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My neighborhood gave us a souvenir which is the paper kit that they bought it from museum in Tokyo.
It is a work named PIPEROID that a Japanese artist thought about, and the first photograph is put together of the paper kit.
The big one is called ''Tengu-king'' and the small one is ''Tsubu-Tengu''.
(Tengu; the face is red and the nose is long in the fairy in the mountain that appears in the folk tale of Japan.)

Cylindrical paper that attaches this and 5 colors is actually cut with scissors and assembled.
There is some holes in cylindrical paper, it is possible to combine by piercing parts cut in the hole with scissors.
The part of the hole can be moved by completing it like the joint. 

the neighbor bought it for my 5-years old daughter but it was too difficult to her, so my husband was happily made it.
In short, I wanted to inform everyone that a complete work was made only by scissors so much.

I think that the conception that invents various attainments from paper is very Japanese.
Because, ''Origami'' is exactly the play for kids since long long time.↓↓↓

These are ordinary ''Origami''. It is a square of 20 centimeters, and the back is white.
Origami is about 100 yen per 30 single-unit.

The variety of recent origami is abundant.↑↑↑
The illustration beforehand and the pattern are drawn,completes if it folds along the manual, and shape of the turtle and the penguin, etc
Children get tired at once though such a paper folding seems to be fun momentarily.
I think that "It is possible to do only by one way" is not fun for children.
A lot of books on the paper folding are published, and the net has the site where how to fold is taught in animation. 
However, there is a manual in that when the paper folding is mostly bought.
Let's try it!!!

a elephant. it took 3min.

a cicada. 1min.

a crane.2min This is folded as becoming two-tone by one sheet of paper.

This is my daughter's work.
A light blue blouse and pink skirt consists of the paper folding respectively.
Even if parents do not teach, she makes it by herself before one is aware.
The paper folding that can make a three-dimensional work from just one sheet of paper infinitely expands child's imagination.

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I'm getting into Dango(Japanese dumpling)

I introduce about ''Tsukimikai''(full moon event) last time.
There was actually other event said that everyone ate the dumpling offered to the moon after the concert of Shakuhachi at that time.
but my hands were busy to hold my little 3-years son...he slept while listened the Shakuhachi then I decided to go home but my daughter said '' we came to here to eat Dango don't we?''
and she got a little bit angry....
I know, I know, but...

Then, I told to my daughter, ''buy Dango when we are going home at the supermarket''
but I changed my mind, don't buy Dango, make it by myself!! it homemade Dango is more delicious I guess!!

The ingredients of the dumpling making is only rice flour for Dango and water. 
mix flour and water, add water little bit and little bit,then knead until it becomes soft like the earlobe.next step is make a ball and center of ball is dented then boil them.

My daughter helped me!! some different shape in the pot,that she made.

after boiled, put in cold water. ready to eat Dango with Azuki(sweet red beans) and Kinako(soybean flour).
That was soooo delicious!! and easy cooking:))

When you put the grape juice and vegetable juice etc instead of water, the color of Dango becomes purple and orange,yeah you can enjoy colorful and various smell Dango.

I made with carrot juice then make fruit punch with carrot color Dango.

see, it looks an asian desert!!
next time, I will try with Matcha (green tea powder):D
Dango is healthy and easy cook!! you can try it!!!

well, it is getting cold a little by little Autumn is here now in Japan.
Its time to eat delicious fruits!!
My children like chestnut, they eat it everyday!!!

Japanese chestnuts are big.
I steaming chestnuts and cut half then cooping up with spoon.
How about you? how you eat chestnuts??


Shakuhachi and the full moon

It was the most beautiful full moon in one year on September 22th we call it ''Chusyuu no Meigetsu''(the moon of middle of autumn) and the moon events were held everywhere in Japan.
We went to a event of Tsukimikai which was held by city museum in Hamamatsu.

A part of a wide garden of the museum is a hall.
Tonight, we can enjoy listing the music by Shakuhachi(Japanese end-blow flute;made of bamboo) while seeing the full moon.
The person in the museum was preparing the offering.
It is a small, round dumpling that it is indispensable that made from the powder of the glutinous rice.also Japanese pampas grass that has grown at the field,taros,persimmons and chestnuts.
Do you know this offering for who? it is not for a god. The moon, the soil, and additionally, we wish to express our gratitude for making the best use of for various nature and existing yes, Thank you for the nature.

It has started the concert of the Shakuhachi. 
It was the first time that I also actually listened to playing the Shakuhachi.
How the tone of the bamboo flute was wonderful was taught from my French friend before.
but I was not interested it,I guess most Japanese know Shakuhach but they don't have any chance to listen it and unknowledge about Shakuhachi.
Foreign countries might be more popular.

The root of the Shakuhachi has entered Japan from India via China in Nara era(710years ~794years) then it has evolved as a peculiar musical instruments to Japan. 
The fashion of musicians in this photograph is Komuso(a Japanese mendicant monastic of Zen Buddhism) styles in Edo period. 
in Edo period, the number of wars decreased, the samurai lost the employment, and it did a side job as a failed student, and it lived, and there was a person who became a Mukoso and had traveled.
The Mukoso blew the Shakuhachi at the street corner then got money to alive. 
That hat is a ''Tengai'' it looks basket isn't it?
Tengai Thought that a minimum space is my space is reflected.

The Shakuhachi emits the sound of three octaves.
It is possible to change the tone when position of the mouth and the mandible is changed.
There are only about 180 traditional tunes composed for the Shakuhachi.
Most expresses natural scenery in seeming,the Crane makes the nest and waterfall flow etc.
actually, this sounds are not only natural scenery,can feel own mental conflict, anger, and spiritual darkness etc.

humm, deeply.

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