Island of World Heritage, Miyajima part2


I wish you could enjoy again with the topic of Miyajima continuously last weekpen
I went to Miyajima while I had been staying in Hiroshima where is my hometown.
It was March 30. It has just started cherry blossoms seasoncherryblossom and it was sunny daysun and there were many tourists.
Miyajima is World Heritage place,so people comes to here from all over the world. especially there were most of people who are French speakersflair. I realized that while I listened carefullyear their conversations when I passed them and there were French overwhelmingly!!happy01

I prefer walking a quiet back street to a main street in Miyajima.shoe
You can catch a glimpse of old Japanese life style because of a lot of people still live in there.
I feel the charm of different Miyajima when I walk therecatface.


a lot of deer is in Miyajima. It is unusual that deer is in the island though a wild deer is in the mountainous district in Japan. Miyajima deer are treated as the messenger of the gods.shine



There are many shops that making and selling the small cakes.Its called ''Momiji manju''.maple
This cake made in the shape of  Japanese maple leaf. they are made with sweet beans paste and rice cake(Mochi) is inside.but recently chocolate,custard cream,cheese, green tea(Maccha) and other various flavors are available.
My favorite shop is ''Daikon ya'' ↓↓↓



In the interior of this shop, there is a very beautiful Japanese garden though it is smallbud.
Several colored carps are swimming in the pondpisces, and there is a carp that became a top of Japan in the contest.but I don't know which one iscoldsweats01
we can see the Five-Storied Pagoda(Goju no to) from the that garden,so there is my favorite place.confident

・・・・・actually, here is another reasons why I like this shop.
It is possible to buy fresh Momiji manju and eat at the can do it in most shops but in this shop''Daikonya'' has relaxing space for customers. we can sit down and have a delicious Japanese green tea. It is FREE!!
I guess, it is unbelievable for foreigners to having Japanese green tea with free.japanesetea
This Japanese green tea is very delicious, so you can try tasting traditional Japanese tea at there with nice of view.good
In addition, there is a nice bath room next to this room! toiletcheck it out when you visit Miyajima!!



There are a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants around in this shop(Daikon ya) in a lively approach to a shrine.


Let me introduce my recommend another Momiji manju shop. This shop' name is ''Kimura ya  honten''.
My baby sister who live in Hiroshima, she tried out Momiji manju at various shops then Kimuraya honten's cheese flavor Momiji manju is the best one in her judgementsmile.
She says, '' The price of Momiji monju is about 70 yen(less than $1)moneybag, so I have fun tasting various shops's Momiji monju one by one. you try do that too! you also try it!! then find your favorite flavor of Momiji manju.up




well, How was travel of Miyajima??happy01
It is glad to me, if you are feeling that travel around Miyajima.confident
The last picture, I took it of people do ''gathering shellfish''(Shio higari) on the beach in Miyajimawave.cancer
The season of the clams has began. they comes easily when you digs up the beach that you can enjoy do that until early summer.good
put on boots and bring a bucket then go to gathering shellfish(Shio higari) at the beach of World Heritage Torii gateflair.
This is also the fabulous enjoyment of Hiroshima in the spring seasonnotes.



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