broken my PC

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I had a trouble!!  My PC broke.;(
We did maintenance of PC well but suddenly was hearing something funny noise from the hard disc then didn't work anything.
My PC died.....;(

well, I bought a new PC!!! that photo is my new one. 
It is new series VAIO from SONY.
The latest desktop system PC with built-in hardware in the display, did you know that? I knew it this time.  
The old hardware was the one like the box. but we don't need that one anymore.
Moreover, the personal computer can be used as a television with a big screen.
By the way, there are 60cm width in the display of my PC. 
I will update my blog with this new PC!!!

Well, Well, today's story delivers the appearance of the festival of the town where I live.
The summer festival of Japan is various according to the region. 
in case of my town, the self-governing body manages, and PTA at the school and the people of the neighborhood association open the food stalls.
When I was child, Peculiar people who was called "Tekiya" came as for the festival, and various shops had been opened. 
Recently, the person of such business is not called, and the number of festivals that the self-governing body in their town manages has increased. 
There is some reasons, one of them it is a good public discipline, and the other is the profit of the festival becomes self-governing body expense etc.

Therefore, people have fresh and a clean feeling an overflowing image to the festival. 
Some family who turn on duty that day was selling foods, snacks and toys at the festival.
This is rice cracker which sandwiched starch syrup.↓↓↓ 
It is very classic snack for festival.

and this is our favorite sweet ''Warabimochi''(starchy sweet), the typical summer cold sweet.
We can buy ''Warabimochi'' at everywhere in Hamamatsu, it is very very popular sweet for Hamamatsu people.
This Warabimochi was very cheap 100 yen but soooo tasty!!! yummy yummy♪ ↓↓↓


Next is ''Puffed grain''(Pon-gashi in Japanese)
I do not yet understand the mechanism of the how to make it. 
Rice and sugar put in to the iron kiln which is with high temperature, after 15min can hear ''boom'' it sounds like explosion! then coming rice grain in sweetness.↓↓↓

Speaking of the festival, '' scooping goldfish'' is very popular in Japan at the summer festival but we had '' scooping precious stones(actually color plastic stones)'' instead of golden fish this time!!!



My son had fun playing quoits.
He couldn't make it in spite of close-in. 
We had line up to get a candy floss, had have to wait for an hour but we had enjoyed it because we could chat with neighbors.
This festival was very clean and homey atmosphere.
I think, that is Japanese new style festival!!!.


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