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Sushi at the port of Shimizy city

I told you that I went to East side Shizuoka on the last topic. we dropped by Shimizu city to eat Sushi before go to see Gundam.
There has the big port for a long time in Shimizu, and it is famous as the town that a fresh fish can eat. 
and, this town is known as Shimizu S-PULES a professional soccer league in Japan its J-league.
In addition, there is a stage of the story of cartoon "Chibimaruko" that was born 30 years ago.
The first photograph is near such Shimizu's port 「S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA」 
It is the big shopping mall,there is a goods shop of Shimizu S-PLUSE and Chibimaruko's museum.

We went in ''Sushi Yokocho'' in which a lot of sushi shops place eaves in a line.
It becomes like the stage set where a part of the mall reproduced an old town of Shimizu, and there are ten sushi restaurants.
We can enjoy choosing which restaurant to go in and feeling time escape to old town.

There is some nice Sushi restaurants but we have children so we chose the ''Kaiten Sushi''(conveyor-belt sushi).↓↓

I introduced about ''Kaiten Sushi'' before. check it old my blog if you don't remember.
As for the Kaiten sushi of Japan, even a delicious restaurants that sells a fresh of fishes and local where a handy price of 100 yen a plate is offered is various. 
usually, you pick up a plate that passes in the presence,but you can order to chef the menu whenever you want at the Kaiten Sushi.
We don't want to go to high quality Sushi restaurant with children,but sometimes not to worry about the purse and to eat delicious Sushi with family, so Kaiten sushi that sells a delicious fish in local such is nice to us.

WOW we didn't know it use PC touch panel when we order the Sushi. Sushi restaurants are high technology recently..
but we are not agree with this PC touch panel order system because seems not delicious.
How about you? is that good? or not?

However,  sushis were delicious.
Especially, it is one plate of the picture above that I loved. "Maguro " so delicious.
I had such a wonderful weekend!!!

Gundam shows up in Shizuoka

I went to the festival ''Shizuoka's hobby'' that is held in East side of Shizuoka.
(It will be held from 24th July through 27th March 2011)
The model of 1/1 size Gundam has been exhibited there, and it gets into the news on a Japanese inside now.
The animated cartoon of Gundam was on the television in Japan. It is the previous state that became a big hit chiefly among boys by about 30 or 25 years ago.
My brother was watching Gundam on the TV every day and made plastic model of Gundam.
However I was not interesting in Gundam when I was kid and afterwards my life from that time.

This year summer holiday.
When I went to hair salon in Hiroshima where is my hometown,the manager who is same generation of mine, he was asking me '' why don't you go to see Gundam because you live in Shizuoka?'' and he told me how Gundam is such a good animation one.

The animated cartoon of Gundam is broadcast again on the television in midnight, and recently, my husband (He is Gundam generation) records it every time, and he watch alone while drinking Sake after dinner.
and 3 years old son is watching it together now and he is a big fan to Gundam too.

30years later, now my surroundings have been dyed to the Gundam color little by little.

Then we decided to go to see Gundam. it took about 1hour and half from Hamamatsu city to there by car.
We got there by car but this festival is holding at close to Higashi-Shizuoka station of Shinkansen,so if you go to there you can get a Shinkansen or train it is more convenient for you.
or you can see Gundam from Shinkansen when you on the it.

There is,now we can see Gundam!
It is a big model of 18 meters in height. 

There is a specially-installed hall in this plaza, too and 500 historical works or more of the plastic model of Japan are open to the public to the museum that pays the admission fee of 600 yen and enters. 
Actually, plastic model manufacturers TAMIYA such as toy manufacturer BANDAI, cars, and tanks that manufacture the plastic model of Gundam are companies in Shizuoka. 
These events have been held by all over the world now in the home of the plastic model of Japan with the fan this time.

18 meters in height, it is powerful view!!
And, it is made surprisingly considerably elaborately.
I feel that it seems to be going to move at any moment. 
It is natural as if man was standing. 
Eyes shine every 30 minutes, the neck moves, and smoke rises.
The inserted song of the animated cartoon of Gundam flows, and I have already had gooseflesh, and tears have fallen. 
Even I was terribly impressed though I feel strange by myself.

now, I became fan of Gundam.
I am impressed of Amuro who freely moves such big Gundam.
I know Amuro and Gundam is unexist....but I feel it.
Japanese animation makes the border between reality and fantasy no longer I guess,
If it so, that is amazing work!

Home electronics(Kaden)

I found an interesting article on the newspaper.
There is saying, in Japan it is terribly hot day everyday in this summer and the therefore, air conditioner and the fan sold since the ordinary year.
It is not possible to spend days certainly in the summer of this year without the air conditioner. 
usually, it becomes cool after past middle of August but it is still very hot in September and the elderly person who dies in Heat Disorder has increased.
This abnormal heat is called  ''Mousho'' in Japanese,it is a topic in news in the television and the newspaper every day. 
By the way, I think that the house where the air conditioner is attaching to the room in France and Spain to the best of my recollection was few.
Any house in Japan usually has the air conditioner, it with living room,  bedroom and child rooms etc.
It gives impetus to global warming when running an air conditioner in each room because it is an intense heat. 
Japanese Government is proposing the consideration method in which environment,that is adjust the preset temperature of the air conditioner to 28 degrees and the family doesn't run an air conditioner at each room people spend together in one room then use one conditioner as possible as they can.

I try use a fan mainly at my house.
I bought another fan before in earlier this summer. it was ¥3,500(US$41.00about), so cheap.
Everybody same think, because I went to electric appliances store, fan was sold out.
Let's look around Japanese electric appliances store with me.
It is the very wide inside of a store.
Here is space for the air conditioners.
It divides in the size and each manufacturer of the room and it exhibits.
About 200,000 yen from 100,000 yen each.

Let's go to the corner of the television that continuously attracts attention in Japan now and see. 

The television put on the market in Japan is a large-scale television with a thin liquid crystal screen and the plasma screen.
The plasma television of the size of 50 inches is about 380,000 yen.
The price is down and down fast now though it cost about 500,000 yen several years ago

Moreover, people interesting is 3D television.
It can enjoy 3D image like the movie theater by seeing glasses like sunglasses putting it at home.
There are a lot of people who buy it newly to the television corresponding to it because all the electric wave signals of Television Broadcasting will change into digital in one year in Japan, and, if so, are rather a lot of one that the novel function attached and people who think.
By the way,they are selling a huge 3D plasma television,622 X 401 X 3 inches, guess how much it is.. it is 700,000 yen!! ($US8,297)
In general, it is said that this is sure to down the price more.
Im introducing you one Japanese word ''Kaden'' it means appliance of electronic used at home.
I want this Kaden. ↓↓

Do you know what is this?
Health appliances "Jo-ba'' that Panasonic put on the market several years ago. 
It moves as gotten on the horseback.
Stomach muscles and the line of the back are strengthened by balancing riding on the horse, and horse riding can keep a beautiful ratio, and becomes lumbago prevention.
As for curettage and the horse riding every day even if it said, such a consumer electronic was developed because it was difficult.

If "Jo-ba" is put in front of a large-scale television of 3D, it extends over it, and the horse riding training is done while seeing 3D screen to which it strolls in the forest, the body and the mind seem to be able to become beautiful somehow. hehehe
mmm,Jo-ba is 120,000yen and 3D TV is 700,000 total 820, it is a dream.
never come true...

Japanese sandals; Geta

When I went shopping in the department store, I found a shop of Geta(wooden clogs) at the specially-installed hall of the first floor.
Geta is Japanese old footwear and used to wear them with Yukata and Kimono.
Today, people don't often wear Yukata and Kimono,so people don't wear Geta either very much. 

However,that was only my opinion.I though people need Geta when they go out for summer festival.
Now, changed the world in Japan, Geta is very popular!
Most young people wear Geta instead of sandal with their fashion of casual style.
It is health for foot because can move freely toes and various designs of Geta, that's why people have enjoy waring Geta today.
My daughter put on her Geta everyday, she is fashionable now.

When my mother was child,the most Japanese people had already put on shoes though the custom of putting on Geta had remained for about 50 years ago since now.
Therefore, ''I am a Japanese'' but Geta is footwear of the another world and special thing for me.

Fashion and life is cycle,so now children likes Geta.

These Geta are for male.↑↑↑
The part like the string is called ''Hanao''.
We can find out that look for the person's sense by the grain of Geta and those who choose about Hanao.
Such footwear might be better because it is a high temperature and humidity in the summer of Japan in reality.
But for adults are not good to wearing Geta because can't drive a car while wearing Geta.

These are for children.
It is handmade for children and for adults.
They have many various colors.
I want to decorate the very lovely Geta which is the smallest size with clogs for children.

My daughter choose this one and we bought them.
mmm, clasic.
I recommended her it:though Geta and Hanao were one like sandals of the pink color.
But this classic design might have been fresh oppositely for her, I think.
We should do not trample down child's pure sense of beauty in an adult preconception.

Newly Geta is more walkable and they have put rubber to do not slip.
My daughter is saying, Geta is comfortable to walking.
Actually, when the lower body strongly becomes healthy because it moves like gripping ground by digitus pedis with every step,so some kindergarten and elementary school recommend students put on Geta now.
The foot of the child who put on Geta thinks it is free and simplicity, and is lovely.


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we are sorry to people who commented that days.

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8th September,2010

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