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the museum of linear motor

We went to the museum of linear motor car in Nagoya-city.
It is a museum about the railroad just opened this year. 

This museum exists near the Nagoya harbor and there is an aquarium, shopping mall and an amusement park around there.
That day was also being crowded with many tourists. 

JR Tokai is managing this museum. 
The country was managing the biggest Japanese railroad companies JR once, and they were called ''Kokutetsu''(a national railway).
The history of a railroad of Japan is also tracing the history of JR which was Kokutetsu.

The appearance of a museum is very simple design.
an entrance gate is also very simple, I though is that fine??

However, there is very impressible space after the that gate.
only three rolling stocks are exhibited at there where is very dark and huge space.
That is very very powerful exhibition.
left side in the picture is a black SL.
Middle is the old Shinkansen.
innermost one is the next-generation technology liner motor.
These are all genuine articles.
We can get feel overwhelming presence from them.

I thought that the method of grand exhibition was wonderful. 
I am not a big railroad fan, but I feel like getting goose bumps.

This is the large-sized steam locomotive fastest by the Japanese maximum one built in Japan in 1948. 
Seemingly these vehicles marked 129 km/h and have the speed highest record of a steam locomotive. 
It is very huge anyhow.

This is a boiler room.
It repairs finely and seems to be a work of art completely. 

Speaking of the railroad in Japan, this has become the center of attention now. 
New next-generation liner motor ↓↓↓
The railroad of the next generation which floats the body and runs by the magnetism which arises between the super-conductive magnet carried in vehicles, and the coil installed on the ground. 
These exhibition vehicles recorded the world maximum speed by the railroad of 581 km/h in 2003. 
wow sooo cool isn't it???


There is room which can learn about the liner motor.
We can see that body of vehicles float with this model liner motor.
Can't imagine how is feel when ride on it!! it is not fly but body float then go on the rail.....

Many children were there in this exhibition room.
They are very interested in it.
actually this new liner motor will be open to traffic between Tokyo to Nagoya in 2027 and the schedule which will connects Osaka in 67 minutes from Tokyo in 2045.
It will be a natural world when these children grow up.

This museum has the equipment to which the simulation of the operation of the Shinkansen can be carried out. 
When you buy an admission ticket, the application ticket of the simulation sticks, and only the person who won it can experience. 
We couldn't get it!

Now, exhibition vehicles are in large numbers in others. 
for example, this is Dr, Yellow. my son's favorite one and he has this one's toy.
This is the vehicles which carry out check maintenance of the railroad.

Almost all vehicles can go into inside. 
In exhibition vehicles, I have met the very nostalgic Shinkansen again. 
well, I will introduce you detail about that next time!


It's Autumn season for events!

Autumn is a season of enjoyable.
In Japan, we call it ''the Autumn is good season for sports, art and appetite''.
It finished the sultry summer then our body and heart getting relaxing and cooler with nice weather. also the this season when delicious food fruits.
The first photo is Sarunako(Lake of Saruna) in Hamamatsu-city.
Many people are always in the park which encloses a lake as a place of citizens' relaxation.
The other day, the festival of autumn was held here. 

As I told by the last blog, the big typhoon hits to Hamamatsu and many trees of this park also fell.
Yes, it cleared up after the typhoon passed. we call it ''Typhoon Ikka''(台風一過) in Japanese.
If a typhoon passes, it is said that a rainstorm is blessed with fine weather like a lie.

people who wear the interesting costumes and play the music was coming here!!

They are ''Chindon-ya''. Chindon-ya is old style about 100 years ago costumed street musicians in Japan that advertise for shops.
Since it is the purpose to attract the public notice anyhow, they are dressing strangely. 

They are requested from the store to open or the store which carries out a bargain sale, and they parade a town, distribute handbills, or saying a sales message in loud voice. 
Although it was very popular long long time ago, I didn't see them when I was child.

The drum in this photograph is a drum peculiar to the Chindon-ya.
Alto sax is also in the photograph on one more. 
This sax sound is like sorrowful...
The Chindon-ya's performance has much sad musics.. I don't know why.
They are wearing unusual clothes but these middle-aged old guys who looks tired face..
so my image for the Chindon-ya is kind of dark..

ohhh, the pierrot of circus also makes people laugh however amusingness and sadness are two sides of the same coin. 
Are there any common point??

well, my family came to this event had the purpose.
That was because my children wanted to go the exchange bazaar.
The toy no longer using is brought to the hall, and get the point according to the toy, and can buy the favorite toy which other children brought on the point. 
No money, they can get toy with points!!

It is conditions that the toy has not broken and that it can still use enough. 

then get the points.
Can you see the frog in the point card?
in Japanese, ''can buy'' and ''exchange'' is same pronunciation ''Kaeru'' also frog is ''Kaeru'' too,that's why this event's character is ''Frog''!!

children can choose their favorite toy at there.

My daughter chose this dog.His name is lucky.
The toy is carried out in response to a voice!!
If you say, ''stand up lucky'' he stands up!!
now this dog is her favorite pet!!
I like this toy exchanging bazaar!! it is very nice idea for toys and kids!!!!


The large-scale typhoon hit Japan last month!!!
It was typhoon season in end of summer.
Japanese people become inured to hit typhoon but this year is different because many large-scale typhoon appeared then it has damaged everywhere in Japan.

The last one's typhoon hit directly Hamamatsu city where I live.
It was such a strong typhoon, I think it was first time experience in my life with that strong typhoon.

We can get information the prediction of the typhoon movement from the weather report.
but typhoon changes its courses and getting stronger or weak, so it changes details every time.

Took the typhoon course is inscribed by the white line↑↑
It took the course to west and turned and went up.
Even if it changed the course like this, its didn't lose the power this time.
So this powerful typhoon hit the Hamamatsu city with heavy rain and wind.

The elementary school which my daughter goes closed that day from the morning.
(We can get any information from the school by mobile phone mail)

That is screen of the TV new.
We couldn't go outside!! look at that screen, can't see anything...
When we were inside of the house but could hear a roaring sound....

and I had a slightly interesting experience. 
A typhoon moves whirling around. 
Therefore, direction of a wind changes,  before a typhoon comes and after going away.
the wind from the east blew violently and it was made sure for about 1 hour as the typhoon approached after that it stopped rain and wind.
Probably, that was in the eye of a typhoon.
when it was taken about 30 minutes, an intense west wind began to blow next.
This was the first time that the form of the typhoon was felt clearly so far.

well, after the typhoon went away, I walked outside to know what happened....
oh nooooooo,  many trees of the yard have fallen.  also the carport of a next door. 

and the power went out in the many area of Hamamatsu city.
Much damage was nationally brought about by this typhoon and many people died too.
We are not unrelated to a natural disaster, as long as we live in Japan of the small island country. 
However, if the season of this typhoon passes, a beautiful fall comes.

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