Do you know ''Henohenomoheji'' ?

Do you know ''henohenomoheji(へのへのもへじ)''??
All Japanese know that.
The word uses into the seven Japanese Hiragana characters to draw face; ''he''→へ ''no''→の ''he''→へ ''no''→の ''mo''→も ''he''→へ ''ji'' →じ .
liken Hiragana to eyebrows, eyes and nose etc, face parts.
It is said that it was in fashion in Japan at the Edo period time. 
The face mark(Kao-moji, called it in Japanese) likened with a face even in present-day Japan combining a character by mail of a mobile phone, etc. is often used.→  Kao-moji
Henohenomoheji may be able to called the originator.

The first of photograph's Henohenomoheji is written by my daughter as face of Teru-teru bozu ( a paper doll hung out the window with a wish for fine weather)

Once it memorizes,anyone can enjoy that it can write easily.

memorize just four characters of Japanese Hiragana ↑↑↑

The expression of the face done by those who write is various.
It is possible to make the face of various by shifting the position of the Hiragana characters a little.
well, I am guessing the ''Henohenomoheji'' is male!! because Japanese male named with ''JI'' is many, for example ''Koji'', ''Heiji'' ''Yuji'' etc.!! 

A character is deformed more and a picture like a "rabbit" and an "insect" can also be drawn. 
Now, you try it!!! 
and I would like to look at the "face mark" which combined the alphabet!!!

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