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Saving electricity this summer

Today's topic is ''Power saving circumstances of Japan''.
All Japanese consider it now.

People in the world know what happened in Japan March 11th 2011, and the Fukushima nuclear power plant problem occurs due to the huge earthquake and the critical situation still continues in Japan.
As for the problem of the radioactivity, foreign countries might be severely reported then people think ''Japan is not safety now'' ....How can you see ''Japan'' from your country now?
All Japanese people want to know that what is going on the Fukushima nuclear power plant about all,but on the other hand,Japanese News TV doesn't report about the problem of the radioactivity twenty-four hours a day because only the image and the nuclear power plant of the tsunami are reported on the television, then some people who received mental damage happened frequently.
However living people under the standard of radioactive area is not big changed by this happened.

As for the change in Hamamatsu especially, the Hamaoka nuclear plant has stopped.
After the earthquake, all power generations were stopped though the Hamaoka nuclear power plant(the upper of photo) had supplied a lot of electric powers to Hamamatsu and Nagoya, etc.
The government have decided to stop the Hamaoka nuclear plant first because that area is near the epicenter of the Tokai earthquake forecast that it will be generated in the near future.
well, my house in Hamamatsu where I live is in 40km range from this Hamaoka nuclear power plant.  

Thus, it becomes impossible for Japan to rely on the power plant of nuclear power plant and the electricity shortage becomes a problem.
When it will be hotter in the summer then the power consumption such as air conditioners increases and consumption exceeds the quantity supplied of the electric power, there will be suddenly a possibility of becoming a power failure.
A large panic will occurs when suddenly becoming a power failure in the big city in Tokyo etc.
So the government warning people and all companies to do ''Save electricity''.

as for the all auto manufacturer in Japan have decided to have regular holidays shift to Thursday and Friday in July to September.
It is a strategy that moves the peak of power consumption. 
There are not only the car industry but also a lot of people who be changed holiday, then there is some problems;some parents want to open day nursery on the weekend(Saturday and Sunday) and some children can't go out with parents because they are different day off etc.

But we don't say complain to that happen because such an inconvenience is not more so serious compared with the person who lost many due to the earthquake. 

Working of air-conditioning is worse than before even if going to the supermarket and the department store, and the lighting is also darker. and there is seen many posters which ''we are saving electricity now'' at the everywhere.

People saying that enough in the brightness of this level when becoming accustomed.
and we have noticed that the it was too bright before 3.11 and the electric power had been uselessly consumed.

However, it can't take things so easy when comes in middle of the summer season.
It is only 14 to operate among 54 nuclear plants in Japan at August.
And, the electric power tended to be insufficient at the summer time even in case of not being, it will be forced to change in various scenes in August this year.
after Japanese people would overcome this happen, we could get more strong spirits I think.

Gallery of the glass

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There is Iwata City in the east side of Hamamatsu City.
Iwata City is home ground(the base) for ''Jubilo IWATA'' its a professional Japanese football team.soccer
one day, I went to Iwata city for visiting a small art gallery, it name is ''新造形創造館(Shin Zoukei Souzou kan)''. This gallery's main is the glass art.shine

That is a shop which is inside of the gallery.↑↑↑

When I was visiting there, they had a event of the ''江戸切子(Edokiriko)'' . the Japanese traditional glass tableware had been exhibited at there.↑↑
That was so beautiful and wonderful, I wanted to take pictures but Do not taking picture area at this exhibited.
The mind is healed as it is cool when I look a glassware.  confident

In this gallery, there is trial classes space that can make glassware etc.
It is not only one alone handmade experience for the tourist, people can join this trial classes every week then hobbies of the glasswork can be expanded.
I am very interested it.

The building of the art gallery is connected in the corridor around the courtyard in the lawn.
Here includes the Glass studio, Casting studio and Stained Glass studio etc.
Anyone can start lesson easily at this gallery because this gallery carries all equipment.



My daughter couldn't wait to make a something,immediately she started making a pendant.

he splinter of the favorite color glasses put on the board of a small and square glass then It burned with the oven.  
The time required is about two hours to be done all processes.

That is my daughter's work, she said the motif of purple heart.heart01
When I saw it, I recalled that I have a one which is looked like itflair. that is this ↓↓↓

I bought this ring at the Île de la Cité in Paris 10 years ago. 
I remember, it took a very long time to choose this color. I though ''this was very unique'' that day but now I found out it is very easy to making a glass-work.coldsweats01

My husband told me, ''they put glass in a pot then burn with a usual oven, If we could get that pot maybe we could making glass art at the home''.  I didn't realize that pot, I thought my husband is geniushappy02  ohhh, I really want to get that mysterious potcatface

everyone, did you notice that animations are put on the upper right of the first page of this blog?
That animations are created by young man creator who is making commercial for Apis corporation which is my blog's owner.
These are very nice and cute work, so everyone go check it out there tooeye


Ensoku (excursion) in Nonhoi park

The photo is inside of a motor coach.
My son and I went to a big park on his kindergarten excursion.
By the way, is there a concept "Excursion" in foreign countries?
It is different from the picnic where it goes with the family and the friends.
It is not a weekend because school events and it is done as part of the class on weekdays. 
Is this only Japan??

Do you know how to write Kanji of ''Excursion'' in Japanese??
It is ''遠足(Ensoku)'', ''遠'' means ''far'' and ''足'' means ''foot'', yes in old time, people made excursion by foot but now they don't. school uses a coach.
but we still call it ''Ensoku''. that is a kind of strange now.

well, we headed to Zoo of Toyohashi City where is about 50 minutes from Hamamatsu city by car.
This is not only Zoo park,  the botanical garden and Natural History Museum is too in this park.
The generic name for this park is ''Nonhoi park''.
''Nonhoi'' is a dialect of Toyohashi. I looked up it.
Nonhoi means ''casual request agreement'' and ''Hey'' in English, I think..

In the kindergarten of which my child commutes, there are about 300 children in all school years. 
600 people or more participated because this excursion also had had the guardian. 

The some groups were formed by good friends then they walked in the park whenever they want.
We went to the Zoo.
I tell you top 3 of the impact animals at here.

First of all, hippo.
The pond for hippos is very beautiful, and they looks very comfortable to be there.
we talked
''Why so much grown fat they are??''
''but I have never seen thin hippo''
''aren't the foots too thin to support that gigantic body?'' etc
when we were talking that, a hippo was walking to in the pond and swimming very well.

and next is ostrich.
We were able to see the ostrich to be over the glass very closely.
I found the two holes in back of the head. can you see it on the photo?? ↓↓↓

Do you know what those are?
These are ears!!! did you know that?? I didn't know that.
They can be shut them when they are in the black blizzard!!! amazing!!

well, the last one is a child of orangutan.
She/He has lost mom last year and She/He was depressed.
now, a woman staff play with this child of orangutan and try have body contact instead of real mom.


this staff doesn't say anything and not be smile to child of orangutan.
but it looks like real orangutan's mom.
She gazes child's movement, and is slowly related. 
That state became a good chance that I also watched relations with my child again. 

Cafe in the rose garden

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This is Inasa town where is close to north of Hamanako, it takes about 40 minutes from Hamamatsu city by car.cardash
Here is the cafe where rose blooms all over.shine
The name of cafe is ''La rose des Vents''. 
This cafe, the house in the remote countryside in south France is imaged.
My friend took me this place last year then I can't forget what a wonderful roses here,so this time I was visiting here with my family. happy01

The road, that rice fields and fields continue to this cafe. It is so-called "Countryside in Japan", not quite a few people find this cafe by accident. There is a not sign of the road and either it is difficult to find there because it doesn't see it from the prefectural highway.danger
People coming to here expressly to see this beautiful rose garden.


The rose seedling is sold here.
There is a small gallery besides the building of the cafe, and the work of artists in local is sold. 
For instance, clothes and small articles of earthenware or iron. 

This cafe close while winter season which not bloom flower.
The price of the drink ordered in the cafe is not especially high either.cafe
I guess from these think, Cafe's owner is managing here for pleasure. yes just it.flair

Their concept of this cafe is ''South of France'' but I think, French people will say it looks not south of French. 
It is the same as completely far apart of Japan that appears in an American movie for the mix of China, South Korea, and usual Japan from real Japan.
so I think, this cafe is same way, this is "Scenery of wonderful Europe that the Japanese images" at here. coldsweats01

She is waitress↓↓↓  is that too much costume isn't it????

All roses were certainly splendid.
Especially, I liked orange rose that name is ''Pat Austin''  ↓↓↓
Is there beautiful roses around you too??happy01


Organic green tea

May was the first green tea of the season.
There is many tea plantations in Hamamatsu-city.
Any Japanese people love drinking green tea but how many people know that how it is produced?? I guess, it is few...sweat02
I was interested in the leaves of green tea after moved here from Hiroshima. There was no tea plantation in Hiroshima City.
My neighbors told me the organic tea plantation grows is in the vicinity of our city.
It suddenly occurred to me that the drinking tea is the taste and the state of the leaf are deeply related,that mean we drink the dissolved the element of the leaf directly.There is a leaf that hangs agricultural chemicals though it is harmless, too.
It is drinking everyday, I think that organic tea is better.
Then, I visited the tea plantation.dash

In a small factory next to the tea plantation, the leaf of just picking is steamed, and rubbed.
Most processes have been mechanized.
There was a good smell of steamed tea in the factory.confident

Other visitor asked him ''Could you spare me some unroasted tea leaves?''
He said and showed her ''It is necessary to drink in a few days because it is not possible to preserve'' and he told us ''it is able to eat the tea leaf before roast because its soft''.also we can take in all nourishment of catechin.

The primary schoolchild can make to do the tea picking experience in this tea plantation. 
The children comes from the school as part of the class. 
Shizuoka prefecture, there are a lot of tea plantations where such an activity is done. 

I bought two type of tea.happy01
The package of pink is the first tea picked in this year. shine
It is very delicious though the price is also high because the produced amounts are small.
it is 1500 yen / 100g .up
the package of green is for usual drinking tea.
This is fresh and delicious too. this one is 1900 yen / 300g. its not expensive.moneybag
Even if it is not a big-name brands one, we can find very delicious one.
However, sometime it is difficult to find it because be known by only local people.

I had a cup of tea which was cheaper one.japanesetea
This is a point to extracting it at the low temperature.flair
mmmm, so delicious!!! nice smell and natural flavor and taste was smooth.good
The cold of winter that tea bushes were endured, cheers for blessing of the earthhappy02japanesetea


Golden Week

We had a long weekend from 29th April to 8th May in this year in Japan. sun
There are a lot of holidays for this period and when holiday of the weekend enters there, it becomes consecutive holidays. We call it ''Golden Week''.
This year's Golden Week was a schedule to which it easily took consecutive holidays, everywhere in Japan was very crowded.

Our family went out to many places, I tell you here our holiday on 4th May this time.

We went to a park which is near by our house.dash
There is my kids and my favorite place one. a small Shinto shrine and a quiet museum is too at there,too.

It is always a quiet place however,  it was different on this day.
We heard of a big sound of the trumpet and the singing voice of the power of people. 

I know what that sound was!! yes It was a big festival once in year in Hamamatsu city. This festival hold on the Golden Week, 3th to 5 th May every year.
There is a huge kiteflying battle to oppose the town in the coast and a gorgeous ''Dashi(山車)''(a Float) parades in the town at night. shine

However, this year these were cancelled because considering the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami many many people died on 11th March also we have problem of electricity shortage in Japan now.
Most events are self-restraint in Japan.
on the one other,keep held event as like every year because some people think that we should get over this sadness situation,so we need the vigor now.

The people who had been preparing it for one year for the Hamamatsu festival gathered in the Shinto shrine on the day when the festival was scheduled to be held, they were drinking Sake at there.bottle

a trumpet which was in his hand is peculiar for the Hamamatsu festival ↑↑↑

We were chatting with them then we moved to the precincts.

Shake the rope then the bell is rung↑↑↑
since yore of ancient times, people believe that there is power to purify a wicked in the tinkling of a bell. 

The ''O-Inari-san''(god of harvest) is enshrined at next to this shrine.
The spectacle where vermilion ''O-Inari-san''(god of harvest) is seen in a deep forest is very beautiful.

well, we go to the museum after it visits in general every time.
This museum where history of Hamamatsu is understood well. 
I have introduced about this museum at the my blog long time ago, check it here.

There has renewed inside of the Hamamatsu museum then it became easy and much better  to see the exhibition further. 
My children can experience the flow in 5000 in about five minutes.because they came to here many times,so they know almost everything.

We found the new exhibits. ↓↓↓
It is exhibited like understanding how furniture and the consumer electronic have evolved at there. it is an appearance 50 years ago, and an appearance of the house of 80 years ago.
There are a refrigerator, iron, radio, water service(taps), and a textbook, etc.


My child shows interest in the old (black) telephone.telephone eyeshine
He could imagine that it might be a telephone but he didn't know how use it. he asked me how push the button??
I taught him how to dial phone number. it remind me my parents' home number. confident


busy kitchen with spring

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This is ''Warabi'' (in English;''Blacken''). 
It is a sprout of the pteridophyte and growing up in the forest where is spot of sunshine place at the spring season.
As for the one made for food, this Warabi(blacken) is the most famous though there is various kinds of pteridophytes. 
My husband loves healthy foods so he thinks that wants to eat Warabi(blacken) the every spring season.
That ''Warabi'' were found by my husband when he took children out for a walk in the forest.
They enjoyed Warabi gathering, they feel it like treasure hunt and now they go out there to do it every week. and children are calling that place "Hometown of the Warabi".
My daughter said ''this is smell of the forest'' when she opened the plastic bag that the fresh Warabi in there.
I don't like Warabi very much but eating the fresh season's food is good for us I though it when she said that.flair

By the way, it cannot eat the Warabi by uncooked.
This is strongly bitter taste,so need boil it put in the baking soda to remove the bitter taste.↓↓↓


Let's introduce the cooking items that my favorite recently.
That is ''Otoshi buta''(drop-lid).↑↑↑ white one.
It is a soft lid made of silicon rubber.
People use ''Otoshshi buta'' when cooking Japanese foods because to keep the shape of foods and to get easy simmering.
Why is that piggy face?? because lid is called ''Futa'' in Japanese and pig is ''Buta'' in Japanese yes, mixed sounds ''Futa'' and ''Buta''. coldsweats01

It is heatproof,so it is OK puts on the fire with it put in the pan and is safe. 
When the cap of the bottle is opened, use it because it is overall soft.

That was yummy.↑↑↑ boiled with soy sauce and sugar.

well,  it was a season of strawberry too in early May.
Strawberry have begun to appear in the store from January then finish the season in May.
So I decided that make the strawberry compote before finish season of delicious strawberry.


And the last, I sometimes bake bread.bread
The yeast plant is not leavened easily because the temperature of the room is low in winter. but I do not fail if the temperature goes up in spring.
This is raisin and cinnamon bread.good
I was busy busy at the kitchen with spring season's foodshappy01


Motorcycle speedway

We went to a place of motorcycle speedway(Auto race).dash
I knew it after moved to Hamamatsu-city.
It is that bet money on a motorcycle race.pouch

There is six motorcycle race places in Japan. one of them is in Hamamatsu-city, so resident of Hamamatsu knows about motorcycle race.
but people has likes and dislikes because it is a gambling.
My husband and I am not interested in gambling, but my husband really loves motorcycle that's why we came to this motorcycle speedway this time.

BUT I can't get used to the atmosphere at this placedespair......people come to here for gambling it is different to watch the motor sports its F1 and GP.
My husband said '' it is same to a racetrack ''
ummmm, uncomfortable for mebearing......

We pay an admission fee of 100 yen(US$1.25) at this Hamamatsu motorcycle speedway and get a paper which is a list of racer then choose and think how much money put it.
The motorcycle race dashes all with the same motorcycle and each racer adjusts the condition of the engine by themselves.
Their victory or defeat is in their hand.

It is not equipped with a needless stuff so that the motorcycle may run at all. No brake!!
The engine braking works strongly instead. 
It turns round and round for a while round the course because it is not possible to stop with the brake after it finish a goal. 


The track of the round about 500 meters is done six times and competes. 
Therefore, the racer always inclines the body and the motorcycle to the best of their ability and is running.

I prefer the ''motoGP'' than this race on gambling.
My husband said that it was interesting as such, because could find out the sound was different because of the adjustment of the motorcycle.

By the way, the motorcycle speedway is assumed to be a public management game.
Hamamatsu City has managed this one, so there is a play equipment for children.....Even the public space is not good to children at there I think...sweat02

Japanese Products
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New shirt accesories
It's made of frexible
bent material.
It has soft and smoothly touch.

Japanese split curtain.
Please hang inside of the door.



Traditional wrap cloth.
Bring something in the wrap cloth.


The cotton hand towel.
It is cute to put down on a table or display on the wall.


Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
It has beautiful colors, and pattern.
Its cordinate is interesting!!



Post it note contains 50 pieces.
The designs are "cafe" ,and "Japanese style".
The shape of "cafe" is square, and "Japanese style" is oblong.



Rare!! Japanese old abacus "soroban" check it out!!


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