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The port of Omaezaki in Shizuoka prefecture


Last weekend, we went to Omaezaki where take about one and a half hours from Hamamatsu city using highway.cardash
There is some ports in Shizuoka prefecture,Omaemzaki is the most closest and bigger port from Hamamatsu city.
It takes about just one and a half hours from my city,so we though why don't we have a delicious fish foods now!! then we headed to there before noonflair.
(above photo is Omaezaki portcamera)

Some fish markets in the port.
Every weekend many people coming there.
The ports in Shizuoka, for example Yaizu, Numazu, Shimizu and Omaezaki are strong on the ocean fishery.(pelagic) of tunas and skipjacks(bonitos).fish ''skipjack'' is ''Katsuo''  in Japanese.
When you go to Sushi restaurant, Sushi is expensive isn't it?? but you can buy cheaper and more fresh fish's Sushi at the like this fish market.moneybag
The fishes which color of orange are Splendid alfonsino, these are famous too.↓↓↓


That fishes are skipjacks↑↑↑↑fish
In Japan, it is said '' first skipjack''(Hatsu Katsuo=Hatsugatsuo) is really delicious,that season is spring when blooming cherry blossoms.flair If you miss that season, don't worry, the second season is coming in autumn for skipjack.delicious we call it ''Modori Katsuo=Modorigatsuo) this means came back skipjack.
Japanese people like Katsuo's Sashimi(raw fish) or Tataki,its taste like marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and ginger base.good

We bought a packed of tunas.↑↑↑↑
Tuna(Maguro) has different name of parts,''Otoro''(fatty tuna), ''Chutoro''(medium fatty) and ''Akami''(red meat) also these are different taste. I like Chutoro.happy01
a packed of Tuna is about 700 yen, that can eat plenty by two adults.up
We ate it which we bought one that night, was really delicious. yum.delicious

Tiny Tiny fish is the young of sardines(Shirasu in Japanese). these were hauled at the Omaezaki.
In most cases, Shirasu is sold after dried under the sun but can be eaten raw if it really really fresh one.

well, I wrote long prefacesweat01....Do you remember this time's purpose to be Omaezaki??
Yes, for lunch!!restaurant  finally we found a restaurant then have
Kids ordered ''Shirasu Don'' (a bowl of boiled Shirasu, rice is under the Shirasu)and topping is Ikra.

 I choose ''Maguro Don''(a bowl of raw tuna).both bowls were with miso soup and about 1200 yen each.
after ate them, my husband said to me '' I found take out section of Maguro Don(a bowl of raw tuna) and it looks yummy also, don't we have another one?  coldsweats01

We had another lunchhappy02.........bought Shirasu don and Maguro don again but these are cheaper that before. 500 yen each.


My husband choose raw Shirasu Don ↑↑↑
mmmm raw Shirasu..... kids and I don't like it but some people really really like it.
I choose ''Negi toro Don'' ,this is minced Maguro(tuna) and green onion then put soy sauce.

There is Gelato ice cream shop in the fish market.
They have Shirasu flavorcoldsweats02.....Shirasu,yes the young of sardinessweat02...can you believe it?and try it?
and the other flavor is Macha(green tea) and Wasabi which is special product in Shizuoka. of course they have common flavor too.coldsweats01

My courageous daughter said ''I will try to have a Shirasu flavor''happy02 while we were in the line.
however, she changed her mind just as she was ordering, she ordered Strawberry flavorcoldsweats01.
I know, it is hard to have Shirasu flavor gelato....think

Shellfish gathering in Hamanako(Hamana lake)

There is a big lake, Hamanako in the west of Hamamatsu,Shizuoka prefecture.shine
Hamamatsu city government wants to call in many tourist to this Hamanako but these are not going well,I think resort hotels and Ryokan(Japanese style hotel) are not prospering at there.
However, the scenery in Hamanako is wonderful in summer season.sun
The nature has been left untouched, because there is unpopular place as sightseeing, there is nothing but makes feel open the mind then just play at there.happy01

The photo above's red Torii gate which is at the Bentenjima in Hamanako is famous. you can find this red Torii gate on the guidebook or any information about Hamanako.flair
Benten is the god of the sea, there are many such a Torii is around Japan.
Can you see the bridge on the photo? eye that is amazing bridge!
This is the bypass of route 1, we call it ''Hamanako bypass'' we can get the nice of view, right side is Hamanako(Lake of Hamana) and left side is the Pacific ocean when you drive at there.
When you driving a car at there, it's feel like a plane take off toward the ocean. If you are a fear of heights, soooo scary to yousad
but the beautiful white sandy beaches and endless horizon is a very dynamic landscape.good

This time we didn't use this Hamanako bypass, we headed to north of Hamanako.cardash
This area is felt relaxed by view of fishing village and orange(mandarin) plantations.up

Have you ever been to go shellfish gathering(Shiohigari)?? Shiohigari means mostly digging for clams at the beach in Japan. that is nice season in Spring and Summer,so that's why we are here this time.note
Anyone can find clams easily because they are in the relatively shallow sandy.happy01
I heard that someone got the full of two buckets by clams at there.
ohhhhhh, what should I do if we took many many clams like that??? coldsweats02
noooo, can't eat all......coldsweats01

anyway, children enjoy shellfish gathering at the beach.note
so, we are ready to do now, got tools, got long boots.good

People used to live around here long long time ago, sometimes old old shells were unearthed in the sandy,that is a romantic isn't it?? these makes me feel connecting of people of past through this shells.confident

We use that tool for shellfish gathering↑↑↑↑ ,it looks like a fork, yeah big
digging on the shore then shells or stones get caught in the fork. mmmm??sweat01 it might be getting something.....mmmmmm??

Why????  we took about 10 clams!! only 10????coldsweats02
well, our kids fun to play at the beach, they look really enjoyable.
later, my husband searched some information about how can get clams lots at the Hamanako, he found that should get in to the water by waist then dig sand then find more,that sounds like should be professional to doing!!! coldsweats01




I went to the Suzuka Circuit to watch race of motorcycle and auto.
Suzuka Circuit is in Suzuka city Mie prefecture.
There is produced by Honda and there is the center of motor sports in Japan.
It takes bout 2 and half hours to get there from Hamamatsu city,Tokyo on the highway.
I really like to watch race of bike,I was influenced by my husband and we used to go to Suzuka circuit but after have children we didn't go.
now, my 3years old son likes cars,so we decided to go to Suzuka this time 7years later.


Suzuka was completely renewed.
There was simple before but now splendid and seat has increased and can watch the circuit well.

First, we had enjoy to watch motorcycle race of the team national Japan.
then next, the race of formula 1 for four wheel.


In Japan, most young people who is 10 ~ 20 age generations doesn't have interesting in motorcycle today.
My husband is now 38 years old, I guess that his generation the last that crazy about motorcycle.
20~30 years ago, there was many informations about motorcycle and motorcycle's races on TV,magazines and comics.
most boys always wanted to get motorcycle's license early and they always talked that what kind of their motorcycles, where we went by it etc.
However, The motorcycle doesn't sell in Japan at all now.
The mass media doesn't attention about race of motorcycles,I think that's why there is not many famous and faster racers also they are not on the victory stand at the motoGP race in Japan. 


well, these photos are ace of four wheels,formula 1 in same course.
There is many paddock model (we call them ''race queen'' in Japan) and advertisement of sponsors. race of formula 1 is more showy and faster than motorcycle,so there was many many people at there.


We could get down to the circuit before start the race.
That was first time for us to got in the course,we were so excited.
This course has corner ahead,racer run this course with 300km/h!! they are not normal!!


by the way, did you know that ? there is established an amusement park attached to the Suzuka circuit.
My husband and son was watching the race all the time but my daughter was bored,so she and I went to the amusement park and we rode the big wheel(Ferris wheel) and we could enjoy view of the amusement, circuit and Ise bay. that was soo nice of view and made us feel good.


I want you know one more think about Suzuka circuit.
Japanese racer, his name is Daijiro Kato. he was an extremely talented racer but he died of accident in the race in 2003.
He was my favorite racer,so I was really sad and shocked to his death.
His way of race and his personality was wonderful, he was sooo cool racer.
After his death, the motoGP which is the pinnacle motorcycle race was not held at the Suzuka circuit.
now, Suzuka circuit looks lifeless,someday,I hope that there will been full of people by many fans like old time.

I bought interesting thing.  Do you what is that?? ↑↑↑
This is collar keeper for shirt.shine
There is hole back of shirt's collar ant put in the plastically collar keeper to there then collar is kept to be a neatly-dressed.
However, usual plastically collar keeper makes collar too straight and that doesn't fit for collar's line also feel stiff.
That's why many men doesn't use collar keeper! I guess.

This collar keeper which I bought one can change shape freely.good
It is possible to change shape many times and we can enjoy repeating the shape of various collars.happy01
This is comfortable along the line of body and shirts either.
It is an epoch-making fashion item that can arrange the collar origin of the wearing a suit fashionable.

I wanted to show you more closely and clearly so I took picture of my husband before he goes to
The photograph above put in the color keeper and made shape. up
This collar is gave the stereoscopic and it looks softly with natural.confident

He has used them for few days then he told me,this shape has kept for all day.
He also said, this item would be a nice when would be casual & dressy style,no tie only shirt and jacket because collar has kept being sharp.
When the collar keeper pulled out, the photo below ↓↓↓down

mmm, it looks something was missing. just normal......
Yes, once you start use this item you won't be able to quit.happy01
This is really neat item and nice idea!!flair


They have many color variations.
This item, a lot of regular users of the woman.confident
not many shirts which are with hole back of shirts for women,but I will looking for it.

by the way, 
This collar keeper is developed and sold company;Apis corporation is a corporate sponsor of this blog that maintain office in Tokyo.building
This company policy is to delivering the discovery and the enjoyment in life to world as a commodity and they want to open in not only Japan but also the other countries for futures.
It is curious company that does the collaboration with unknown artists and the corporate which is wonderful ''One-Making'' then they want to invents something a new, interesting hot-selling products together.shine
I think, this company will be the unsung hero behind this blog and keep giving us interesting things, so let's take notice of Apis corporation!!eyeshine

If you want to try this collar keeper, you can buy them from there↓↓↓
Japanese Goods eBay Auction

Japanese Products
are HERE!


Japan Brand
Auction Store





New shirt accesories
It's made of frexible
bent material.
It has soft and smoothly touch.

Japanese split curtain.
Please hang inside of the door.



Traditional wrap cloth.
Bring something in the wrap cloth.


The cotton hand towel.
It is cute to put down on a table or display on the wall.


Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
It has beautiful colors, and pattern.
Its cordinate is interesting!!



Post it note contains 50 pieces.
The designs are "cafe" ,and "Japanese style".
The shape of "cafe" is square, and "Japanese style" is oblong.



Rare!! Japanese old abacus "soroban" check it out!!


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