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Think about earthquake

((The original of this topic in Japanese was written on 28th Febrary. I apologize to translate from Japanese to English late.)) Miko wrote this topic before happen the earthquake in east of Japan.


The earthquake happened in New Zealand the other day.
Many people died, injured and asking for help from inside of the debris. It is really sad and tragic situations.

The earthquake is not just an affair of other people for Japanese.
No woder the Tokai earthquake is expecting that it happen anytime is scared people who especialy live in Hamamatsu city and around there.

Large-scale Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) earthquake occurred in Japan in 1995.
My relative lived in Kobe and they were safely then they told us how hard to alive at that time.
There were neither electricity nor water, and houses were wreaked havoc.
no place to buying the foods,
The entire city fell into confusion.
I think that it was really hard to live for especially the family had children and need look after and suffers illness. and pains in the peolpe who lost the family can not be able to be imagined.
The pain in their minds will not heal through life even if the lifeline and the town are restored.

In the Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake, 6400 people died.
The 80% was a crushing death by the fall of a building etc.
moreover, people couldn't escape due to fire started after earthquake and there were many people who were closed the road by the collapsing building and had died. anybody couldn't go there to help them.

now people leared lesson from this happen and is made best use and earthquake-proof construction in the building is sped up with steady steps in Hamamatsu in which it worries about the Tokai earthquake in recent years.
The house and the building newly built should clear a severe anti-earthquake regulatio, also it is necessary to reform an old house so as not to break due to the strong earthquake.
The subsidy for that has been put out.

my house is a new house built seven years ago, the strong earthquake is structure that doesn't collapse.


We don't put mirror and pictures with frame on the wall and chest of drawers are not put in the bedroom.
Because to avoid chest of drawers and television's dropping to head by rapid shake and dying. and more, the light that hangs to the ceiling is made a small thing as much as possible, too.

And, the water 20 liters and emergency provisions are always prepare for  the entire family can live for 3days after the lifeline cuts.

However, here is problem, if the earthquake occure when all family is in the house is OK but if it not, the family has gone out disjointedly respectively....that is a big problem..
For instance, the daughter is at the kindergarten,I can't pick my daughter up until stop aftershocks. When I go to pick up in this situation, I should bring the card that is an identification card for ''child's guardian''.

The purpose is to prevent the mistake and the crime that the teacher of the kindergarten has passed children to another person when panicky due to the earthquake and other emergency happen.

In addition, a big tsunami is expected to come in the Tokai earthquake.
When I married and moved to Hamamatsu city, all my friends in Hiroshima said to me ''please take care earthquake in Tokai area''.

There is no surprise wherever the earthquake happens in Japan.
Living in Japan is in face of thinking about natural disasters as earthquake.
and do not forget we are alive with nature together.

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Miko wrote this airticle after 11 days, we were faced in real tragic happen by earthquake and tsunami in East of Japan.....we wish that New Zealand and Japan will be reconstruction as soon as possible.
Please pray for people for all victims in NZ and Japan.
Thank you very much for your concern and your kindness to all.

large earthquake in East of Japan

I got many many massages from overseas frriends.
Thank you very much for you rocncering about us. we are doing OK.
There was earthquake in Hamamatsu city on 15th March but it was not really big one so we are fine. and keeping normal life.

However, it is coming different situation of life little by little since few days ago.
That is ''lack of goods because of hoard''. people starting buying and buying foods and water etc.
My neighborhood,he often goes to Tokyo, and he told us there is no foods at supermarkets and convenience stores in Tokyo now. his friend who live in Tokyo, is asking him send some foods.
next day, I went to dragstore and supermarket, many stuffs had been sold out.
This is the space for toilet paper and diapers ↓↓↓ empty...

also instant nuddles and emegency provisions..↓↓↓

the paper that saying piece concept limit that one person buying. ↓↓↓

the day before, I went to same store there was no these kind of things.
Everybody not sure that should have a large stock of foods and water righ now or not for some other happen.

I think that the reason why the foods and water disappears is that everyone's disaster awarness rose at a dash, this happen has started from Tokyo then same thing going downt to Hamamatsu city.

As for other changes after earthquake, it is situations of my husband's company.
the his comapny's production line will have stopped because parts procured from Tohoku area do not become complete.
The Tohoku area reveived the devastating damage, and the prospects for the future doesn't stand,so his company is busy to find the other customers instead of Tohoku's.

well, Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka prefecture has ordinary life, school, public office all things are doing fine, but everybody looks sad... it not only in Hamamatsu, all Japanese people same.

We have a dangeraous problem of nuclear plant now too.
Japanese people tries to believe the report from government without causing the panic at the present and trying to get over this painful situation.

People want to save people who are uneasy and suffer as the cold now more than fall into the panic imagining the worst situation.
I think, this strong mid support each people in Japan now.

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Earthquake in Japan 1

This time, some topics are skipped and '' what happend in Japan by earthquake'' is translated into priority.

I have recieved many massage from my blog's readers, thank you for your concering about us. we are fine!  my city,Hamamatsu-cho Shizuoka prefecture is keeping the normal life,but everyone is confusing in Japan and my parent who live in Hiroshima really worried about us then phone called also from other my family too.

I was playing with my kids at outside when it happened the earthquake at 14:45 on 11th March.We didn't realize the earthquake.

When I came back to home then turned on the TV, I knew it!!! and surprised me and couldn't believe it.....
and I watched TV all day...all TV channels were breaking news about the earthquake in Tohoku area...

The one especially terrible is a live feed of the Tsunami.

Seawater goes up faster to the coast in Sendai of which it takes a movie from the helicopter.

Seawater like alive passes the port without weaking the speed, comes off and swallows the town where people live.
The car to lose the place to go on the road is throw in to the wave while it is coming to a standstill.
a person who is standing the roof,but there is going down, so it looks not enough high to be safe....
When the town that was swallowed in water was seen, I felt inconsolable with scary of the earthquake and Tsunami.

That day, it was snowing in Tohoku area and there was out of power...

After the earthquake had occurred, my eyes were riveted on the TV screen for three hours.
my kids were playing together beside me.

I walked out to my vegitable garden for pick up some onions for our dinner, and I saw the clean bright sky with was feeling cold wind.
The sky is one but I can't believe that the large earthquake occurred in the town left from here by hundreds of kilos.
Many people lost houese,their family and friends....and they are in nightmare now...It became unable to stay feelings when thinking that a similar children and women and family has frightening time now..


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