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Toys, its not just a toy

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20110124-01.jpgThis is my son's treasure box!!  ↑↑↑
I want to tell you today about figure, these are rubber of figure.↓↓↓

When we visited to my husband's parents house, we found lots of these figures.
Most kids liked buying capsule toys that we call it ''GachaGacha'' when we were kids. 
''GachaGacha'' is putting toy in the capsule, it can be gotten by putting money in the machine like the vending machine and turning a lever.
It comes out different toys in random, so most children kept doing it until they could get one which they want.

now, after 30years or more.....

My husband were saying ''sweet old my toys'' and he was excited with them!!
and nephews and nieces are interested it too!!
They asked ''give me'', ''give me''!! but my husband and his brother said '' NO'' because they believe that some of these eraser of figure is with very valuable. yes, it mean ''these are really rare stuff for now''
However, sister-in-law,she said ''I throw away everything the other day'' !!! her husband was really shocked about it......

I don't understand why these are premium stuff....just a eraser...
well, my husband and his brother gave some cheap eraser which they think to their sons.

These are fighter from Gundam.

What is name this one↑↑  mmmm, I forgot it...
I though these are worthless, but I also took some home as the figure of this small rubber seemed to be quiet lovely.↓↓↓ 

These characters are famous of Japanese anime. They are from ''Dr,Slump''. If you know ''Dragon ball'', its same writer!!
Look at these↑↑ they are really fashionable!!! don't you think so??

I love this one too ↓↓↓


Osech special dishes for New Year in Japan

I introduce you ''Osechi'', it is traditional Japanese New Year foods.
I think, Osechi is very interesting for foreigner,so I want you introduce the tradition dish by which Japanese make efforts most in one year.

but these dishes were not what I made it.
My mother-in-law entertains us from the tradition dish to the creation dish with various treats in the dab at cooking at the New Year every year.

This is herring roe, we call it ''Kazunoko'' in Japanese.↑↑↑
It symbolizes the descendant prosperity because lots of eggs there.
I like Kazunoko but we can buy it usually, so I feel New Year when I eat it!!!

and ''Kuromame''  it is black soybeans that black bean was sweetly cooked.
If rusty nails are put and cooked in the pan, it becomes beautiful black.symbolizing a wish for health.

Next, ''Tazukuri''.(meaning Rice paddy maker)
The name "Rice field making" as the fish were used historically to fertilize rice field. This symbol is for abundant harvest. cooked in soy sauce.taste is salty-sweet.
my mother-in-law mixed it with the crushed-almonds this time. That is nice arrangement!!

and ''Kurikinton'' this is chestnut cooked with sugar then mashed it. yes it looks like mashed potato.
The golden color images the gold ingot, this symbolize a wish to be a rich.

This is ''Maki-konbu'' its seaweed.↑↑↑
The fish and the vegetable seasoned to seaweed have been rolled. the Seaweed is an indispensable material for Japanese food.symbolizing a wish for health and long life.
Mineral abundant, really healthy one.
Did you notice? these are put in square boxes and dished up!! this square box is called ''Oju'' or ''Jubako''. this box is for special.

Next, ''Bodara'' .
This is dried codfish returned to water then seasoned.
I think, it is a peculiar special New Year's food to the Kansai area.(west side of Japan)

This is not traditional ''Osechi''  Scallop's adductor muscle of shellfish is rolled with bacon and the grill is done,my mother-in-law make every year at the New Year.

This is ''O-Toso'', set of drinking Sake. can you see three different size cup? its ''Sakazuki'' It aperitif Japanese style in New Year.
It marks the new year drinking sake little by little in all families.
When I was child, was drinking sake a little bit in New Year, I always say ''wwwww'' taste bitter!!! It was non-daily experience only of the New Year.

Cooking like this might end by mother's generations.because our generation who can make the special New Year's food is considerably few.
now, most people BUY ''Osechi'' at the supermarket or order the restaurant. or some people don't think that ''Osechi'' is special dish..

after 20years....
my daughter and son come back to home on New Year, can I greet with such an ''Osechi''?
mmmm, not sure... I was filled with deep emotion....


Hatsumode is the first shrine visiting of the New year,so we went to shrine in Hiroshima on New year.
People wish for health and happiness for new year.
Miyajima which is the famous shrine of the World Heritage, lots of people go and worship at there for Hatsumode in Hiroshima.
When I was young, I sued to go there for New Year countdown then went to Hatsumode.
but now, I go to the nearby small shrine with my family, that is my happiness!!!

actually, there is a legend with a good visit to a shrine of a nearby(familiar) Shinto shrine for people and the Shinto shrine in the vicinity.
It is called ''Ujigami Sama'' which is a nearby Shrine, an Ujigami Sama is guardian god or spirit of a particular place in your living.

in Japan, lots of people decorate the ''Shimenawa'' on the front door for New Year, it is enclosing rope. and this Shrine also decorated ''Shimenawa'' ↑↑↑ 
the dried fish, dried cuttlefish, Japanese white radish and orange etc hanging on the Torii with Shimenawa.
Yes, this is Japanese New Year.

The Shinto shrine appears when passing under the torii and going up the stairs of the stone.
I feel some pins and solemn tense air though it is a small Shinto shrine.
There is not in the forest, but you can see trees back of the Shrine on the picture don't you? there is actually residential quarter!! 
It is said to the Shinto shrine the grove of a village shrine, and there is a forest where the tree where the spirits of the dead stays shines.
It is valued with the building of the Shinto shrine as a space where the god stays in this forest by people. 

Well, there is an offertory box that throws in money when entering the Shrine.
the money offering was put, and the hand was matched then we were purified at the there by two priests that day.
The Japanese paper of shape like Kaminari(thunder) is previously of the stick of the tree attached, and it shakes on the our heads.
it is said that the misfortune that seems to happen to the person will be brushed off.


There is selling good luck-charm and ''Ofuda'' (paper for talisman) next to Shrine.
long long time ago, it was not able to travel easily and freely as today, when people came to Shinto shrine and temple then they bought Ofuda which with spiritual power for their family and neighbors.

I also bought a pink little good luck charm for my daughter,because she begins to go to elementary school first year from April in this year.

some people associate ''Hatsumode'' and ''Omikuji'' which is random fortunes written on trips paper. Love, Health,and study etc written on the white paper.

after read it, tie it on the tree brunch which is in Shrine.then it writing good things comes true and writing bad things disappears.

ohhh, good fresh air and one year can begin to be pleasant, I feel wrapped in big power!!!


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