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the Showa Era(1926 Dec 25th~1989 Jan 7th)

Today's topic is ''Showa'', let's think about it.flair
Do you know the Emperor system of Japan?.
It has been continued from past long long time when people were controlled by the general of Ieyasu Tokugawa and under the rule of USA after the World War and ancient times, Emperor is in any age in Japan.
(However, today most Japanese people is not conscious Emperor's existence in their usually life. how about England and Denmark? is it same?)

well, in Japan, the name in the age has changed every Emperor.
For instance, the age "Heisei era" started after the present emperor had ascended the throne.
''Meiji Era''→''Taisho Era''→''Showa Era'' then ''Heisei Era'' now.

So we have two ways call or write the name of era, for example when we write(or say)birthday, 1971/●●/●● or Showa 46nen(昭和46年)/●●/●●. It is interested isn't it?

We have images in every period.
I was born in ''Showa'', Showa's image is sadly ''War'' and everybody had a lot of guts to survive the life after the World War Ⅱfor reconstruction. like that, my image.
oh,and there is an image of analog electrification appliances,too.
a lots of people have fond memories of Showa Era that was living in humble circumstances and worked hard and for young people who was born and growing up in Heisei Era when is in comfortable circumstances,Showa is nostalgic age and feel people's warmth. yes Showa Era is popular for Japanese.happy01
Sometimes the events like "Exhibition that looks back on the Showa Era" is held. 

To make a long story short,I went to ''Exhibition that looks back on the Showa Era'' held in the   nearby museum the other day.dash

This exhibition is for kids.note
Children can play with nostalgic toys which are museum own.
They played normally with these toys, look at this my daughter setting this toys↓↓↓, 
mmmm Japanese taste.happy01

These dolls named ''Monchicchi'' was all the rage among children when I was child.↑↑↑
Monchicchi was sold by Japanese toy company in 1974 then was popular in the world.shine

This is a baseball pinball.baseball
Everybody liked baseball and they were glued to baseball players, Mr, Shigeo Nagashima and Mr,Sadaharu Oh in Showa Era.These players are really famous and star player in Japanese baseball.
My husband used to play with baseball pinball when he was child but I have not played with it.

This is a survival game, its a board game.↑↑↑
When I found it I was really excited and flashback to old memories,yes I remember this survival game, used to play it but I forgot the rule....coldsweats01

and this is a tick-tock bang-bang.
This game, you should rearrange rails in a hurry so as not to stop a clock moving.
I really wanted this toy but my parents didn't buy it.

The museum staff recreated a Showa's shop that sells cheap sweets(Dagashi-ya).moneybag
This shop(Dagashi-ya)is for children, they can buy cheap snacks and sweets etc by themselves.
There is not many Dagashi-ya now.downwardright

This is a Kamishibai(tell children story illustrated with picture cards)
It was a children's entertainment in the age without the television after the world war Ⅱ.
a man,storyteller rode public squares where children played on a bicycle equipped with a small stage.bicycle
Storyteller told stories with funny then stopped story on the way, storyteller said to children ''to be continued,so come back to here tomorrow''.
 Kamishibai is Showa Era but it is my mother's generation. 

I knew it this time, Children is Children any age.confident
play, curious obedient and they adapt oneself to any environment.
I look back on toy of tick-tock bang-bang and I nostalgically talked about Showa Era, these made me felt older.coldsweats01



This time I introduce you my favorite Soba restaurant again,because I got some comment about Soba last time then I want you know more about Soba.

This Soba restaurant is inside of a department store in Hiroshima, the main of this restaurant is Izumo, Shimane prefecture. I often have a lunch after shopping at this Hiroshima brunch restaurant.
Izumo area in Shimane prefecture is famous in Soba.


When you go to restaurants in Japan, you can find a ''fake food''(plastic food) sample in the windows and display cases at the entrance of restaurants. 
These look like the actual dishes,very very similar to real foods,so only seeing is enjoy too.
Fake foods are sold miniature size as key rings and toys.


well, let's in to the restaurant.
I'm a regular customer at this Soba restaurant,I always oder same menu.
By the way, this restaurant is inside of the department store, there is other restaurants Italian, sandwiches face,Chinese restaurant and fast foods etc.
The person who choose the Soba restaurant want have healthy and with a cozy ambience,its a my opinion.
Most people don't stay longer at the Soba restaurant, that is a tacit agreement.
basically,'' after eat, get out'' not chatting for long at the Soba restaurant.


This is my favorite order at this restaurant. Vegetables Tempra is on the top of the cold soba with rice and side dishes. It is about 1200yen(about $13.00).


Tempura is one of the famous Japanese foods,Soba and Tempura is nice combination,so every Soba restaurant has Tempura on the menu.


Soba-tsuyu(soy sauce based dashi taste) put in the Soba then sometimes add Wasabi,that is really good taste.
After eat Soba,have a drink Soba-yu(warm water that boiled soba),enourishment of the buckwheat such as the vitamins is included,If you have only soba, not drink soba-yu, you miss take vitamin and nourishment.
You don't believe it that drinking warm water that boiled soba? yeah, I know Italian pasta, not drink warm water that boiled pasta after eat pasta. it is kind of strange but taste is good. someone put Soba-tsuyu to Soba-yu. Try it!!

Eat a Soba and have a Soba-yu then paycheck, get out of restaurant,you do that all way, You are an expert on Japanese foods, maybe....


Trip to Komagatake in early summer


Surpriseshine!!  Snow covered mountainsnow!! Did you surprised thatsign02
Last week, I went to Komagane in Nagano prefecture with my family.happy01
Nagano prefecture is north from Shizuoka prefecture where I live.
We went over a mountain road to Komagane city,it takes about 4 hours we didn't use highway this time.rvcardash

Komagane city at the foot of Komagatake(mountain) and high mountains, there is many people  come to tramping and climbing the mountains also enjoy skiing in the early summer season.snowboard
・・・・our plans are here, have fan with view of snowy mountains while driving a mountain road and enjoy Oncen(hot spring)spa at the Ryokan(Japanese style hotel), so just we were easy going to short trip to here with our kids.note

a beautiful mountain is there!!!shine in front of us!!, why we shouldn't climb!? why not!?happy02
This first photo↑↑↑ is indeed proof of we did it,yes we decided to take aim at top of the Komagatake,we went through with we wearing light clothing next day morning. I took that photo at the top of mountain,its 9,698ft(2,959m). 


We don't climb by foot. we used a rope-way to top of the Komagatake.↑↑↑There is bus terminal to get the ropeway terminal.bus We should catch the bus because there is a restricted area expect exclusive buses for the environments safeguards.
(It is about 4000yen:US$43.00 for round trip bus and ropeway)


This rope-way is the first one at the mountain in Japan installed 40 years ago or more.
It is more high speed than the expectation because it moves on the about 2km in seven minutes and thirty seconds.subway dash
That was really fun and we could see a wonderful view from in the rope-way.eyeshine


This photo is took after get off the rope-way. camera↑↑↑↑
Can you see the town? that is Komagane city, and over the this town these are class of 9842ft (3000m) mountains. 
This are is middle of Japan and the higher mountains ranging include Mt,Fuji.(Mt, Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan;12,388ft(3,776m)).fuji
These mountains where is over there,is called the south Alps and this side of Komagatake and the other mountains,we call the central Alps in Japan.


well,we arrived top of mountain, look at this there is snow!!snow
Many skiers were there but we were wearing sandals without any stockings and socks,my husband was wearing a white color shirt only, yes it was summer style.coldsweats01
our kids were wearing pajama and all shirts that we bringing for this trip.
・・・・sooooo coldbearing but that was OK.confident
It was about ten degrees at the top of mountain its a wonder why not melt snow.
We walked on the snow with sandals that was a rare experience and we had enjoy a fresh and cold air to the full.good

We stayed there thirty minutes then went down a mountain then walked at the park,it flows from Komagatake to this river. Its beautiful park.shine


Do you know what is famous food in Nagano prefecture? It is ''Soba''(Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour).
One of the condition to making Soba is cold and clear waters its melted snow. also good land for buckwheat too. these are here,so we had lunch at the Soba restaurant in the forest.xmas
This restaurant is making soba by handmade that was very very delicious.delicious


After lunch, we found mysterious one on the way to home.eye
There is narrow mountain road,but many cars and buses. we wondered what are they doing at  the here, I think about fifty people was there and sitting. we couldn't any specialize things at there.but the other day, I searched what was thatpc then figure outflair,that is famous spot for spiritual(氣:ki), Bunkuitoge(a mountain pass).
I don't interest in spiritual power but lots of people visit there to feeling the big power of 氣(ki).

This is Karaoke! ♪


Let's me introduce Japanese Karaoke this timekaraokenote
Karaoke developed for entertainment in Japan and now, ''Karaoke'' is common language in the world isn't it?
How is Karaoke in your country??

In Japan,many many Karaoke bars are everywhere.(people call ''Karaoke'' , not Karaoke bar in Japan) you can order foods and drinks at there but  people to be there to singing with friends or family, sometimes there is used for after the party.happy01

The first photo is Karaoke's entrance where we went this time.
This Karaoke name is Canta Mia,yes that is Italian name.


There is reception and cashier. They have big and small rooms and customers are shown into these room depends on number of people. The charge systems are different everywhere but it is mostly bases per hour and they have various services,for example the morning is cheaper than afternoon and one hour is free if women is in a group etc.flair
Karaoke is really cheaper and go there easier than 20~30 years ago.
This time we went to there on ladies day(1hour free for women) in the morning, we paid only 420yen in 2hours.moneybag It is not per person, 420yen/ per roomhappy02!!! wow can you believe it??? 


The Karaoke in Japan is separated into some rooms in this way. There is small rooms and large rooms for the party,so we can use these room depending on the situations.
These room are partitioned off by the soundproof walls,so we can not hear the sound music from next room. ear


We are singing while watching lyrics coming on the TV screen. Is this same way in your country?
My French friend said to me, in France Karaoke is at the bub then singing in front of the people, they don't have a private room for Karaoke.coldsweats02

In Japan also has like that Karaoke where is at the bar,but Karaoke is one of the entertainment for Japanese people,so school students and kids go there for singing too.and some people go to Karaoke by alone then sing for practice.karaoke


When you go to Karaoke in Japan, you can pick up a song from a thick list of song book then press the song number with remote control. These are added new song lists every month, so you can sing the newest hit songs.shine
on the other hand, you can enjoy old songs too and can arrange version of piano and guitar etc.note
Even Karaoke digitized for 10 years or more.
We search for name of songs or singers and choose the song then start with this big like a remote control.(a terminal unit) ↓↓↓↓


They have a mark system for your singing level.(90/100 that was high sore! not bad isn't it??)
and you can record the your singing voice on CD which can buy at the reception.cd What do you think that you can record your favorite song by your version? and listen the your original song when you driving a car then will be spellbound.confident


Karaoke is really popular in Japan, then there is people who sing like a professional however not all people love Karaoke, some people don't like or hate Karaoke.
One of my friends, she was singing very well, we used to go to Karaoke then I loved listening her singing.lovely
How was Japanese style Karaoke? Do you want to go?? Tere will be so much fan for you!! notes  


Japanese Products
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New shirt accesories
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Japanese split curtain.
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Traditional wrap cloth.
Bring something in the wrap cloth.


The cotton hand towel.
It is cute to put down on a table or display on the wall.


Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
It has beautiful colors, and pattern.
Its cordinate is interesting!!



Post it note contains 50 pieces.
The designs are "cafe" ,and "Japanese style".
The shape of "cafe" is square, and "Japanese style" is oblong.



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