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I love hot springs(ONSEN).


20090427-01.jpgThe last continuance.
I participated in the wedding ceremony of the acquaintance on the Shinkansenlovelyshine.
The wedding ceremony is a thing such as the meeting of the new members of the relative,
Between the people who gathered, I merely played after a long absence.
My friends said "There is a good hot springs"spa II ONSEN GA ARUYOgood.
And then,they took me to hot springs where is named sanbei-onsen in Tottori (the Japanese Islands, west one of Honshu) 
There was really splendid, so I introduce it.happy01HONTOUNI SUBARASIKATTA NODE SHOUKAISHIMASUsign01

20090427-02.jpg↑This is the out side of hot springs hotelhouse"Sanbe-sou".
Hot springs out from the mountain range behind.ONSEN GA WAITE IMASUspa.

I drive for backroad by car very much,rvcardash and there were SANBE ONSEN flairof hot springs.
Many places breed in a hot spring in this neighborhood,
Here is not only the quality of the hot water but also,
The friend was a favorite that the institution of the outdoor bath was pleasant.

There is "sanbei-onsen".It takes long time on the country road by carsnaildash.
There are many Onsen out many place.
It is not only the quality but also the fun at "shineROTEN-BURO" for my friend as well.
ROTENBURO is outdoor baths meanings.  




←Arround here is the country side.
There is only a hot spring up ONSEN SHIKA NAIDESUYOcoldsweats01..
My friend remind me,we spend whole a day just a hot spring.
Is it OK?
It was asked a confirmation.
Of course, OK!! MOCHIRON OK DAYOhappy01heart04.



There is "hot springs for leg"(ASHIYU)foot at the Parking lot of sanbe facility (Sanbe-sou) in sanbe onsen.
Ashiyu is popular recently in Japan.ASHIYU HA SAIKIN NIHONDE HAYATTE IMASU.bleah
We can put into the onsen only legs.ASHI DAKE TUKARU KOTOGA DEKIMASUheart02.
It is easy to try it because of not taking off the clothes.


←Have a look! This is color of the hot water!!
It seems to be effective for body.NANDAKA KIKISOUeye
It is free chargefree to try Ashiyu for anyonescissors.







We try to put into the hot water.→

It is good~heart04happy01 because of after long driving.car(NAGAI DRIVE DATTAKARA KIMOCHII~note)
The body gets warm comparatively only because it does so for a while.







 Well,our the expectation has risen.
The bathing fee (500 yen for an adult) is paidyen, and it goes to the bathroom.
I was allowed to take a picture of the appearance of the bath because there were no one at the time. 20090427-06.jpgThis is the inside of bath room.KOREGA SHITUNAINO OHUROBA DESU.
We wash the body at left of photo,and then soak in hot water.
The hot spring in Japan enters nakedly when tentatively explaining.
It is not necessary not to put on the bathing suit etc. ,MIZUGINADO KITE HA IKEMASEN t-shirtdenimand to put the towel in the hot water ship.TOWEL WO YUBUNE NI IRETEMO IKEMASEN. 

It is possible to go to the bath from the door in the interior to the outdoors.


←If the door can be pulled out, it becomes it in this way.
The bath seen in the interior consists of the boiler of iron.

The temperature of the hot spring is keptlovely.
comparatively warms the bodysun.
My boiler bath of this iron was the best.
It was feeling that wanted to be indefinitely.
(The first photograph is an zoom up of this boiler bath.camera )















Sanbe onsen of by eminent amount of discharge.
The hot water of 3,600 liters a minute has been put out.
The fountain quality is an alkali salt carbonic acid fountain. Entire source imposing sink.
It makes it with the hot water that sprang up put out to the bath heater all the time,
So the hot spring element is always fresh, and two or more people take a bath, it is clean.



There is bath at the backside as well.
We go through small japanese garden.
・・・but It is nakedness.(HADAKA DESUcoldsweats01)
It is OK when we soak in a bath.
But It is indeed shameful if we walking theresweat01.
(Of course,toiletbath is Man and woman distinctionsign01) MOCHIRON DANJO-BETSU DESU!
My child was delighted for a super wild action to go out nakedly.










"The Sake-container outdoor bath" appeared bang. (SAKEDARU-ROTENBURO NO TOUJOU DESU.paper)
Come to it-type two steps,
From a pipe hot water
I drift to the bottom steadily.
The daring is refreshingnotes




By the way, it seems to be the thing which it obtained by transfer from the liquor brewer of this sake-container long-established storehappy01.
Because I do not heat and take out the hot spring which sprang out of the mountain in a state as is,
It is some low temperature, but it is natural and  I feel like soaking in an alms of the Nature.
It is important what to be a state of a feeling for a hot spring.





While watching a blue sky, I soak in hot water leisurely. (sunspaAOZORA WO MINAGARA NONBIRI OYUNI TSUKARIMASU.heart02)
It is a favorite time for Japanese. (heart04NIHONNJIN NO DAISUKINA JIKAN DESU.)
Surely, There is a hot spring all over the world. (ONSEN HA SEKAIJUU NI ARUNDAROUNA TO OMOIMASUlovely)
Everybody enjoy it this way as same as us..?



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Let's go out by Shinkansen!(SHINKANSEN de GO!)



20090420-06.jpgI go out and take the Shinkansensun .
I took a lot of photographs of the popular expensive Shinkansen abroad incidentally!
I introduce the Shinkansen so good this weekbullettrain. 

clockIt takes 1h30mins. to get to Tokyo from Hamamatsu.
and the case of an oposite direction, it takes 1h10mins. to get to kyoto from Hamamatsu.
dollarThe cost is about JPY8,000 by single ticket.

buildingThis is the out side of HAMAMATSU station. ↑

boutiqueshineThere are many multi shops inside.lovely
But ,of course this building is small than Tokyo,Kyoto and some big city..




There is Exhibit space on the way to the plat home.
winkThe Exhibitation is the piano for KAWAI is Musical instrument makernotes.







The other side,
It is musical instrument maker YAMAHA same as KAWAI.
This time of the new product,

musicshineA wireless audio system is exhibited on this time.
Of course, you can see and hear itnotes.




I came over at last in a plat home.
Hamamatsu station passed for expressticket "NOZOMI SHINKANSEN" (NOZOMI HA TUUKA SIMASUbearing)is the fastest because of minor station.

I get on HIKARI to Nagoya and then get on NOZOMI at NAGOYA when i go to West of JAPAN.






←This is HIKARI shinkansen

bullettraindashat Hamamatsu station.















This is NOZOMI,at NAGOYA station

I will show you inside of NOZOMIhappy01.
Inside of NOZOMI is very clean all the time.shine(ITSUMO KIREINI SOUJISARETEIMASU)
shineColor is basic and cleanliness.I love it.





←My daughter also love Shinkansen.(heart02WATASHINO MUSUMEMO SINNKANNSEN GA SUKIDESUlovelyflair)
She took off her shoes I noticed now.
smileShe takes off when she get on the sheet without the attention from me is her mother shoe
noteThis is JAPANESE style~
So,the inside has still crean.






Anyway,The sheet has revolutionary system a long time ago.

That is・・・・


What a nice!
The sheet is turning.(ZASEKI GA KAITEN SIMASUgoodeye)
As for the group of four people or 6 ride visitor,
You face each other and can sit downhappy02.
Tourists from the foreign countries,
Try it !!(ZEHI OTAMESIAREsign01)





The toilet of Shinkansen is clearn as well.
What is clean of course,
As for the color and the design
It is refined.









In this connection,
The toilet has senser at japannese shinkansen.
If you warm a hand over a sensorpaper,
typhoonThe cover of the toilet stool opens and drain the water and is precocious.shinehappy01








tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip apple 

Anyway,change the topic・・・・;(SATE WADAI WO KAETE・・・coldsweats01
The lunch that the pleasure of the train eats in the inside of car.
In Japan, It is said "a station lunch(EKIBEN)"riceballlovely.

What you can enjoy at shinkansen is "EKIBEN" has often local special product by a station to stop at.
I think that a station lunch of Osaka is delicious!bleah
Therefore I buy lunch by inside of car sale of the Shinkansen after always passing Osaka Station.



←The crew come to be sold the Lunch and a cake and drink with such a wagonsmile
In the case of parents with their children, it is saved very much.
Of course it is the yard of the station, but
There is a station lunch sales floor everywhere.












The cost of My EKIBEN is ¥1,200riceballsun.
This is "MAKUNOUCHIBENTOU"cherry is the kind of the major BENTOU in japan that made of a lunch provider of OSAKA.







very yammy~!I whisper into an ear of my daughterear.
I put up voltageuphappy01.
good condition~notes

snailI don't care her while her eating for about 30mins!!




Anyway,The purpose of this trip was to go to the wedding ceremonycrown of the acquaintance.
Even if it said a wedding ceremonyringshine, it was a dinner party only for conservative estimates, 
I had a great time at SPAspa(ONSEN GA SUBARASIKATTA) at that time, I will introduce it at next week!
goodhappy01Will have Fun!



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20090413-01.jpgThis is an "abacus".
It is a tool to calculate.KEISAN WO SURUTAMENO DOUGU DESUgoodhappy01.
In Japan, it is said "a reading and writing abacus" from old days,
Reading, writing it and the thing that I can calculate on an abacus,
I was considered to be basics of the education.
But as for it is an old story, and some now in time of the arithmetic of the primary schoolchild, learning it.
I cannot manage it unless I go to the abacus classroom personally.
That's why the person who can use the abacus in modern Japan is the minority.
Abacus in itself, there becomes little production year by year (SEISANGA SUKUNAKUNATTE IMASU)weep.


shineThis abacus flies over Japan and attracts attention abroadheart04.
There is an abacus classroom in U.S.A. and U.K., Thailand and Brazil,
Children learning an abacus seem to increase all over the worldhappy01.
soroban is becoming the international words with susi or origami.
Soroban could be publication  for British dictionary Webster.
earHave you heard it?


20090413-03.jpgThe abacus is told to Japan approximately 500 years ago by China,
It was improved afterwards to be easy to calculate in Japan.
I calculate with holding an abacus with the left hand (HIDARITE DE SOROBAN WO MOTTE)flairand flipping a ball with the finger of the right hand (MIGITE NO YUBI DE TAMA WO HAJIKU)flairas like the first photo.
If training advances, I get possible to calculate in a head even if there is not an abacus(ATAMANONAKA DE KEISAN DEKIRUYOU NI NARIMASU)happy01good .


A woman of my friend is good at a calculation(KEISAN GA TOKUIDESU)happy01, because she learned an abacus when she was a child. 
lovelyShe add various expenses and answer it by mental arithmetic by a calculation dividing by for number of people immediately,
when we go to a meal in great numbers and settle account, .
Such a case, useful! ! sign03flairI think so.
Incidentally...It is 253,648+5,589,416= ?
Even if give the suitable problem that wants to watch, what be elaborate, and answer immediately again is interesting(OMOSHIROI)bleahis.

She is right like a walking computerwink.


20090413-04.jpgSo that the abacus uses a finger-tip and a head at the same time,
It is said that a brain is activated if I continue using it.
I hate a Arithmetic and a calculation a weak point a little for me.
coldsweats02sweat01Because , I had a hard time very much when i was student,
... which I let children learn "an abacus", and is the eighth.
Is it good?  Is it notlate now?  I have to go abacus? !




←It is nothing to do with a abacus ...
The flower which bloomed in my garden,
It is a tulip and narcissus.
Spring is good.



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Character lunch box!!

What did you think of this?

Did you think "What is this? NANJAKORYALa-"?
Well, it's an octopus-shaped sausage (TAKO SAN UINNA-) that all the Japanese know.
When I make this, I cuts sausage in half and makes a cut away several
portions and a foot opens when I bake it by a frying pan and
becomes the form that seems to be an octopus. KAWAII DESHO.happy01
I used the black sesame for lovely octopus eyes.eye

The lunch for the child cannot miss this octopus-shaped sausage(TAKO SAN UINNA-).
We don't usually make this when just eating it at home, FUTSUU HA TSUKURIMASEN.
but I think that there are many parents who will make it for a side dish of the child lunch box.
Because I am suitable character, WATASHI HA, TEKITOU NA SEIKAKUNANODE,
there are only 6 when I originally make the footfoot which should have eight of them.
When the person who is good at cooking makes it carefully,
a foot rolls it up(KURUNTO NARIMASU.) more and,
comes with a japanese twisted headband.(nejiri-hachimaki)

Though it is very shameful, HAZUKASHINAGARA,
this is the lunch box for my daughter with octopus shaped sausage(TAKO SAN) in.

In the preschool where my daughtervirgo of 4 years old goes to,
I have to make lunch box 2 times a week.
School lunch (KYUUSHOKU) will be provided other than it.
It depend on a preschool (YOUCHIEN NI YOTTE CHIGAIMASU.)
about the lunch time, mommy have to make lunch boxrestaurant
every day for kids, or kids get school lunch every day, it is various by a preschool.
(By the way, in the elementary school, we eat schoollunch(GAKKOU KYUUSHOKU)
for six years in all over Japan.)

A character lunch which is called "Chara ben" are popular now in Japan.

The one of mimicking with food, make the face of the famous TVtv animation character
or Disney's famous characters with food, and packing it into lunchbox lovelilyheart04.

For example, you can buy face of Winnie the Pooh shaped chicken nugget, or Hello Kitty shaped Cheese.
But, not only using such a ready-made article, cut the vegetables and ham into the shape, and the people who make chara-ben with oneself is increasing!! JIBUN DE TSUKURU HITO GA FUETEIMASU.up


There is the tool which is convenient for making the "Cara ben" making of in various ways.
I do not like play with food like this, I always think.think
"Isn't it too much?"(CHOTTO YARISUGI JANAI?)
That is why I have not made it yet.
However,(SHIKASHINAGARA) I asked my daughtervirgo of 4 years old
"Do you see many of your friends come with these character lunch box?"
It seems to be it in a considerable ratio somehow.
It is not the preschool where my daughter goes to, but there is some preschool dose,
put them on their HP titled  with "Today's Chara ben!!" 
And uploading a photographcamera of the shinegood looking lunch box.shine


In Japan, an insert, ORIKOMICHIRASHI
(I also say a handbill)
are in an arriving newspaper every morning.
In the yesterday's handbill,
how to make Chara ben appeared.
And a cooking bookbook was introduced, too.


← These are all edible lunch BENTOU.

Can you believe it?

In Japan, April is the season of the entrance to school.
This book is for a parent having the child, who entered a preschool,
"It's gonna be hard making a lunch box.
But I will do my best and make chara ben.DEMO GANBARUZO-!! rock"
And this lunch is for the child who does no eat much, mom want to see
the child is pleased with lunch with their favorite characterhappy02note
and hopefully they will eat more.restaurant

A child should be surely glad when I open a cover of the lunch, and an appetizing thing jumps into eyes.
Therefore I make "the octopus shaped sausage(TAKO SAN UINNA-) ", too and I also think to make the lunch to be colorfullart, use the food with color such as white, red, green, yellow, and the brown enters vividly.


← A cup and the pick to put a side dish of the lunch in are convenient.

By the way, TOKORODE,
it is about the preschool of my daughter,
other than the time when she have soup or curry rice with lunch at school, she can not bring a spoon and a fork restaurantto the preschool.
Most children use the chopsticks, when they become 4 years old.


Small chopsticks for children.

It is length of approximately 17 centimeters. leftright

You can improve how to use the chopsticks winkwhen you pick the good length chopsticks for your hand.paper

My little son enters a preschool (YOUCHIEN) at the same time my daughter becomes
6 years old, and to enter the elementary school.(SHOUGAKKOU)
...It means the making of my kids lunch continues for five more years, too.wobbly
The boom of "Cara ben" just began.
I will report how this boom escalates during these five years again.

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Japanese split curtain.
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Traditional wrap cloth.
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The cotton hand towel.
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Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
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Post it note contains 50 pieces.
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