at night though the photograph above is a lantern.
There is LED lamp in the cover of the shape of the candle,it looks like the real candle light.
This lantern can carry to anywhere and is also convenient because the power supply is not needed.
My children go out to explore the garden with it in the evening.

well, well, the illumination for Christmas at the my house,I couldn't find good one because solar type lights are only color of blue or white, it has just been on sale recently at the shops.

but few days later my husband found the 100 gold color LED light bulbs!!

Fruits and flowers

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We have found soooo delicious grapes. It's name ''Steuben''. Have you known this name??
I don't know what is called it in English.

When my mother visited us from Hiroshima and we went to shopping, she found this grape and she said '' ohhh, this grape is really tasty!! I had it once before when I went to Aomori prefecture''

so we bought this grape.mmmm this grape is a richly flavored quiet different from other grapes.
It seems to eat the gummy of the grape taste.
It is slower than a usual grape at the harvested season. 

Tsugaru (Aomori Prefecture) growth of New York birth. mmmm??? mysterious grape.

well, talking of fruit there is something that just faces the time of the harvest in the garden of my house. 
It is ''Feijoa''.  That is ↓↓↓ looks like eggs but it seem green egg.

This is tree of Feijoa.↓↓.
It is not popular to planting feijoa in Japan.because, growing up originally because of the mild weather.  
It grows safely, and my home bears a lot of delicious fruits every year,because the temperature doesn't fall so much in winter though it is not the tropics in Hamamatsu city.


It is a taste that added the kiwi to the banana.
I heard that it is produced in large quantities in New Zealand. 
When it is windy day, lots of fruit fall down under the tree.
Naturally falling, it means time for eat!!!

Let me give one more thing,about my garden.
A lot of seedlings of the flower of autumn are just planted.

I love viola flower.
It hesitates which to be bought because there is a viola of the cocktail of colors recently. I decided to plant it by combining thick blue and yellow this year.

My husband deeply digs up the soil of the flower bed on this weekend,then the bulb of the tulip is first planted and these viola seedling is planted on top of bulb.
It can enjoy the viola from the this coming fall to the spring of next year, the tulip grows up on the way, and it begins to extend the leaf, and then, the tulip and the viola fall into disorder gorgeously and it blooms.....that is my plan!!

Japanese people don't enjoy gardening very much but people love tulip for long time.
When spring comes,the tulip is in blossom at the everywhere.
I also almost plant the tulip every year....
I selected them this year.↑↑↑
wish blooms a lot:))


Japanese Products
are HERE!


Japan Brand
Auction Store





New shirt accesories
It's made of frexible
bent material.
It has soft and smoothly touch.

Japanese split curtain.
Please hang inside of the door.



Traditional wrap cloth.
Bring something in the wrap cloth.


The cotton hand towel.
It is cute to put down on a table or display on the wall.


Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
It has beautiful colors, and pattern.
Its cordinate is interesting!!



Post it note contains 50 pieces.
The designs are "cafe" ,and "Japanese style".
The shape of "cafe" is square, and "Japanese style" is oblong.



Rare!! Japanese old abacus "soroban" check it out!!


Let's learn many foreign languages on the Miko Blog!
You can check two languages at the same time is HERE!


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