The port of Omaezaki in Shizuoka prefecture


Last weekend, we went to Omaezaki where take about one and a half hours from Hamamatsu city using highway.cardash
There is some ports in Shizuoka prefecture,Omaemzaki is the most closest and bigger port from Hamamatsu city.
It takes about just one and a half hours from my city,so we though why don't we have a delicious fish foods now!! then we headed to there before noonflair.
(above photo is Omaezaki portcamera)

Some fish markets in the port.
Every weekend many people coming there.
The ports in Shizuoka, for example Yaizu, Numazu, Shimizu and Omaezaki are strong on the ocean fishery.(pelagic) of tunas and skipjacks(bonitos).fish ''skipjack'' is ''Katsuo''  in Japanese.
When you go to Sushi restaurant, Sushi is expensive isn't it?? but you can buy cheaper and more fresh fish's Sushi at the like this fish market.moneybag
The fishes which color of orange are Splendid alfonsino, these are famous too.↓↓↓


That fishes are skipjacks↑↑↑↑fish
In Japan, it is said '' first skipjack''(Hatsu Katsuo=Hatsugatsuo) is really delicious,that season is spring when blooming cherry blossoms.flair If you miss that season, don't worry, the second season is coming in autumn for skipjack.delicious we call it ''Modori Katsuo=Modorigatsuo) this means came back skipjack.
Japanese people like Katsuo's Sashimi(raw fish) or Tataki,its taste like marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and ginger base.good

We bought a packed of tunas.↑↑↑↑
Tuna(Maguro) has different name of parts,''Otoro''(fatty tuna), ''Chutoro''(medium fatty) and ''Akami''(red meat) also these are different taste. I like Chutoro.happy01
a packed of Tuna is about 700 yen, that can eat plenty by two adults.up
We ate it which we bought one that night, was really delicious. yum.delicious

Tiny Tiny fish is the young of sardines(Shirasu in Japanese). these were hauled at the Omaezaki.
In most cases, Shirasu is sold after dried under the sun but can be eaten raw if it really really fresh one.

well, I wrote long prefacesweat01....Do you remember this time's purpose to be Omaezaki??
Yes, for lunch!!restaurant  finally we found a restaurant then have
Kids ordered ''Shirasu Don'' (a bowl of boiled Shirasu, rice is under the Shirasu)and topping is Ikra.

 I choose ''Maguro Don''(a bowl of raw tuna).both bowls were with miso soup and about 1200 yen each.
after ate them, my husband said to me '' I found take out section of Maguro Don(a bowl of raw tuna) and it looks yummy also, don't we have another one?  coldsweats01

We had another lunchhappy02.........bought Shirasu don and Maguro don again but these are cheaper that before. 500 yen each.


My husband choose raw Shirasu Don ↑↑↑
mmmm raw Shirasu..... kids and I don't like it but some people really really like it.
I choose ''Negi toro Don'' ,this is minced Maguro(tuna) and green onion then put soy sauce.

There is Gelato ice cream shop in the fish market.
They have Shirasu flavorcoldsweats02.....Shirasu,yes the young of sardinessweat02...can you believe it?and try it?
and the other flavor is Macha(green tea) and Wasabi which is special product in Shizuoka. of course they have common flavor too.coldsweats01

My courageous daughter said ''I will try to have a Shirasu flavor''happy02 while we were in the line.
however, she changed her mind just as she was ordering, she ordered Strawberry flavorcoldsweats01.
I know, it is hard to have Shirasu flavor gelato....think


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Hello there, that's good question, I used ''Ikra'' in Russian. I was thinking which is good for you guys. in Japanese, ''Ikura'' same pronunciation, what do you think, ''Ikra'' (Russian)is OK? or should I used ''Ikura'' in Japanese??

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kids and I don't like it but some people really really like it.
I choose ''Negi toro Don'' ,this is minced Maguro(tuna) and green onion then put soy

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