Island of World Heritage, Miyajima part1



It had been raining while I stayed in Hiroshima. rain
Finally, we got sunshinesun then went to Miyajimadash

I got lots of comments from overseas reader of this blogpencil. they wish me would take up topics about Miyajima. Because they know I'm from Hiroshima.
Therefore I wish you enjoy to read this time,so I'm bring my cameracamera

First photo↑; I took this one from parking area of hightway.
We can look the panorama of Miyajima from hereeye
Miyajima is in Seto Inland sea(Setonaikai)wave and the beautiful scenery is made by other big and small islands.


There is ferry terminalship to go to Miyajimaup.
I came to this terminal by carcar and parked it at the parking spot. There is many parking lots but most tourists get here by tour busbus or traintrain.
The ferry to going to Miyajima is 340 yen(US$4 about) Its cheap!!

Miyajima is enough atmosphere of sightseeing but general person lives in here too so many people who live there, use this terminal to go to schoolhotel and workbuilding.
some of my friends live in Miyajima and they work at Hiroshima city. It is not unusual for them because of the city is not too far from Miyajimadash.


The ferry comes the pier at intervals of ten minutesship.many tourists are waiting the ferry but I have never in crowded in here.


It is about 20 minutes to get the islandshipdash.
Miyajima approaches to ushappy02.
crossing the sea to go to Miyajima by ferry is so nicegood!! If we go to there by land, we would not moving so much. I think.
My kids are looking forward to taking the ferry when knew going to Miyajima. when I was kid, like themconfident
Still same feeling, I'm really excited while we are crossing the sea to get farther shorehappy02note


now, we can see a big Torii gateeye you think, it looks not big but this is really big  when you going to to be nearsign01
well, It's starting sightseeing from the pier on the Miyajima side when you arriverun
There is two ways  to go for the Itsukushima shrine!! Yes,It's a UNESCO World Heritageshine
One of ways, walk along the sea with nice view and quiet, the other way is shops for souvenir and restaurants line the streetrestaurant
Of course I choose the quiet way.because I'm not interested in souvenirwink but bustling street where is shops and restaurants are popular way for touristsup
(I will introduce you laterpencil)



YES, this is the most famous Miyajima's big Torii gateshine 
I have seen it many many times but I feel this is wow every timehappy02
The vermilion of the Shinto shrine in Miyajima that shines in the color of the sea is more beautiful though the temple in Kyoto and Nara is also beautifulgood

the Torii gate is about 16 meters high. the two main pillars of Torii are made of camphor tree which are measure about 10 meters around.

The tide is high and low in this shoal,so it is also attractive to see that the scenery of the Torii gate is differenthappy01
people can walk to under the Torii gate when the tide is lowfoot

By the way, this Torii doesn't bury under the ground also not cover with concrete. It only puts on sandsflair
This torii has never fallen due to the typhoontyphoon and the earthquake etcimpact
It is supported naturally by its own weight not being embedded in the sea floor. do you know how does it possible??  the weight is put in the part of roof and the foot that arrives at ground is adjusted to six. Its splendid structural beauty artfully combining Japanese skillsshine



you pass by the Ootorii, you can reach to the Itsukushima shrinefoot
The primary Itsukushima Shrine was constructed in 593 AD, and enlarged in 1168.
It seems floating in the sea during high tide Its sooo beautifulshine
Here is a Shinto shrine, so people can held weddingringheart02
It is one dream that held the wedding at there for people from Hiroshima. If you want to, you should take a reservation before one year or morepen
you can meet a happy couple who has just married at there with Japanese style when you come on weekendhappy01heart04


Cherry blossoms began to bloom on this day.cherryblossom
The time when a plant should bloom slightly shifts to the cherry blossoms tree by the kind. 
The shade of this cherry blossoms with Five-Storied Pagoda just seen behind full-bloomed was very beautiful. happy02good
In the spring,cherry blossoms are beautifulcherryblossom and tinted autumn leaves are also beautifulmaple in Miyajima.
There are various showplaces every season,so you will enjoyable anytime with picturesque sceneconfident

well, there is lot of famous places in Miyajima, you can get these informations from guide books,so this time,I introduce you my favorite placeshappy01

this is Miyajima fire station ↓↓↓
so as not to destroy the scenery as a sightseeing spot, is made it to externals Japanese styleflair
There are lot of  wooden houses in Miyajima, so the firemen are protecting a valuable cultural asset and the national treasure from a fire.


Here is many Japanese style hotels(Ryokan) in Miyajima.
This is a long-established Ryokan which is located at Momijidani.↓↓↓
It is a place that flows just beside the brook and is very beautifulgood
The fresh green or the foliage season shall would be nice to be hereflair


You can see many rice scoops(Shamoji) at the every shops.
Why  Shamoji?? I don't know whysweat02
anyway, the wooden rice scoops sell for actually use it and as a decoration that writes the character like this.
I don't think that many Japanese people buy them. I guess, these are mostly for foreigners.


I found themhappy02 ↓↓↓↓ these are nice!! I want this onemoneybag
These are made of real woods and it is possible to send it by mail with stampshine
Japanese post offices has a nice humor to understand and accept this ideawink 


This time is that's all.  I will introduce you how my family enjoy Miyajima more next timepencil
see you next timeup


You do a greait postwith this post! I love all of them!|A kind of usefultopic.

Thank you very much:) I'm glad to you read enjoyable with this topic!!
please look forward to next time:)

Well, you forced me into the impossible. You made me comment on a blog post. Kudos to you, swell work.

thank you for the usefull post

Gonzalo-san, Thank you for your comment!!! I hope you will keep enjoy this blog:)

you are welcome:) Did you enjoy too?? I hope so you were!!

Thanks for the informative post. I visit regular here for the reason that you have great post like this. On[-2009-].html they have similar posts about this topic. But i come here first.

Jordan-san, Thank you for visiting here regularly:) I will give you more good informations,so keep visit here!!

I really like this site and Island of World Heritage, Miyajima part1 - chikyu-biyori... style JAPAN . I read about you on another site called and thought they had great views as well.

Thank you very much:) Im happy you like this site and topic!!

Hajimemashite Miko-san. Arigato for your site, it's subarashii. I'm English but my wife Ryoko is from Kobe. We visited Hiroshima and Miyajima together last year and your posts have brought back happy memories. We also enjoyed Okonomiyake in Hiroshima and enjoyed it very much. Of course we have had okonomiyake many times in Kansai but it's different in Hiroshima as you say.

Always a pleasure reading a post of yours.

Hajimemashite St John-san :)
Kochira koso Arigato!! Thank you for your comment!!
Im really happy to you had enjoy this blog with your memories!!
Which Okonomiyaki do you like? Kansai? Hiroshima? of course I like Hiroshima style:)

please say hi to Ryoko-san and visit Hiroshima someday again then feel enjoy differently from last time!

Thank you very much you enjoying with this blog always!! :)
I will keep doing well for people who is looking forward to read this blog!
Thank you Thank you Thank you:))

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