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The story of SETSUBUN and ONI


oni1.jpg"Gruuuuu!!! I am Monster!!"

This is my daughter.


"Setsubun" is the third of Februray in Japan.

"Setsubun" is the day means to devide the seasons. According to to the calendar,

the spring will come from the next day of "Setsubun".

The people thought that the bad spirit ( we call "Jyaki") can easily come into daily life

 at the time seasons start to chenges from long time ago.

That's why special event which is exorcise bad spirit still going on.


"Jyaki" is about illness, disaster and starvation and so on.

Ancient people were afraid of them a lots.

And then, people made a "Oni" as a symbol of those bad things.

I think "Oni" is quite interesting existance.

It's perfectly evil!

At any rate he is bad guy.

Appearance is also make us very frightened.






....like this illustration?

I took a long time to find out suitable picture.

Their skin's color is red or blue, has a bull's horn on their head and

wears tiger's tusk and fur.

He holds a iron's bar, rowdy monster! coldsweats02 




Wander from the subject of "Setsubun".

Oni appear at many Japanese events.

Not always "Setsubun".

Oni is always villain.

The person will be a hero who exterminated Oni.

However, we have rare story it like,

" To tell the truth, Oni is faint-hearted, unexpectedly good guy

and in the end Oni feel regret and said so sorry to the people."

Because of people might be felt Oni is too poor to killed by hero


Therefore, you can see this different kind of images with Oni.



Oh yes, Do you know the heroine of "Urusei-yatsura" ( this is Japanese comic.)

who is quite popular among the world.

Her name is "Ramu-cyan".

She should be also Oni.

Her father is Oni. His appearance is classic style's image of Oni.


 Now back to the "Setsubun" story.

I wrote before that we will do event which exorcise bad spirit on the third of februray.

The event called "Mamemaki" (scatter parched beans.)

We scatter parched soybeans which believes has a special power from long time ago.

Why parched beans?

Because of prevent from beans grow up after scattered.



oni4.jpg Exactly like this phot.

We put beans into square box made by wood.

We call "Masu" about this box. We scatter beans toward to "Oni".

We believe that Oni will come up after get dark.

So, "Mamemaki" should be at night time usually.

We shout "Oni is out! Luck stays inside!"happy01

At first, from inside of house to the outside,we scatter shower of beans.

And then from the inner room to the entrance, we scatter a little beans

again and again. Forced out Oni to outside.

According to the first pidture of this article, It's ok whether somebody wears Oni mask with

playing role of Oni or not.

In a word, important thig is "Spirit".


oni5.jpg oni6.jpg "Mamemaki" is typical event at kindergarden in this season.

Neighbor wears Oni mask, and visit my daughter's kindergarden.

Children will scatter beans to Oni.

However, my daughter planing to absent from that day with pretend to be ill.

Becase of the player make frightened children in really.




 "Gruuuuu!! I am Oni~~!!"

Suddenly tiny Oni coming up!

 She is fine if tiny Oni like her will come up

to kindergarden.


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