Eat some vegetables in spring season!

The current Hinamatsuri season is over.
In Japan, March 3rd  is called 「Momo no Sekku」, and parents who have a girl or girls celebrate her growth in good health.
I introduced the story about it before, please read them ,if you have interest.

Hinamatsuri is an event which is easy to understand , for example, decorating dolls, or singing a song of Hinamatsuri .
Therefore it is generally held at a kindergarten.
And students make the ornament like this.↓↓↓

20120305-02.JPGIt's made by my son, and I realized that he's a boy, again.
Because he put his minicar next to the ornament before I noticed.

By the way, as for Hinamatsuri, it reminds me of rape blossoms.
It is a food in season just at that time.

20120305-03.JPGDuring the season, it is always sold at my sweet spot, where I introduced before in 「unmanned Marche」, too.
So I eat it almost everyday.

20120305-04.JPGThe rape blossoms are the plant of the mustard family of the friend of a Japanese radish or a turnip, and the flower buds and the soft leaves are eatable.
Eat flower buds??
Mmm,are broccoli the same as them, I wonder?
But I wonder how is in other countries.
Do you eat any flower buds?

20120305-05.JPGI eat it after parboiling with sour orange-based sauce and dried bonito.
Putting the buds beside a slice of grilled pork is nice, because they're flower.
It is highly nutritious food included such as vitamin, and has bitter sweet taste.

By the way, if it is left untouched, it will have such a flower.↓↓↓

20120305-06.jpgThere is a broad expanse of rape blossoms.
In the past, these flowers are planted to extract cooking oil in Japan.
In the season of bloom, many bees flew past each other, and also honey was taken.
A rape field is the scenery that reminds Japanese of nostalgia for old Japan.
Therefore, in these days, it is often planted in the large park of a city or tourist site.

At the same time as rape blossoms,
what makes Japanese become aware of that spring has come is this.↓↓↓

20120305-07.jpgPerhaps, everyone doesn't know it.
This is called"TSUKUSHI", and a fertile of field-horsetail.
Field Horsetail is one of a wild grass grows naturally on a bank and a field.
Tsukushi 's buds are also out in the spring.
Japanese eat them, too!
In my childhood, I picked off a bagful of them with my father at the bank near my home.
Tsukushi is also boiled when people eat it..

I introduced vegetables familiar to Japanese so far.
Then, what is the name of these leaves?↓↓↓

20120305-08.JPGThe answer is artichoke.
It is growing up about 1meter now in my garden.
The portion of the flower which can be eaten comes out in early summer.
It is sold in France as a common vegetable, and with canned food, too, you know?
But in Japan, it is quite rare, and people over 90% haven't eaten it yet, I think. 
There's been a bumper crop year after year since I tried to plant it few years before. Because Hamamatsu's climate is warm.
My friends come to my garden are always surprised, and say "What's that?"
Hahaha That's funny~.

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