a House of 200 years ago

Slip back in time of 200 years ago, it is more past than ''Showa Era'' last time.
This is a old Japanese style house, it was moved and constructed in the museum of premises.
In Japan, old houses built 100 years or more, we called it ''Kominka'' in Japanese and we are keeping it.

That house in the photo was built before 1850 years, family of Takayama lived that house this family run farm and fishery in nearby Hamanako. yes this is Japanese old architecture.
This is around Hamanako.↓↓↓
These houses are modern style in around Hamanako, but that ''Kominka'' used to be there.

Takayama family was common people in Edo Era(1603-1868), we can find out how their life style was it with this ''Kominka''.
This is entrance of house. ↓↓↓ there is cool and dark.
a wide ''Doma''(earthen floor) continues from the entrance, and there is a kitchen in the earthen floor.
That photo of above is  ''Kamado''(kitchen range).the oven that was made by clay,it makes fire and cooking.
In Japan, people take off their shoes inside of the house, but people of old time used put on shoes at the ''Doma''(at the kitchen).
Therefore women old times put on shoes when they cooked and took off shoes when went up to the room for carrying meals.

By the way, the heat source of "Kamado"(kitchen range) is firewoods. 
the firewood was piled up at the back of the house.
Let's get back to inside the house again.
It is "Zashiki"(its like a living room) that extends on the opposite side of the ''Doma''(earthen floor).people eating meals and sleeping at the Zashiki.
In the Japanese architecture, each room is not delimited with the wall, and it partitions it in the ''Shoji'' and ''Fusuma'' (the sliding door). 
Therefore, if all doors are flung open, it is possible to make a big space(its like a banquet hall).
Can you see it?  white paper was hung on the rope, and in the photo, that was the one to enshrine the god, and might have had the household Shinto altar in that place. 
The house is built only with the entire tree, the bamboo, the straw, and paper though it is natural. it is possibly built only by construction materials of nature,I have been surprised.
People of old times who made the one to here by using the thing of nature are great.I proud of them.
There is garden in front of the house.
A Japanese house has the ''Engawa''(its like a veranda) between the garden and the room.
The Engawa has been loved by the one like a long and slender wood deck as a space that connects in the house with the outside by the Japanese.
Drinking tea, chatting with neighbors and cat lying down at the Engawa, yes people used to be enjoying at the there.

The house where people don't live and becomes antiquated and thinks it is dark, so my kids said that scared to entering the dark house.


It is very interesting. I adore museums. Our old houses (in Belarus) are similar. They, too, have entrance halls and very often verandas. And they were made of wood and straw. I always wondered if modern Japanese houses have sliding doors and if they are made of paper. :) They must look very beautiful! Besides, there is a sliding door (although made of wood and glass) in our flat. We designed it so it saves space in our flat and let us move free without any obstacles.

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200 years ago? is it sure??? but i don't think so because it is impossible. 200 years ago is a long history and the house can not exist with so long time.

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