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20090824-01.jpgThe grocery(YAOYA-SAN) car come to the park near by my parents' home every thursday.
It has come there since i was 6years old, so it keep on selling for 30years.
I have got married(WATASHI WA KEKKON SHIMASHITA) and live it other place,but i'm looking forward to get the grocery at this grocery car
(TANOSHIMI NI SHITEIMASU)when i go to my parents' home.

The man who on the photo is shop's owner.
30years ago,when all homemaker was young,he is called "young man"(ONIISAN).
He has still called young man(ONIISAN) even if he is the age that has some grandchildren.
I ask him "Can i take a picture for my brog?(SHASHIN WO TOTTE YOIDESUKA)"
he said"Really?I am also worldwide man,amn't i?!
and he was ashamed.


20090824-02.jpgI widen keeping off the sun light, and I display corrugated cardboard at the entrance of the park,
and it is finished the market by a small truck.
There are some big supermarket,but the people who live in near young man(ONIISAN)buy many freshness vegitable(SHINSEN NA YASAI WO TAKUSAN KAIMASU).


20090824-03.jpgItems that young man "ONIISAN"buy is not lot,they grow up near hear easy going(NONBIRI).
So the shape of them are different size.
But they are taken care(TEMAHIMA KAKETEcoldsweats01) to raise with agrichemicals(NOUYAKU) a little bit,
it is safety and delisious.
And also it is best price(NANIYORI YASUIgood)!As for the half price(HANGAKU)yen to buy in supermarket.






This is tomatos become to be fully rippened lovelyand then harvested.
350yen for 1box.









Eggplant(NASUBI) and green color one at center is Bitter melon(GOHYA) of OKINAWA was introduced beforepaper.









There are summer fruitsheart04.
Water melon(SUIKA),Peach(MOMO) and Melon(MELON).
The fruit of yellow green is top of the photo is japanese pear(NASHI) is delisious for fall from summerhappy01.








There are many vegitables on the rack of the truckflair.
cabbage(KYABETSU),spinach(HOURENSOU),pea(MAME) and cucumber(KYUURI)...something like that..








There are potates(JAGAIMO) and carrot(NINJIN).
The japanese pickle(TUKEMONO) was made is delisious(OISHII)heart04 and popular(HYOUBAN GA YOIDESU)scissors.
My father eat only his one.








The flower is also availabletulip.
This flower is all chrysanthemum(KIKU).
There are many people buy the chrysanthemum regularly to put them on tomb(OHAKA) and buddhist altar(BUTSUDAN).









This is green soybeansEDAMAME).
It is standard vegitable in summer(NATSUYASAI).
I boil w/salt it as it is.
If they are harvested until the color of them change to brown,
they change to ingredient for bean curd(TOFU),soybean paste(MISO) and soy sauce(SHOUYU).


Their price are very cheap,so I buy it in large quantities.
I buy several summer vegitables are full of shopping bag.

I have the idea of recipe for 3days while choosing the vegetablesheart01.

Good!Mangiare!Shall we enjoy dinner!happy01(MINNA DE ITADAKIMASU)






I bought 1box of the peach♪happy02
Japanese peach is easy to be damaged since very a flesh soft and very delicate dividing of tooth sitting.
It is sweet and yammy(AMAKU TE OISHII DESU)happy01.





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20090817-01.jpgI went to Bon dance Festival.(WATASHI WA BON-ODORI TAIKAI  E  ITTEKIMASHITAhappy01 
Bon Dance  Festival is opened in various parts of Japan in summer.
"Bon"  is a festival that comforts ancestral spirits.
And,people in the village and the town gather, and it dances to the drum, the whistle, and the song.
...Actually, comfortable festival, it reels and it enjoys that all gather on the night of summer.  (NATSU NO YOI)
Though the country might be the same, it is a social party (SHAKOUBA) of the family with their children and the grandpa grandmas.geminishine  
Though it was a long silence(GOBUSATA) having gone when I am also small for 20 years,I decides to go to Bon Dance Festival with my children  opened near the parents' family.

20090817-02.jpgWe went to a big park  where it takes five minutes
 from the parents' family house arround 7pm. 
When we approaches to the hall, the music of the Bon Festival Dance is heard,
 furthermore everyone has already danced. note   




They dances surroundings of the tower put on  the center of the plaza  while turning round and round.


Women who takes the kimono (in generally, it is called YUKATA in Japan) has the dance lesson  are very good dancer.
When there are such women in some places at the circle, all members can dance to copy cat to them.(MANE TE ODORU KOTO GA DEKIMASU)





20090817-04.jpgThese are usual girls.(not learn)
I was surprised.

Because they dance well.

They're sure to practice beforehand, I think.







I entered the circle because it seemed to be happy ,
though I was not able to dance at all.

Amazingly, I can dance somehow by watching and imitating like it.
It just a Japanese gene~. fuji 




My children also participated (SANNKA SHIMASHITA) wearing  YUKATA.
My daughter's YUKATA is Kitty's pattern.  heart04  
My son woar JINBEI with Japanese classic pattern  sold in kimono shop.
It is a price about three times daughter's YUKATA.
Traditional coloring of Japan is very chic.






Bon Dance Festival not only dances
but also various shows,
and the night stalls are opened.

This is balloon hanging.

The rubber band has placed to the balloon,
and you hang it with thin paper that applies the hook.
Because the balloon is floated on water,
If you don't hang it on the rubber band well,
paper gets wet at once and it cuts.







The neighborhood association  planned
this Bon Festival Dance.
So, shoppers of the night stalls are
member of neighborhood the senior citizens . 






Here is a lot.(KOCHILA WA KUJI)
You can get SUPER BALL that you draw its number.
It is possible to challenge twice for 100 yen
both the ballon hanging and the lot.



My child really wanted to do,
so he was very seriously. coldsweats01 









To tell the truth,
In Japan ,it overflows the thing today,
they don't usually look round such a toy.

However,they absorbed in that as for the festival.
It doesn't change old times and now. delicious 




He draw considerably good lot.(KANARI II KUJI WO HIITAMITAI
He get a big size.
It twinkles as you confined tonight memories. shine



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The color of the watermelon(SUIKA NO IRO)



20090810-01.jpgIf it says fruit of the summer, it is a watermelon in Japansmilenotes.
And in Japan speaking of a watermelon, ↑ This color.
At all of you, what color is the watermelon? (DONNA IRO NO SUIKA DESUKA?


I watched a movie "A holiday of Rome" in a childhood ,

and was surprised at the watermelon which Gregory Peck bought in a market.
Because that was very big, and without the stiripes.
Is that form common in Italy, I wonder?
What kind of taste is itcatface?AJI WA DONNNANO KASHILA?


Now, a lot of watermelons are sold when I go to the supermarket in Japan.
When I went for shopping a while ago, I took a photograph of the watermelon.



One is about 1,200 yen.

The small watermelon of the left is a kind called "HIMEMAKURA",and it is a rare watermelon.

It was made selective breeding in Hamamatsu.

It is popular for two or three years.
Because It doesn't occupy the refrigerator ,

and the size that is just good for a small family.





I bought a watermelon at this shop, too.
When I return to the house by car,I noticed to hang at the door of something back entrance.
Is it ...


... I thought that I was socoldsweats01.(...YAPPARI)

It seems that a neighbor give(OSUSOWAKE) the watermelon

which she brought up in her field.


A watermelon is full!!shine
But I am gladlovely(URESHII DESU) because I love itheart02(DAISUKI DESU).














20090810-04.jpgI ate with children at once in an early afternoonhappy01.
It becomes like this, when you cut it.
Is it different from your watermelon?MINASAN NO SUIKA TOWA CHIGAIMASUKA?


In the Japanese supermarket, "a sugar content" is displayed by a watermelon.
Shop clerk measures using with a tool called "the sugar content meter"search,
It is put one the numerical value on one watermelon with a seal.
Therefore, there is not the failure that big watermelon which I bought was not sweet at all .




I eat sweet watermelon which I cooled with a refrigerator.
This is the most delicious in the summer.(NATSU WA KORE GA ICHIBAN OISHII DESUdeliciousgood

Today the eldest daughter entered the swimming pool(POOL NI HAITTE IMASHITA) all day in the kindergarten.
The natural sweetness of watermelon seems to be soaked into her body which was sweated, and was tired.






During the pregnancy,as for me, morning sickness(TSUWARI) was terrible,

and only a watermelon was edible.

I ate a half of a watermelon every day, so people around worried about me.
Therefore,  did she come to like a watermelon so much?



she had better not to eat the blue partsweat02...



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Fireworks in Summer!(NATSU HA HANABI DA)



20090803-01.jpgWe played fireworkshappy01(HANABIshine) at our garden last night
...Are you surprised at this talking?(ODOROKIMASUKAcoldsweats01)
When i talk to the french on the phone,I told that I play fireworks yesterday.
then she was surprised
She of the french misunderstandcoldsweats01(KANCHIGAISHITA) it with a big -into- the air fire heart02happy01work(UCHIAGE HANABI).

She was considerably surprised when i saying that it ignited fireworks that had it in the hand in my garden.
And, I learnt.
・・・I see~note(SOKKA~)I wonder if doing fireworks reserves in japan or china ...




In summer,the children play the fireworks in Japan.
Children play without fail with fireworksshinevirgo(HANABI DE ASOBIMASU) .
Therefore, it sells it anywhere.

There are a lot of fireworks inside of this fireworks set.
This price is 500yen!!
This is more cheap when i was child...











When I open the bag, a lot of fireworks is like a photo inside.

Wrap the pipe which I filled with gunpowder with colorful paper,
I follow a bearer with bamboo and paper.
Set fire at first,
It burn out after 10seconds.
In the meantime,it heart04color change(IRO GA HENKASHIMASU)to red, white, green.







20090803-04.jpgAs the photo,there is fireworks change the color many time.












I do not hear the sound such as the firecracker.
I just stare(JITTO MITSUMERUDAKE DESUeyeshine) a flow of the light.




























It is toy fireworks(SENKOU HANABI) that there is a emotion. I love it, too.
probably, I think that toy it is romantic fireworks for adult.
↓This is toy fireworks(SENKOU HANABIshine).




It rolls with Japanese paper(WASHI DE MAITEart) and it makes it to burn while changing the shape of the spark
for The gunpowder of about one gram.
It ignites red.













After put the fire as the left photo.
It is very delicate,
A spark is scattered small.







There is toy fireworks(SENKOU HANABInight) from Edo period in japan. 

In the evening of the summer,there seems to be the merchant pedding toy fireworks.

The skyrocket going up in the night sky is good.
But, the fireworks to stare at calmly are wonderful in this way as well.

It is burnt suddenly and disappear for a split second.
It gracefully beauty may be making feel confortableheart02note(KOKORO NI HIBIKU) for japanese.


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Japanese Products
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Japan Brand
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New shirt accesories
It's made of frexible
bent material.
It has soft and smoothly touch.

Japanese split curtain.
Please hang inside of the door.



Traditional wrap cloth.
Bring something in the wrap cloth.


The cotton hand towel.
It is cute to put down on a table or display on the wall.


Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
It has beautiful colors, and pattern.
Its cordinate is interesting!!



Post it note contains 50 pieces.
The designs are "cafe" ,and "Japanese style".
The shape of "cafe" is square, and "Japanese style" is oblong.



Rare!! Japanese old abacus "soroban" check it out!!


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