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I want to have original Yukata

We wen to the Bon dancing festival in Hiroshima.
This festival was held at the park where is 5min walking from my parent's house.
Did you read topic of the festival in Hamamatsu city?
That festival is only eating and playing games, that's all. not Japanese traditional dance.

A lot of adults participate in this Bon Festival Dance with wearing the Yukata. 
I really wanted Yukata!!

I have Yukata, it is the navy blue Yukata that I also inherited from my mother.
but I wanted to enjoy the Japanese more, it means, choose the color, design and Obi(its belt for Yukata) then coordinate Yukata and Obi.
By the way, there are some choices in people buying the yukata in Japan.
It is possible to buy it for about 4000 yen in UNIQLO expanding the store all over the world now if it will obtain it cheaply.
or can buy set of the Yukata and Obi at the department stores, it cost about from 15000 yen ~.
or buy at the long-established Kimono shop, choice a roll of cloth for Yukata and custom-made.
clothe fee about 20000 yen~ + tailor fee about 10000 yen~, it is not cheap but I want to do the last one way for my own Yukata.
When I actually see in kimono shop, the design of the yukata is beautiful, and elegant in the commanding lead. 
If it is a kimono, it costs one million yen or more, very very expensive!! can't get a real Kimono!! but Yukata is like that price,I think Yukata is reasonable!!
The yukata that my mother gaved me is the one from grandmother's counterplan.
It is succeeded for about 100 years so that my daughter may also surely use it. yes, I will take over to her.
It is not waste money to buying Yukata when buy real one.!! don't you think so?

Well, it becomes a vesper and the Bon Festival Dance grew livelier.
That is ''the Bon Odori(Japanse dance)''. the Bon Odori matches the Yukata!! very nice!!

The Bon Festival Dance can be very happy, and become high-tension by dancing. 
There are Japanese three major Bon Festival Dance, one of hem, ''Awa Odori''.it is Tokushima prefecture's traditional dance.
the phrase in the that dance's song, 
'' The dancers are fool, the watchers are fools, both are fools alike so why not dance??''
That is a kind of make sense!!!  :)

and I heard the old animated's songs, that made me feel slip back in time when I was child!! :)

The washcloth was distributed by the proposal of the people of the self-governing body this year↓↓↓
It is printed in the washcloth , saying that "Go for East Japan".
Everyone all over Japan think of the thing of the stricken area like this washcloth at any time. 


bathe in the sea at the Kure city

We went to the Karuga-seaside park in Kure-city where is taking one hour from Hiroshima-city by car for swimming in the sea. 
The people in Hiroshima can swim like this Kure in the Inland Sea, and they go over to islands where is over the Inland Sea then can swim at there. 
and also people who live in Hiroshima go to Shimane prefecture easily then can swim at ''Nihon-kai''(the sea of Japan).

Hamamatsu City is a swim prohibition because it is on the Pacific Ocean side, and the wave is high.
so it can swim easily at the Inland sea more than the sea of Japan.

It is possible to take the train to the sea in Kure,so anyone can come visit the Karuga seaside park easily. 

Well, the Inland Sea is enclosed in a lot of islands and bays. the ship from which it comes and goes between the island and the island, we can see it.
My Chinese friend said it ''is here river??'' 
The scale is certainly small compared with Yangtze River and Hwang Ho in China. 

The Karuga seaside park has the balcony like there↑↑↑ we can lent it one space.
There is very nice space for lunch time and have a nap!!

The water of the sea is unexpectedly beautiful though it is near from the town and big wave never comes, so children can swim with very safety.

A lot of small shellfishes and the seaweeds were washed on the beach.
My 4 years old son was doing the beach combing because he scares the sea.

A watchman at the beach, he said to my son '' I throw this beautiful shell,so please pick it up from the there!!. then he threw it to the shore!!  My son run the way to there to pick it up!!!
The watchman did it several times for my son, after that my son enjoyed the beach!! he was no more scared the sea!!!!
the watchman said to me, your son didn't scare the sea, he just were act carefully very much.
I thought, ''I see''.

These are my son's collection!!
There is a seahorse in there, can you find it??

2011 saving electricity

Here is my hometown Hiroshima city.
Yes, we were spending time with my parents this summer.
in Hiroshima, there is not wind in summer season.

I was surprised my parent's house!! because I could see how much they made every effort to save electricity.

Do you know what is it that hangs outside the window in the picture of the first?
All Japanese know it!!
That is ''Sudare''(bamboo blind).
This year, Japan needs save electricity so all Japanese doing something to save electricity by themselves. 

''Sudare'' is very popular goods in Japanese summer for a long time.
It shade from the sun and very ventilate well.
When not using it, it can be roll up. 
My dad hangs ''Sudare'' every summer but this year he did at there too!!! ↓↓↓

There is a skylight!!
My mom said ''It looks like seaside house,don't you think so?'' she likes it very much :)

and more, when I went to garden,
The first floor in the house part for the south is covered with "Yoshizu(reed screan)" almost completely. 
"Yoshizu" is not the one hanging it on like "Bamboo blind", is using to put up.
It is possible to use it in a region like Hiroshima alone without the wind. 
If I use it in Hamamatsu city, can't keep it all day because there is very windy place.

It is likely to look tight when covered with "Yoshizu" however the inside can't look from the bright outside and scenery on the outside can look from among the house that is the shadow.
That way is more cooler than hang the curtain and blind over a inside of the windows.
An old tool is made really well. 

also my dad showed me his another idea which is ''Sudare'' and green curtain!! it is the plant!!!
He plans the climbing plats every summer, he is interesting it because the appearance where the plant grows up gradually is understood well and enjoy it.


ohhhh, there is the castoff shell of a cicada!!!!
That is ''The summer''.

My house in Hamamatsu city, we put the awning. 
He fit the house with it when the rainy season ends every year.
but one awning tore which we had, so we went some home center but sold out all shops.
we couldn't get new one.
Lot of people doing the effort that don't use air-conditioning very much at the home this year, that's why we couldn't find it this time.
It is very very good thing for earth, everyone should save the earth from the global warming!!!
Do it every year!!!

By the way, my dad prepared ''Goza''(a sheet of Japanese mat) for us can spend as be cool.
My 4years old son likes animation of the action hero, so he kicks everyone and everywhere.
His grandfather saw it then he made a original sandbag for his grandson!! it is the one that "Goza(mat)" and "Square cushion" were wrapped around pillar in the house.
Family's safety was kept by this.coldsweats01


broken my PC

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I had a trouble!!  My PC broke.;(
We did maintenance of PC well but suddenly was hearing something funny noise from the hard disc then didn't work anything.
My PC died.....;(

well, I bought a new PC!!! that photo is my new one. 
It is new series VAIO from SONY.
The latest desktop system PC with built-in hardware in the display, did you know that? I knew it this time.  
The old hardware was the one like the box. but we don't need that one anymore.
Moreover, the personal computer can be used as a television with a big screen.
By the way, there are 60cm width in the display of my PC. 
I will update my blog with this new PC!!!

Well, Well, today's story delivers the appearance of the festival of the town where I live.
The summer festival of Japan is various according to the region. 
in case of my town, the self-governing body manages, and PTA at the school and the people of the neighborhood association open the food stalls.
When I was child, Peculiar people who was called "Tekiya" came as for the festival, and various shops had been opened. 
Recently, the person of such business is not called, and the number of festivals that the self-governing body in their town manages has increased. 
There is some reasons, one of them it is a good public discipline, and the other is the profit of the festival becomes self-governing body expense etc.

Therefore, people have fresh and a clean feeling an overflowing image to the festival. 
Some family who turn on duty that day was selling foods, snacks and toys at the festival.
This is rice cracker which sandwiched starch syrup.↓↓↓ 
It is very classic snack for festival.

and this is our favorite sweet ''Warabimochi''(starchy sweet), the typical summer cold sweet.
We can buy ''Warabimochi'' at everywhere in Hamamatsu, it is very very popular sweet for Hamamatsu people.
This Warabimochi was very cheap 100 yen but soooo tasty!!! yummy yummy♪ ↓↓↓


Next is ''Puffed grain''(Pon-gashi in Japanese)
I do not yet understand the mechanism of the how to make it. 
Rice and sugar put in to the iron kiln which is with high temperature, after 15min can hear ''boom'' it sounds like explosion! then coming rice grain in sweetness.↓↓↓

Speaking of the festival, '' scooping goldfish'' is very popular in Japan at the summer festival but we had '' scooping precious stones(actually color plastic stones)'' instead of golden fish this time!!!



My son had fun playing quoits.
He couldn't make it in spite of close-in. 
We had line up to get a candy floss, had have to wait for an hour but we had enjoyed it because we could chat with neighbors.
This festival was very clean and homey atmosphere.
I think, that is Japanese new style festival!!!.


Museum of the smell

We went to "Museum of the smell" in Iwata City. 
It is in the close vicinity of "Shin Zoukei Souzou Kan"(glass art gallery) of Iwata City that introduced it by this blog the other day.

The first photograph is taking of the garden from among the museum. 
As for this garden, a lot of smelling flowering plants such as the rose, wistarias, and herbs are planted.

There was only a permanent exhibit when I went though there is a special exhibition that is able to be researched about the smell of the fermented food such as cheeses. 
but we learned about lots of the smell.

There is a small and two-story museum, and the second floor is an exhibition room of the collection. 
We can smell many things at here.

This is very interested room.↓↓↓

Named on the each door which is ''Melon'', ''Ice cream'', ''Ancient Egypt'', when you open the door,that smell is in the air and you can listen to the stories concerning the smell on the monitor screen. 

I knew by "Room of the melon", 
The melon has working that lets salinity out of the body. you know ''Salad of the raw ham and the melon"  South of France's traditional salad, The melon absorbs salinity with strong raw ham,so it is very delicious and very healthy food!!!
I am deeply impressed by men of old'  wisdom and local cuisine.

This is scented oil bottle of the second century excavated from Syria.↓↓ very beautiful!!

This bottle was used to diluted essential oil of rose with water and sprinkled it in the room.(from Persia)↓↓

There are a cafe and a museum shop in the first floor. 
and you can make a perfume which is your original one in the world at there.

Though it is a bytalk a little,
The person who has the custom to wear perfume by the Japanese every day is a little, I think.
There is a history from which "Smell" was liked among aristocrats at the Heian era however the custom of taking "Smell" to life has disappeared in Japan now.
Not lots of Japanese people wear the perfume for their body but recently a lot of people are being interested in the washing detergent and the smell of the aroma spray which is sterilization and deodorant plus smell for the rooms.
I guess, it might be good that clean and scentless for Japanese. 
However, the smell is one of the important senses in the history of a long human race,so I think that the Japanese may also set foot on deeper to "World of the smell" slowly.

New TV

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An brand-new TV came to my house!! yay yay, it is 50 inches of Panasonic TV.
Broadcasting an analog television ended in July, and changed into digital broadcasting in Japan.
In the television and the antenna that can receive only the analog broadcasting, it doesn't work anymore.
Therefore, in these few years the government and TV stations had been announced "Please buy a digital-ready television" to people.
Most people newly bought the television in these several years. 

Eventually we bought the new TV. actually we were waiting for the television of 50 inches to drop the price.
About three years ago, the price of that size TV was 500,000 yen but we bought the latest plasma television for 230,000 yen this time.
The price of the television has going down and down in Japan now. 

Do you know ''the plasma television''??
at point in time 2010, the plasma television circulates only by 8% in the world, so not very popular one in the world. but in Japan, we have two type of television;  Liquid Crystal Display TV and Plasma Display Panel TV,so the person who buys the plasma television of about 50 inches is not unusual.

Let's set up TV.
well, most people ask the electric appliances store to the installation of TV but we did it by ourselves.
It turns on directly to this wall the television.↓↓↓


First of all, such metal fittings are installed in the wall.↑↑↑
Metal fittings are installed, and hung on the back side of the television.

At last, it completed in the evening.
awwww, that is wonderful!! 


There are only about 5cm space between the television and the wall, you can see it.
That is very good but here is problem one thing when it is necessary to tighten up a screw from side to fix metal fittings, but the hand doesn't enter....
We need a long long screwdriver!!!!


Gundam's straps from PEPSI NEX

20110627-02.jpgIf you live in Japan, you know what is this!!
That is a giveaway(we call it ''Omake'') when you buy a 500ml bottle of PEPSI coke.
in Japan, we can get a giveaway(Omake) like that when we buy something, how about your country? Do they have any ''Omake''??

well, that Omake which is in the photo, is character of Gundam. 
My friends know that I am a Gundam fan, so they give me ''Gundam's Omake'' .

There is 16 kinds of figures of this Gundam series. one of my friend who giving me ''Omake'' is really like drinking PEPSI, everyday she drinks three of bottle PEPSI in a day but she doesn't want ''Omake'', so she always give it me.

The bottle to which a popular figure such as ''Shaa'' and hero of the Gundam; ''Amuro'' has sold out always.
Some people collect all kind of Gundam figure with from these Omake.

Even so, these are very well-made figures and are arranged like the bear is lovely. 
500ml bottle of Pepsi is about 150 yen, I wonder how is possible to making profit with these perfectly well done figure's Omake??
I tie strap of the girl character named Lale to my mobile phone.

well,changing the topic... the company;Apis corporation in Tokyo that supported this blog, their original goods collar stiffeners was exhibited to the Tokyo design show last month. 
Only 30 companies chosen from among 300 companies to be able to exhibit. 
The exhibition ended flourishing by three days. 

Please check their collar stiffeners at here↓↓

Science pavilion in Hamamatsu City

This is Museum of Sceince in the Hamamatsu city.
It looks similar to the Centre Pompidou which is the national art and museum center in Paris, I guess that here images the chemistry laboratory.
It is a science pavilion made in 1986,yes very old but all exhibit are interesting. And, there are a lot of things that the child can experience. 

There were held the picture book writer;Satoshi Kako's special exhibition that's why we visited here this time.

He was born in 1926 and graduated Tokyo University Department of Engineering. He is famous writer in Japan and no one follow his writing style which is scientific,medically and the technical intricacy is plainly written to get understanding easily for children. 

This is my favorite one of his books, ''Kawa(river)'' ↑↑↑
This book is published in 1962,so the picture drawn in the cover is a very very retro.
It is a work that additionally drew the scenery of nature and people's managing along a chain of flows of the river, making the murmuring of a stream at the mountain then water is coming from upstream to downstream and reaches to ocean.
However, it becomes mysterious feelings that travel around the distance after it reads, and meet the power of people only though the fact is written. 

I will introduce the permanent exhibit of the Hamamatsu science pavilion only a little. 


The planetarium is established in this building.
I like the planetarium!!!
Recently, the projected program is unique. 

It is possible that children can touch all permanent exhibit at there.
The machine that makes the braid works when the steering wheel is spent round and round.↓↓↓


The one that old Japanese technology of "Wind-up doll" was plainly reproduced. ↓↓↓

and my daughter's favorite equipment.↓↓↓

When power doesn't join from the outside, the rotating object is constant.
when friction increases by some ledges and the object becomes bigger then the rotational speed slows.  

when the player of figure skating does a high-speed spin, it turns slowly when it is a pose that bends their legs but it rotates early when coming suddenly round and round when the arm is shut, and the foot is arranged. 
Actually, the rotational speed slows and acts rashly only by changing the pose of the foot while rotating getting on this machine. 
Science is very interesting!!! isn't it???

Japanese Products
are HERE!


Japan Brand
Auction Store





New shirt accesories
It's made of frexible
bent material.
It has soft and smoothly touch.

Japanese split curtain.
Please hang inside of the door.



Traditional wrap cloth.
Bring something in the wrap cloth.


The cotton hand towel.
It is cute to put down on a table or display on the wall.


Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
It has beautiful colors, and pattern.
Its cordinate is interesting!!



Post it note contains 50 pieces.
The designs are "cafe" ,and "Japanese style".
The shape of "cafe" is square, and "Japanese style" is oblong.



Rare!! Japanese old abacus "soroban" check it out!!


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