I want to have original Yukata

We wen to the Bon dancing festival in Hiroshima.
This festival was held at the park where is 5min walking from my parent's house.
Did you read topic of the festival in Hamamatsu city?
That festival is only eating and playing games, that's all. not Japanese traditional dance.

A lot of adults participate in this Bon Festival Dance with wearing the Yukata. 
I really wanted Yukata!!

I have Yukata, it is the navy blue Yukata that I also inherited from my mother.
but I wanted to enjoy the Japanese more, it means, choose the color, design and Obi(its belt for Yukata) then coordinate Yukata and Obi.
By the way, there are some choices in people buying the yukata in Japan.
It is possible to buy it for about 4000 yen in UNIQLO expanding the store all over the world now if it will obtain it cheaply.
or can buy set of the Yukata and Obi at the department stores, it cost about from 15000 yen ~.
or buy at the long-established Kimono shop, choice a roll of cloth for Yukata and custom-made.
clothe fee about 20000 yen~ + tailor fee about 10000 yen~, it is not cheap but I want to do the last one way for my own Yukata.
When I actually see in kimono shop, the design of the yukata is beautiful, and elegant in the commanding lead. 
If it is a kimono, it costs one million yen or more, very very expensive!! can't get a real Kimono!! but Yukata is like that price,I think Yukata is reasonable!!
The yukata that my mother gaved me is the one from grandmother's counterplan.
It is succeeded for about 100 years so that my daughter may also surely use it. yes, I will take over to her.
It is not waste money to buying Yukata when buy real one.!! don't you think so?

Well, it becomes a vesper and the Bon Festival Dance grew livelier.
That is ''the Bon Odori(Japanse dance)''. the Bon Odori matches the Yukata!! very nice!!

The Bon Festival Dance can be very happy, and become high-tension by dancing. 
There are Japanese three major Bon Festival Dance, one of hem, ''Awa Odori''.it is Tokushima prefecture's traditional dance.
the phrase in the that dance's song, 
'' The dancers are fool, the watchers are fools, both are fools alike so why not dance??''
That is a kind of make sense!!!  :)

and I heard the old animated's songs, that made me feel slip back in time when I was child!! :)

The washcloth was distributed by the proposal of the people of the self-governing body this year↓↓↓
It is printed in the washcloth , saying that "Go for East Japan".
Everyone all over Japan think of the thing of the stricken area like this washcloth at any time. 


Japanese Products
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Japan Brand
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New shirt accesories
It's made of frexible
bent material.
It has soft and smoothly touch.

Japanese split curtain.
Please hang inside of the door.



Traditional wrap cloth.
Bring something in the wrap cloth.


The cotton hand towel.
It is cute to put down on a table or display on the wall.


Traditional clothes Kimono, and Kimono tool.
It has beautiful colors, and pattern.
Its cordinate is interesting!!



Post it note contains 50 pieces.
The designs are "cafe" ,and "Japanese style".
The shape of "cafe" is square, and "Japanese style" is oblong.



Rare!! Japanese old abacus "soroban" check it out!!


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