Hattazan temple

My husband got suggestion that go to Hattazan temple for Hatsumode(first shrine visit of New Year) from his co-worker and they told him Hattazan temple is high quality temple. because they know my husband will be in Yakudoshi (critical age). 

Do you know what is ''Yaku-doshi''(critical age, unlucky year)??
It is believed that evil is the age 24,41, 60 years etc also before and after 3years from those age which falls on on the body easily.
Since it is the old thought handed down from China, there were many Japanese people who do not care at all about ''Yaku-doshi'' for long time,but now many young people worry or think about it because they are interesting ''spirit power'' or ''power spot''.

"Exorcism" exorcises evil spirits so that a calamity may not fall on on the body at the temple or shrine. 

The Hattazan is located at Iwata city where is next to Hamamatsu city.
This temple is very famouse in local people but we from Hiroshima didn't know it.
We went to there on January 2nd, there were very very traffic.soooo many... then we decided to go back to home today then come back another day.

Here is another day...photo is Sonei temple↑↑
a temple called Soneiji (尊永寺 (そんえいじ) ) is located in the mountain of a power spot called Tayama. It was built by the Emperor of those days in A.D. 725. ↑↑↑

Hattazan temple is a splendid temple more than it was imagining.
And very long way..
ohhhh nooo, look at the picture↑↑↑

My daughter said, "I count it" and ran up!!
then she told me ''there were 240 steps!!!''. well done!!!

The place which went up stairs had Hondo(the main temple).
Before going into Hondo, a hand is washed by Seisui (holy water) and the body is purified with the smoke which burned the scent.

then pray at the Hondo.
It is supposed that a calamity can be avoided but if you would like to avoid a calamity seriously more, pay money specially and get a Buddhist priest to pray.  


My kids bought good-luck charm.
They will put it in their school bag.

On another way to which it gets down from Hondo, we found the small cave.
 This cave is a hole for a Buddhist doing ascetic practices.
Inside is a dome about 2 meters in diameter. dark and silent.

Furthermore, when we walked, there was the dumpling store of the noted product of this temple.
This dumpling a "charm-against-misfortunes dumpling" has the unusual form stuck in five skewers.
you can buy it to go and eat at there.

100 yen per stick.
these green tea is free!!!
very very very delicious dumpling!!! 
This is very nice sweet after long walking!!!!


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