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a fire drill

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When I went to the hospital this time with my son it was a day of the fire drill of the hospital once a year on that day.

We heard the announcement ''The fire drill starts by the assumption that broke out in the hospital at 2:30PM, a siren will be wailing but don't be in a panic, it is training.''
I thought, it was good chance to introduce you Japanese style of fire drill on the my blog, so I was ready to bring camera.
The fire station is everywhere in the world,but the uniform and the fire engine vary from country to country. 

This is a big fire engine with ladder.
My son was so excited to see it.
He call it ''uuuuu kankan''
Because, the fire engine of Japan emits such a sound.

The flag like the photograph above is given on the spot of fire to show the place where the commander assumes leadership.
I didn't know it.
Is it only Toyohashi fire staiont? or all Japanese fire station??
mmmm I don't know because I have never been in situation of a real fire.
However, this flag doing style is really old isn't it?
It is like a war at Warring States Period. 
but it looks cool too.

When the fire broke out at the hospital, it is hard to patients take refuge from a fire.
Therefore, not only the fireman but also the doctor in the hospital was training this day together.

It is practiced that patients take a slide down from the veranda of the second floor.
Whether it is possible to escape only by the person related to the hospital is tested by using the fire escape equipment being set up by the hospital.

The next training is the situation of help person who runs up to rooftop with ladder truck.
The doctor and the fireman are the occupations of children's yearnings in Japan.
a reporter for the local news paper, he was there then interview to my son
''boy,Which do you want to become in the future?''
''well, well, mmmm can't choose it'' both would be nice !! mummy thought it.


Japanese hospital

There is the reception of hospital in Toyohashi city where is about one hour from Hamamatsu city by car.
I went to see how my friend were doing.

I thought no hospital its like the hotel.
The hospitals in Japanese various places are very clean and beautiful.
When I was kid I didn't want to stay there for longer because there was a little bit dark and cold feeling and it smelled like disinfection.
However, the number of medical facilities of the bright note has increased many and many recently.  
The inpatients' ward doesn't seem to be bright and to be a hospital. 
The other hospital in Hiroshima,they have the Starbucks coffee shop and the convenience store and hair salon too. Its like a small shopping mall.

All doctors and nurses are very kindness and they have sprite of services too.
Recently, the idea that the hospital is an enterprise is a main current then the patient is treated kindly and politely like the customer. 

This is room for 4 people in the hospital.there is enough space and comfortable.

I had been relaxed too much and watched TV with my friend at there.
Even if it becomes a situation in which you should be hospitalized in Japan,don't worry Japanese hospital has really high quality.

Exhibition of hat

I have gone to the exhibition of the hat opened in the residential quarter in Hamamatsu.
The producer of the hat is Ms. Sakiko who has linked with this blog.
She is my sister.
She has studied to become a hat designer for a long time in France and now she has a one-man show at Tokyo and Hiroshima.
This time, there is a madam who likes her hat, and held the exhibition in her house.

Here is a usual residential area, and this house is not gallery space. 
This house is Asian style,really wonderful house.
The Objet like the signboard was stood at front of the house.

The coffee that a madam here makes is always delicious.
Trying put on hat and chatting with people.

There are a lot of women who want never to sunburn in "Trendiness of having white skin" for these about ten years in Japan then most women are wearing the hat for the awning in summer. 

When I went to Louvre Museum in Paris, a guy who is working said that ''It is easy to figure out these people are Japanese because they are wearing small hat everybody''.
ohhh, I see, yes he is right.everyone wearing hat..Japanese.

Japanese women likes hat but they are wearing it for sunscreen.
This time, Ms Sakiko had lecture us how we can wearing hat with fashionable more.
Everyone listened fascinating it.
That was so fun.

However, there was not fun for my son..... sorry your mom always talk with friends for long.. 

Flower of autumn that blooms in the field

I was taking a turn in the park, and there was a big sweet osmanthus tree and really good smell from itconfident
When the smell of the sweet osmanthus does, I feel ''it comes the autumn''.

The country of origin of the sweet osmanthus is a Chinese southern part,it was introduced to Japan in Edo period.
When autumn comes, a lot of small orange flowers are made to bloom, and a sweet, strong smell is shot.
It is popular to planting of the sweet osmanthus at the gardens so when we walk around the park and the vicinity there is really smell of sweet everywhere. 

Here is the another flower which is famous in autumn season.
It is a ''Higanbana''(lycoris).↓↓↓

This flower has been transmitted from China with the rice farm transmission. 
There might be a flower that yellow and the pink color look like in Europe.

The Japanese feels the nip of fall in this Higanbana (lycoris), and has the image of eerie flower for a moment in one side thought to be beautiful.
For instance, people never pick and never decorate the room even if a lot of Higanbana (lycorises) are in blossom near the riverside and the rice field. 
When I was kid, my parents took me a drive then we found the clustering of Higanbana (lycoris) then we took some pictures with them and I asked my mother '' pick some these flower''  but my mother said ''do not pick this flower''.
I did't know researched it wondering at this late date.

A strong poison fang is included in the root of the lycoris.
Therefore, the lycoris had been planted in surroundings of the rice field and the field in old times so that neither the mole nor the fox may approach farm products. 
There was a person who died eating the lycoris by mistake.
Moreover, the lycoris was planted around the grave so that the graveyard was not ruined by small animals.Therefore, the flower that did the color of the blood that bloomed in the graveyard came to be felt eerie somehow by people.

However, other colors come to appear on the market as a gardening kind like Europe and America recently, and the people has increased in the garden.
I prefer that this beautiful flower remains forever sinister with poison.....thats my opinion....coldsweats01

And, it is a cosmos as for autumn.

The cosmos doesn't cluster naturally but plants and makes the seed and the seedling bloom in the plaza. 
it is in a wide park that took this photograph near Lake Hamana. 
Recently, the place where a lot of cosmoses are made to bloom in the park and the field where they are made to take a rest has increased like this as the sightseeing spot.
Certainly, the gradation of the pink color is very beautiful in the blue sky where autumn is transparent.


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