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Let's go to Shimane to eat Crab!!

A Happy New Year to you all happy01
I hope lots of people have enjoying with my blog this year too!!! and I'm looking forward to get your comments!!!

I spent time for end of year 2010 with my parents and my family in Hiroshima.
and we made a plan trip to Shimane prefecture for eating delicious crabscancer

Hiroshima Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture are adjacent. 
but there is far away from Hiroshima to Shimane, because it goes over the mountains from Hiroshima on the Pacific ocean side to Sea of Japan side then get to Shimane prefecture.
There is not service Shinkansen at the Sea of Japan side,the traveler who visits from foreign countries in a short term might be a place where it cannot go easily. bullettraindash
We didn't go around the sightseeing spots because going to eat the crab was a purpose this time. 
I can't tell you true appeal of Shimane prefecture this time but please enjoy the Hiroshima citizen's 1night 2days short trip to Shimane!!

at the service area, we found the performing arts peculiar to a locality.
This is ''Kagura'' which is one of the famous performing arts in Shimane.
This stage is composed by music and dance based on the myth that coils round the birth of Japan and this is the traditional performing arts with very old history.



There might be a preconception of yawner a little though it thinks the traditional performing art to be the same anywhere all over the world.
However, this Kagura is very exciting music and dancing, lot of people watched it!! and their eyes were riveted to the Kagura.
We can understand it easily, because they are nonspeaking only gesture with fantastic music and costumes.

next, we went to ''World children art museum in Hamada city''
this building stands on high ground with ocean view.




It was very wonderful though it was not possible to take a picture of the exhibition work. 
There is a small cafe in this lobby, and it can enjoy oneself over tea all over the world. 

We checked in the Ryokan(Japanese style hotel) the had hot spring!!!
There are a lot of seaside resorts, too and many people come from Hiroshima to swim in summer.
The enjoyment of winter is a hot spring and cooks the crab.

We love crab!!  had lot of crabs that night!!!


crab miso was put in crab's shell and boiled. crab miso is really tasty with Sakebottle

rice cooked with crab↓↓↓ put lemon it, it became the same taste as the paellashine yummydelicious

in Shimane prefecture, there is lot of places to be fun and have delicious foods!!
There is not good access to get there from anywhere and not famous place for tourist but there has still good Japan!! I think, real Japan is there.
I want to come back to Shimane then tell you more somedayhappy01

Walk around local Hiroshima city

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Ridding on the Shinkansen to Hiroshima from Hamamatsu city for 3hours. yes, we went to there while winter holiday.
I went for a walk in Hiroshima city and took pictures after lunch with my family.I will show you local Hiroshima city this time.

well, before I show you Hiroshima city, I introduce you French restaurant which I went this time in Hiroshima city with my family. because I want to know how different it between in Japan and other countries. so please leave your comment later!!
This French restaurant is in top of the floor at the hotel. There is nice of view from the restaurant.

It seems to be an India-ink pictures↑↑↑ isn't it? There is Seto Inland sea and some small islands.
First of all, cheers to nice of view and family!!


That plate is an appetizer. what do you think it?
It is really small. don't you think so?
Is it an influence of dishing up Japanese food?
well, next is soup. this is Chicken and rice soup. was really good.

and next, fish with French loaf. There were bread of sesame and bread of the felon herb, too.
in Japan, some people prefer to have rice than bread so most any restaurants have service to can choose rice or bread.Even if it is French restaurant.

meat plate!! this is beef and lamb.
and dessert with coffee. Thats all.


It was not able to come across the French food that I had eaten in France.because it is in Japan. It is the same as there is no perfect Japanese food in France.
Whatever, I had a nice lunch and wonderful time with my family.
then we walked around Hiroshima city.

We encounter a live road of the Tsugaru Samisen.
The samisen is traditional musical instruments of Japan, but even Japanese doesn't have a chance to hear the sound of Samisen.
If a young Samisen musician does live like this, it will become more familiar musical instrument for people.
He was cool.

There is a Shinto shrine in the shopping street in Japan though it is not only Hiroshima.
This is a Shinto shrine where the god of business is mostly enshrined. 
The people who is doing business wishes the prosperity of their work and they comes to pray from everywhere.

The Shinto shrine is in a disorderly street. it is a little unbalance but that is nice too!!

The underground shopping center was completed 10 years ago.
When we walked in there, we found a many many umbrellas.its like the sea of umbrellas.
Umbrella shop unfolded umbrellas to wide space for sale.
These umbrella has many umbrella ribs,so it might be a strong.
and Japanese design, that seems to match to the Kimono.

How was Hiroshima city local tour?

see  you next time!!

practice spinning a top(Koma in Japanese)

A game of top-spinning(Koma in Japanese) is held in daughter's kindergarten at the beginning of January every year and she is practicing hard by herself to win the tournament in the rally.
The first photograph is a top-spinning(Koma) of which the daughter painted.art
Children painted their favorite colors to the top(Koma) of the tree distributed at the kindergarten,so everybody like playing with their original top(Koma) which they madenote

I looked over that there seems to be a top(Koma) all over the world.flair
The top(Koma) was introduced into Japan from China through North Korea in Edo period and it was the popular playing for all people, the adults and children, especially for boys.My husband also often played with the top(Koma) when he was child with his friends. Now, we don't see children who play with the top(Koma).
If it hadn't been for the top-spinning rally at the kindergarten, children couldn't get a chance to play with the top.

She practiced it on the weekend at the kindergarten.happy01
My daughter came to be able to turn the top for about one minute once every three times.

This is her friend's top.↓↓↓
Their painting colors their personality very clearly.shine

They compete who for keeping spin most to the last minute. 
after all, the boy is much better than girl.
always the boy is very well when they play with it. why?? they can be easily completely absorbed in practice and play with like this plaything. 

however, It is more greatly than the child who is doing the Nintendo DS(its Japanese children favorite game console) sitting on the park bench.game


All children who had come today spun the top at the end of the practice.
They practice with each house between the winter breaks, and they attend the rally.rock

well, this time a teacher who wearing a pink shirt won for the competition that who keeping spin the top to the last minute.
This teacher is never content!! and she beat her studentscoldsweats01


Japanese Products
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New shirt accesories
It's made of frexible
bent material.
It has soft and smoothly touch.

Japanese split curtain.
Please hang inside of the door.



Traditional wrap cloth.
Bring something in the wrap cloth.


The cotton hand towel.
It is cute to put down on a table or display on the wall.


Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
It has beautiful colors, and pattern.
Its cordinate is interesting!!



Post it note contains 50 pieces.
The designs are "cafe" ,and "Japanese style".
The shape of "cafe" is square, and "Japanese style" is oblong.



Rare!! Japanese old abacus "soroban" check it out!!


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